The Best of Assy McGee
The Best of Assy McGee

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Slippytrippy : But im just an actor!! Can you play dead?

LinkMaster64 : If there were ever a role perfect for Sylvester Stallone it's that of Assy McGee.

Cody Greene : I've got one bullet and its got your email address on it.

The Monopoly Guy : “And where do you think you’re going?!” “I’m shoot you.”

pog mo thoin : I rip off your head and eat spaghetti outa your neck!! Its the voice 😂😂

Raul Rogel : IM AN ACTOR!! can you play dead.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chaotic Simon : Who's idea was this? How high were they?

noah riches : “Sodidyourdadspeniswhenotfoundiyselfbeinginsertedintoyourmothersvagina”


Rhacman : Ahh yes, the human brain; Earth's oldest mystery.

Concarne : 1 minute in and I am certainly binging this series. Its stupid but so stupid that  its genius

Roger Mgrdichian : Thanks for the sandwich Keep the change. IN HELL.

Dick Cheney : i miss this show

mouthpee : 100% Pure awesomeness!!!!!!

Inspire Wire : Howsitfeeltokillahookerjohn

Lord Xenomorph : Sylvester Stallone & Luiz Guzman

Buritto Taco557 : Adult swim makes some pretty eccentric shows

Haku Megurine : i.....can't.....breathe!!!!

Kevlexicon : "can you play dead?"

Kryptnyt : Wait was the guy on the float the same guy as on the phone?

Assy McGee : ☠️💥🔫🚬🍑

lapcat20 : Oh lord how high am i?

Black jesus : His monotonous voice with the heavy breathing after talking is absolutely beautiful.

ABLAZ X (Armaniblast) : Love this classic series. Bring it back! Plz.

Dakota Stein : wonder what happens when her burps

Thurnis Haley : hmm now you need two doctors

gardensofthegods : I guess the reason Pink Floyd didn't sue them is because : They had enough money already. Or They just didn't care Or They really like Assy McGee

Tmp866 : "Catagory: People and blogs"

Buritto Taco557 : 4:06 OMG that's bob belcher's voice

MercySincere : Assy for president 2020

Jacob McGee : I love this show Say my name

Futureworld X : The FUNNIEST thing about Assy, is that you will NEVER see him from the front, because there's a DICK on the other side. LOLOL.

Khadija Abi : I never really understood this show.....

MrMiamiswaggz305 : That's my daughter 😭


Gtx3 Lightning The Whitestreaks : 2:11 thats what he is.thats his face. does he regurgitate like a vulture or poop and eat from the face hole?

David Norris : Talk about a show needing a reboot

PeterGriffinmonkeyFarts : Need weed

poop sock : What even is this

Wyatt Dubois : I remember this show as a kid 😂

Amy Smith : This show was honestly awful.