Mizo Bamboo Dance

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Bohut dhunia lagisay gantu Islam : this is my first time I'm doing this dance I know how difficult it is ❤❤ but it is awesome love this dance 🍒🍒🌹🌹

Jea Chhagte : Bamboo (mau) hi Cheraw lamna hmanrua mai a ni a. Bamboo dance ni lo in. CHERAW zawk a nih hi

Ashekba naga : beautiful people in N E ind Nagaland and Mizoram✋✋👍👍👍

Lalrinpuia Hmar : bamboo dance in dah twh su!! CHERAW a nih hi ]

Sobha Maity : lots of love from mumbai.

Alexandra Timchenko : The camera operator loses the dance to get a nice picture. When the dancers are shown partly, the viewer can't see the moves.

MOANOGHAR PUBLICATIONS : very very nice the performance.....

Matei Fanai : hahahahah i verry miss this thime

Yaashk007 : the cheraw dance!!

Ajoy Goala : Good

Sean choy : Tis looks lik the amazing race 1 callenge

TheGyvel : The biggest difference I see is that this is done in 4/4 time, while the Filipino Tinkling is 3/4 time.

djstint : This is pretty much similar to the Philippine National dance called "Tinikling" except that in the Philippine version the men also dances in the bamboo and much more faster in pace.

donald dinpuiavanchhawng : Tahan children home a mi hi ka thian te vek an ni,school ka kal pui te ho an nih hi,ka chhuang tak zet cheu,

August Chia : Banboo Dance a ni lo. chheraw nih hi....

kingtutsmuse : The correct spelling is Aizawl not Aizwal, hence Aizawl2007 is the correct way to write this user's account name. in the Mizo alphabet there's a letter 'aw' which is pronounced as o like the english letter. Aizawl seem to be misspelled very often by non-Mizo.

bebokirkwood : Cool Video! The Bamboo dance is pretty neat!

H.Vangchhia : There is NO DANCE called BAMBOO DANCE. This is a traditonal dance of the Mizo's called, CHERAW.