Cosby and Hitler - Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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Season 4 - Episode 27 The hilarious in show blooper, which was added in to the episode mainly because it turned into a running gag with the cast getting back at the director for ruining what could have been a great Title Sequence & for censoring something which is understandable as to not offend anyone, but could have made for comedy gold. Follow on Instagram! @Whose_Insta_Is_ It_Anyway

Comments from Youtube

Joe Libby : Never tell comedians they can't do something.

Mike Miller : Today the song would be "The Insurance Salesmen and the Insurance Salesmen"

Tahkaullus01 : I love this episode. The whole cast basically declared war on the director.

Jake Rothstein : When he said occupation someone should have said fuhrer

Spencer Carr : Just that rage when he said, "Oh yeah we can make fun of native Americans but not Hitler." Good for him for getting pissed about that hypocrisy

Joey Monster : I'd laugh if the producer guy who came out said, "Cosby is too offensive, it's gotta be Hitler and the insurance salesman.."

CFC123 : I'll bet, given recent developments, Bill Cosby and Hitler would go over real well now.

David Dutton : They didn't want to get sued by the Hitler family for mentioning him in the same breath as Cosby.

Tony Dadon : Fastest way to get someone to do something is to tell them they can't

InanimateSum : Really can't believe they even have a censor for an improv show. Just so nonsensical.

Matthew Vaughan : My favorite part is at the end when Ryan kind of has Drew's back with the hoedown, getting back at the director.

Nick Hamblin : 'No, we can't use Hitler. Can I get a suggestion for an occupation?' 'Fascist Dictator'.

Gobias SomeCoffee : When Ryan does the NAZI salute during Title Sequence is my favorite Ryan moment ever.

Daniel Williamson : Whose Line predicted the future.

resonance01 : I love that Drew called out the absurdity of it all. And then Ryan just crushed it with the Hodown

greenfrogger : I wish they would come out with dvds of the entire taping of Whose Line. That would be awesome to see all the footage that the censors deemed offensive.

Oblivion Hymnist : I don't know why, but I've always found the line "Would you go upstairs and tell Hitler to be quiet?" really funny...

TheMordecai1985 : Cosby and Hitler. "Give me an Occupation?" How about ... Europe? I see what you did there Drew. 😏

Rainbow Pancake : I'm honestly curious what the dude in the red shirt said at 4:48 that made that woman hit him.

PyroJohn19 : Surprisingly, Cosby turned out to be pretty bad. Not as bad as Hitler, but still pretty bad.

Welsed : *Asks for audience participation. *Program director nixes the idea. *Cast proceeds to fundamentally troll management like the bosses they are! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Emily Grace : I’d seen the hoedown but I didn’t know the backstory omfg

Noah Falk : He should sprout a mustache and move in with Cosby would have also worked

Zach Werner : I love all of Drew Carey's comments.

PhoenixFires : You know they would never allow this on air today, either. Nobody would want to join Cosby as a roommate.

Echo : Somebody give me an occupation? "The Fuhrer!!"

Einar Gissurarson : You know I can understand why the censors would pull this joke. Cosby is kinda offensive.

SaltpeterTaffy : "70s sitcom" "Airing on UPN" about that

kinlopunim : Lets face it, never tell a comedian not to make fun of something. Cause they will double down.

Jason C : It's difficult to describe how much I love this! This is what Drew Carey does to someone who tries to censor him on his own show

Jackmerius Tacktheripup : That German jello had an odd taste to it

MysteriousStrangerVA : Ah, these take me back to my early days of watching this stuff on ABC Family. And back to when I dedicated many school nights to watching various clips on here.

Jonathan Augustin : I wonder what the fat guy who got slapped by his wife said.

Harry Eichelberger : 4:49 when the chap shouts something that clearly his wife didn't approve of. lolz!

Antonio Redgrave : Literally the greatest thing that ever happened on Whose Line

Ryan Daniell : That hoedown kills me

Secret Forreddit : Ryan should've ended it with "he should sprout a mustache and move in with Bill Cosby!"

Tommy Sedin : 4:48 anyone else wanna know what the guy in the red shirt said? :D

Duckmeister : When Drew asked for an occupation, someone should had yelled German dictator.

hawkeye5955 : The fall of Cosby and the rise of the Third Reich. No one could have predicted such a coincidence would happen.

Blake Foster : This has aged incredibly well.

Michael Weston : Stiles is Legend.

Ness Gaming : “You can’t make fun of Hitler!” *points to every WWII propaganda film in existence*

gunfuego : lol imagine that joke nowadays... Cosby would be slipping hitler a micky lol

Shea Maddy : As Drew has said b4, nobody is funnier than Ryan Styles when he's mad.

TheMoonlight2887 : I love how Ry always did whatever he wanted! 😂

Rombizio : The director tried to curb their creativity. Got rekt.

Caleb Lambright : I wish they would release whose line every episode uncensored

Ingenious2000videos : at 4:47, the man in the red shirt yells hitler multiple times until his wife hits him hhaaha