American Horror Story - Murder House, Tate shoots up school

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Spooked : Heres a tip: when you're hiding from a murderer, don't talk, or even whisper.

Jesse Lozano : i honestly think this is the scariest part of all the episodes just seems so realistic and terrifying

gabe.hadder.wonderland.original1998 : This is when I lost all likeability for Tate. I know he's hot, but he is a rapist and a murderer.

full house cast : the scariest part is that evan peters looks like the type of white kid to shoot up a school

Diana Ramírez : They do resemble the breakfast club tho

Frank Saldańa : This season was genius. All of Constance's children except Tate were physically deformed and could be called monsters. tate, though he appeared normal was the true monster.

Pink Ømega : Does anyone realize that Tate shot the breakfast club


John-Michael Crljen : If Tate was walking in the opposite direction, why didn't the athlete run up and tackle Tate to the ground and strangle him or something?

Hayley Smyth : truly terrifying. Evan Peters is a fantastic actor.

Christian Diaz : Murder House will always be the best season of AHS for me

Kraven Todd : He's got some nice boots.

Annabelle : Murder House is and always will be my favourite season of ahs, and I don't know why but I kinda love that Tate whistled "twisted nerve" from kill bill

Aerielle Saguil : From Tate Langdon to James March. Evan Peters deserve an Oscar for his performance!

milly solis : now that I think of it, this scene is actually triggering and scary in all kinds of ways, and the fact that it's Evan Peters playing that character and making it seem so realistic is so fucking scary.

Nick 1 : Honestly if they all banded togethor they could of taken him down

Hannah Adams : still, in my opinion, this will always be the best scene in the whole series just because of the realism. from the girl too scared to lock the door to the one girl peeing. the first time I watched this I was terrified (like most people, school shootings terrify me) and when she peed I was like damn

why : Remember, kids, don't roast the white kid that sits alone at lunch.

LegoMTZ : He never asked that girl if she believed in god, like she said.

Daniel Biggins : This is almost too much like Columbine man.

Blader : When there's a psycho with a shotgun, don't tell him to fuck off. That might piss him off Generic Cool Highschool Teen.

Nine PointO : More like "We Need to Talk About Tate" Just saying :p

Renlimhtiduj : I still miss Tate I'm the series. He was my favorite character

DreamInRhythm : so scary man.. This shit is happening way too often

Shamcao : Anyone else catch the breakfast club reference? We have the jock, the princess, the nerd, the basket case, and the punk. All watched over by a teacher in the library.

Nardia Lee : I always thought that part made no sense..tate was walking away y did he feel like he needed to reason with him?

SaltyCouch : Why does everyone fan girl over this shit head? I know he's edgy and all that, But shooting up schools? I mean what?

Daniela Urie : Jenna and Adam xD

Rowlaan Bennett : this is the scariest most disturbing scene out of the whole franchise IMO because it was so real....TOO similar to columbine

Lucia Louise : Am I the only one who didn't find this scene scary at all? Like compared to some of the stuff that happens in ahs

Adrio Garcia : só vim aqui pela referência ao massacre de comlubine

Matt Clark : Evan's character in this season was based off of Eric Harris from the columbine shooting. Even this scene was inspired by the library massacre.

Doom : "Hey. That's enough, get outta here." "Oh alright man, I'll just leave after killing everyone, no problem." What were they thinking with that part lmao?

Charlotte : This is my favourite season because this scene is so like Columbine and I'm fascinated by Columbine as its so interesting.

Cosma-Chiva Pennick : Is that cheerleader girl from the tv show "Awkward"?

joanna maili : there have been so much weird creepy stuff in american horror story, but to me, this scene is definitely the scariest scene in the entire show

Justin Carson : "Hey! Get out of he-" boom Wtf???? Anyone in their right mind would have at least have tackled the sonavabitch!

Renlimhtiduj : I love it when he makes a gun with his hand and puts it up to his head. Tate you cocky bastard XD

h e l l o : This scene just established Tate as a monster. He knows what he's doing and he shows no remorse for it. He doesn't even let them plead for their life. Just a cold serial killer.

Dark_Merci : Did the cheerleader piss herself?

Killuh Koaluh : This will probably be the most disturbing scene on AHS for a long long time. This scares me a LOT more than anything else I've seen on the show. It could really happen to anyone in school nowadays and you never expect it. And then you're gone. This was a great tone setting first season for the series. It really scared me.They still scare me because they are all still really disturbing. I think what makes it so scary is that, like the character says in the first season, "all monsters are human". It's a theme that still weighs heavily in the series today, and through all of the season. It hones human weakness and emotion and twists it... and what makes it all the more scarier is its not far off. People are capable of horrendous things.

Emily Lou. : The fact that this is based loosely off of columbine makes so much sense now.

Clorox Bleach : I wish someone'd just shoot up my school. That'll make it a whole lot more interesting.

8 Ball : Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People played in my mind while watching this scene

Princess Koko : Why didn't that guy with the varsity jacket just tackle him??

Indaya : There are no words to describe how much I love Tate

Vader : He was a rapist and a killer, yet Vivien once said that a bad person is made not born...

KushScope : Was this inspired by the Columbine school shooting?

Ckbruinfan : Pretty sure tate wins best character in AHS history. Dudes REAL evil