Roadman Shaq 'Man's Not Hot' MC Quakez Freestyle - Fire In The Booth

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DesignerHeadToToes : 16:16 IMMA POST DA PAMPERS

Team L3GACY : We he slapped MC shakes though I was dying XD

Logan ツ - Gaming & More! : "His dad's a dinner lady" *Mind blown*

Brian Evans : His dad's a dinner lady. He served me spaghetti in primary school

Fekete Zsolt : COn-.....COnsp...........CONSPIRA--................ Concentrate That's the word i was looking for.

Skhumbuzo Tobela : 6:04 I was on the floor

Chameleon EDM : "That wasn't even what I was gonna say" "What were you gonna say then?" "Suttin else"

Ashwin Kashyap : 12:15 is the meme you're looking for.

cruxify : A legendary meme was born in this video.

Dylan Jones : What a pile of shite can't stand him he's totally took the piss clean out of Charlie sloth I've shouted the whole way through well done Charlie sloth for staying professional 😂😂😂😂 man done English language but doesn't no the difference betweeen conspiracy and condensation

Jason King Dominus : Of Mice and Men by Charles Dickens. This is the funniest thing that I’ve seen in years. Just brilliant. I’m ruff to buff but i could be a little bit loose off the goose. Genius!!!!

jordan robinson : real rappers out there don't get the chance to spit in booth and u get these 2 idiots howare man charley

King James 1213 : the 2k that disliked this video don't appreciate life

Valencia Colvin : *"Y O U' R E P R O T E C T E D - ED"*

ABLOCKER : What is that bill...

Eddy Smith : “Shut up man!!! When it was time for you to spit you weren’t spitting now you’re talking. Shut your stupid mouth!!!”😂

gibsterg : everytime i need to go HYPE i come here

David Baafi : don't me shred the goons out on you

dogster Dela roca : This is when your mom wants you to bring your little brother everywhere...LOL

Duane Crooms : Comedy, really went past the BBC part lol

XCVB : been around for a decade

NightSquad 300 : Isn't Mc Quakes and roadman Shaq the same people

Fiona Blackman : He should stop from trying to rap

sam baby : Every day mans on the block,smoke trees

Bojac Gaming HD : What you came for 12:14

Shlad with a shlid : so you just re uploaded bbc's video

Osläppta Låtar : (Mans not hot) Official song here—>

Roy Hibbert : The ting goes (noise of me washing my teeth)

Maching Gun Chuy : do you got bif

Stephon Haydes : you tryna start biff man?...

JBOOGIE WITH COAT : I know yall heard Lil uzi

BeastCoastQuay : 16:28 Mans know my name

Jimmy Potent : Roar sooos🤦🏾‍♂️

Bruce Wayne : 20:00 "balance, balance, balance"

carla box : "Man's not hot" HE'S FUCKING SWEATING!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

Paris Thomas : Man this is a classic

Jon Coleman : The way he said Charles 😂😂😂

shF7z : Dat Turkish don is a real paigon

Orily Johnson : How much times he gonna hit the same sound effect

jade knows : Highlight of the year !

Incendiary : is big shaq the same guy as the person at the end ?

Dookie Meat : People are acting like mans not hot is the best song on the album ...

JuXi : If my psychological equation is correct, then this is what you came for 10:36

daiyja mccurty : The beats are always so good 😫🙌

Ellgen : The cameraman just starts filming like a retard once he starts the *THE TING GOES SKRRRRRA*

uncontrollable343 : Perspiration ting 🙆🏿‍♂️

Kwaku Robinson : 19:00

max99dx : Why’s this popular???

Ryan Fenwick : don't get shook mans here your protecteded lol

cunt : Why did they gag into the mics so much at the end ?