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Jolt : 8:15 you can clearly see that the bolt of lightning drifted slightly to the left of the frame. the reason this happens is because of the air. Electricity is invisible by nature, and the only reason that lightning bolts are visible is that the electricity traveling from the cloud base to the ground heats up the air around it so much that it strips the electrons away from the air molecules. This is an excellent example of plasma being created right here in our atmosphere. Since plasma is a state of matter, like everything else, it's affected by forces such as wind, magnetic fields and gravity. The more you know (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Kenny Peres : That guy at 2:18 tho. Took off faster than the lightning..

Luis Moreno : Is it just me or do you hate the sound when lightning strikes

Its Your Boi Chips Ahoy : That moment when you misplace your Lightning spell in clash of clans 1:20

Richard Lewis : well you can say that was striking

KyuMonix : Zeus is mad at 8:35

Gucci love : Did anyone came of the thumbnail? I did

Isabelle Allan : Lightning is a beauty on its own but lightning bolts and strikes are Um.... Striking.

Notorious : 1:18 You thought lighting never strikes twice? well this one strikes the same place six times

Emi On : 4:08 that was miracle

zoey nichols : I have a story for u guys! AND ITS A TRUE STORY!!!!!! So it was just a normal day at school ok and we were finishing up math. All of a sudden a severe storm was above us. We were scared but then my teacher Mrs. Wagner, she pulled up on the smart board a storm tracker. But the problem was is that 1 mile away from our school was a circle that had green then yellow then red. Which meant a tornado warning. We were VERY scared at that point so we kept on watching it until the colors where mixing. And then the school alarm went off. (Cuz a tornado warning became a tornado for real) we got in the school basement. Then we heard the tornado sirens go off. I was praying that my family was ok. Then the tornado reached our school, the school was destroyed, and school was cancelled for the year. (The school still isn't done getting built yet!)

C K : 0:50 fish frys for everyone

SARPComm_Nick O. : am I just a wuss or would u guys have heart attacks to

Austin B. : 3:00 minecraft music?

massy : Rip headphone users

Stance 885 : @ 3:25 green clouds/sky=tornado

kan xue : 9:50, wtf? lighting strike on a sunny day?

Katherine Batres : those was epic

Army News - Habblive : 9:46 bomb!

The Millennial Generation : There is Power in the name of Jesus!!!

Michael Roberson : Anyone noticed they spelled lightning wrong.

Floridastatefan50 Lol : Could someone tell Zeus that he needs to chill

Adomas Kairys : thunderstrom is my favorites

Hi Maam : I came for da Thumbnail.. Anywun else?? :c

Mylqi Streams : Who currently has lightning happening in real life and decided to YouTube some more

Spore Maker : 2:11 holy fk those are real kickass lighting bolt

Cool Dragon slayer : 8:35 Zeus is pissed

Fy4 : 3:20 is that War of the Worlds

illumin4t3d : guys please pray for me i almost got struck by lightning ...

Potato Life : I ALMOST got hit by lighting, I was walking to my house and it struck right in front of me not even a foot away. It was lik I was face to face with the lighting. I saw my life flash before my eyes 😂

H & G : Zeus has come upon us.

Doreen Mutoni : I learn this at school lightning is very dangerous

brianmichaelh23 : Heimdall...the Bifrost

James Charles : I luv lightning and thunder😍😍😍⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

EnTropic : Why does the music at 2:26 sound like a Magic School Bus remix?

aniruddha M : amazing! very very amazing so loud sound I tried my earphones in full volume one of earphones got blasted!!!

Giorgos Randou : Well 1.AMAZINGZ!!! 2.Well just COOL 3.Little bit scary for kids.

Jacky Rold Doblado : in 2:18 the man is funny!

aerea : Electricity = best superpower

Heracles Theodoros 2 : Αυτη ειναι το όπλο του Δια, ο Βασσιλιας των θεών. Αυτο σημαίνει Ο Μέγας Δίας ειναι θυμωμένος. Σέβομαι Ο Μέγας Δίας.

Hoser Red : That's so shocking

Rookwings Kirk : Can anyone tell me what the music is at 4:22 please?

Kayden Moyes : Thor strikes lightning from his hammer to protect us from giants and monsters. Zeus strikes lightning from his lightning bolt because he is angry with us mortals. The one and only God strikes lightning because someone used his name in vain.

Carlo Lim : These guys need to calm down They don’t need to drop about 5 lightning spells at the same time XD

Aleksandra Kozomara : Yes it's so much amazing, crazy and strong 😀😱

Bibib Riziek Disko : is that you sasuke

Josie Mills : Oh wow close up lighting here folks enjoy the show and turn your sound down

Big Show : @ 4:37 see, this is how you do slow motion right....looks almost like one of pecos hank's vids. eitherway, non of this useless walmart camera slow motion with distorted sounds and crap. all it adds is padding to the vids

Kaydence Arora : Can you make cleaner content?🙄🤔🤨

Karen Piotte : Holy Shit! That was some hairy strikes. I'm telling you the lightening is getting worse by the year. Crazy killer storms like the f-5 tornado that hit Joplin, Sandy hurricane and what 118° in Arizona yesterday! Record breaking heat. Take Care People especially those of you that film this kind of thing. Peace