Cut For Time: Cool (Ryan Gosling) - SNL

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ACTV : these transitions 😂😂😂😂😂

Kristopher Levine : The home from Full House with the time machine from Family Matters

Gia Williams : SOOOO cringeworthy lmfao this is hilarious

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen : kyle and beck would kill if they had their own show on another network

Skeech Sandstrom : I love the horse drawn carriage and the truck driving on the sand dunes for no reason. And the llama!!! Horses!!

Haatchii : this is one of my favourite skits.

Tal Moore : The establishing shot is a ruined castle.

MechWarrior 07 : it's the white, high version of family matters

Liam Gallagher : He chocolate stain is so huge the second time you see it haha

Alex Thompson : "He was drunk driving."

Maddie Hansen : Kyle Mooney is one of the funniest, most underrated cast members. It sucks that most of the sketches he's in are usually the Cut For Times.

orange peel : the white version of family matters

roadhouse699 : I don't get it. Its just the entire 90s.

Joshua Jaouli : The images in the transitions are AMAZING

Logan Schenk : I love how he walks through the door and before the scene cuts you see him go back and try to close it.

Reggie B : No one realizes th I should I say a rip on FAMILY MATTERS

Leonardo Emilian : I just love the unrelated images running in-between scenes. These things are so '90s. #SNLbest #LOLOL

Skeech Sandstrom : "Whoops, did I mess up again?!"

CeeCee : This was hilarious. All the early 90s sitcoms had horrible cheesy acting but we still loved them lol. I don't get how some of you don't see the humor.

BooDoug187 : This is like something that would show up on Adult Swim at 3 in the morning.

faboze : This was perfect. All sketches with Beck and Kyle are hilarious.

Ally Moore : It's better than the episode of Family Matters

Matthew Young : Kyle and beck are in the wrong place. Sketches like this would've done 100 times better on the likes of adultswim etc.

LAMFi1ms : This is one of the funniest things I've seen from SNL in a long time

Courtney Ohnstad : My favorite skits are with Beck and Kyle! Reminds me of the good ol' days when Beck Bennet was on Theater of Life with Nick.

Nick Robinson : Wow, suddenly this skit made me depressed.

Peter Bonde : I keep coming back to this video. It's so hilarious!

Elgin Coates : It's the subtle things that make the sketch so good. Like the way he bumps into him walking past to pull the lever or the way Ryan gosling hesitates before opening the door.

Jonas Butler : This is so surreal and brilliant! It's like some Tim and Eric shit. Bravo, SNL!

TBA : Stefan Urquelle

SmexiVan ;D : The satire wasn't good :'(

Kris Thorpe : This is one of the funniest sketches I have seen from SNL in a long time... you guys nailed it!

Lili Rose McKay : why do they cut the BEST SKETCHES

Rich Rotella : and... this is from Family Matters where Steve turns into Stephan - yes?

Drake : Were they at a castle? 😂

literallyawerewolf : Those establishing shots are brilliant.

CaribbeanBetty : lol this was one of the weirdest sketches ive seen. i always enjoy when they parody tgif sitcoms but this was so awkwardly funny

Leonardo Maranhao : Kyle is a good Steve urkel spoof

Nola Chick : 121 dislikes means 121 people didn't watch 90's sitcoms.

Frank Booth : So many downvotes...I don't get it, I thought it was hilariously weird

Grace Barnes : I think this is one of the best snl skits in recent memory. The humor was dry and dark, and didn't rely on sex or fart jokes. A+ from me

scully : the sudden ending made me laugh out loud. better than some other snl parodies.

Stephen Hess : If you didn't grow up in the 90's you won't understand how absolutely hilarious this sketch is.

NotMaryAnn : Oh look, a white family matters! You guys all know this is family matters, right?

Brady Moore : The transitions are the best part hahah

Angelie Comedy : Family Matters - Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool - Season 5, Episode 8

Mallory The Phantom : The fucking dance moves

tiotito31 : Is that the actual machine from Family Matters? Seems familiar

ErinCaliforniaa : why so many thumbs down?? fucking hilarious

0MohawkWarrior0 : It's freakin' Family Matters with Steve Urkel's 'Cool Machine.'