Praying mantis watching TV

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Martin Coté : Smart insect, he didn't do it twice...


Force User 2000 : I fear those animals more than anything im this world

Mau Lop : watching the food channel

scotiansen : Its kind of mean to do that. To confuse a simple life form with technology it couldnt even begin to comprehend. Not nice. But I am not mad at you.

Hungryhyena78 : I found a praying mantis in my backyard, I decided to be brave and pick it up, but it stabbed me in the finger and I ran away :(

d magi : Mantis: Aye who dis bastard staring at me funny?

Gungriffen : Oh yeah, Mantis' are all fun and cute till they mate.....

Simon Petkov : I remember when i was around 7 years old one of these mantis landed on my shoulder I havent screamed that fucking much since

Nadz Harvey : Lol that's not a TV

Some Kind of Rodent : Haha, she's like: "weird, i didn't catch that, my claws must not have been clean enough"

Miguel Ángel Adorna : Cómo llegue a esto? XD

tpl89 : This fucking retard doesn't realise that isn't a real spider

G3TR3KTPR0 : Were can u buy

SorryRooster 21 : Is she on the second season too?

Goshujin Sama : that's a weird looking dog nope i mean cat.

Chigga Banana : Is there the long creature in this mantis?

Jerome tolentino : put in that phone a Jesus's cross and the Praying Mantis is *Praying*

Charley Weinhardt : I once had a deep conversation with a praying mantis. We reflected on life together, and we reached a similar conscience. Then I said to him, ''Well, it's time for you to go... You get to fly!'' And he looked at me and he understood, and he took a step and and then be flew off with a new understanding of existence. I'll never forget him.

SharpNo2Pencil : There really is something for everyone

Julieta Farfan : *D I S G U S T I N G*

Michael Wymelbeke : Nice tv you got there..

「Sign•Language•is•Pretty•Handy」 [] : You have a rare pet!

Joseph G-C : I think your dog has autism

Mateusz 007 : What the fuck a animal

Txtspeak : poor bastard must be so confused XD

Hair : Looks like a nice pet

Truth Seeker : It's like, watching a burger walk on screen, in a movie theatre for you.

Jungie Sunbaenim : I enjoyed this waay to much

Dolan is Cool : That's me on my iPad all day

Komand : Aw cute.. He loves that show! :)

jmscoper : Aaaaaaagh just watching that thing made me get on the couch

Our Sat : Amazing Like n sub Kindly sub me back

snaker gaming : If i saw that mantis i would get out of the house quickly and run as fast as i can

GamingInsideACave IsFun : Sooo where's the TV huh. HUH?!!

Daniel Auz : What species is this guy?

ankit sharma : Its not tv.. Its movie theater

Anna Rexia : if i was a praying mantis id be a proud virgin

Shawn Mijares : Kinda funny

FIQRI MUST : Mantis eye -5

Erdna Not : I watched a video of a mantis watching a video... What is life, why am I still here...

j b : that dog is confused. he should've gotten an android.

Vincent Hildebrand : Bugs can play video games give him a jungle background...and some mini people for extra fun

Vysair : Clickbait, I came for TV not smartphone

How Lovely is Thy Rose : His mom: Timmy, you're too close to the TV. And you're smudging the screen! Him: But MOM! His mom: Timmy Mc'Creepyfuck Jr.! Back up right now! Don't make me have to stop eating the remains of your father's head just to get you! And stop watching that spider shit! You know all of those spiders are low class trash!

Lúcifer : Wow YouTube now is tv

Rockyrocks : This praying mantis is praying for the spider

Anderson Plácido : kkkkkkkkkk Tadinho!!!! A hora da refeição é uma hora sagrada... ele foi iludido.

Autistic Aniki : *praying mantis looks at phone screen as is confused because it lacks the cognitive function to differentiate between moving images on a screen and real things.

Riddick tonn : He’s like... you dick... that surface is hard. It’s like jamming your fingers into a wall thinking you’re Bruce Lee.