Praying mantis watching TV

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TV BINI : Thank you for showing my spider video to your praying mantis! 👍

Just kooky : What a great show.

SniperChan : *So Your Praying Mantis Is Watching TV...*

SpaceJoker : That's a pretty small TV. Or a very large Mantis.

Mr. Clorox Bleach : What TV brand is that

Red Moon 96 : That's the weirdest cat I've ever seen

The Pink Praying Mantis : This is so cute

Dreamconfedi : 0:28 That part when its little head turns to see the spider reappear is an international treasure.

Ben Dover : Is your cat okay?

Ryan Le : Who knew mantids will be the next cats

N8_ Gaming : Did anybody notice he looked at his hand at 0:23 like he was saying "damnit that hurt!"

timothy chan : "Oh the food show is on!"

FM : if you watch closely you can tell the mantis thinks that the spider is real

Manda Panda : Aww. Poor guy is hungry.

LoveGold : ohhhh look at that. so cute.

Shuai Zhou : what kind of dog is this

flying salamander lol : mantis "how have I not discovered this till now??"

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Still better than Batman V Superman.

Kathka : damn it i missed that episode of spider is moving around show

latino heat : More like staring at a phone screen

j b : that dog is confused. he should've gotten an android.

Jensen Mcleod : The Praying Mantis is now on the cute list.

LIGER ZERO : Damm that tv is badass where you get it

Reptile Whisperer : That actually is pretty cute not gonna lie

Saga Light : Cute

Collins Ongaya : Cartoons aren't what they used to be.

jaybond vagabond : Can u teach the praying mantis to learn kung fu???

JikookOppa : *This so cute 😍*

dayum son : That's a weird looking fried chicken nugget you have there

Hunter Maddox : 12:30 Just one more video and I'll go to bed. 3:45:...

Dean Natuno : *Show him a pic of Giant Spider*

155chipmunkz : Buggo does a heckin slap


José Peixes : Attack at 0:19

Stephan Alonso : So... he's watching The Food Network?

Mutual Decline : I see that many here are surprised by the behavior of a Praying Mantis. Praying Mantis are ferocious eaters that eats nearly every insects imaginable & they even kill & eat birds such as Hummingbirds, snakes, lizards & scorpions. They are constant eaters & are great for protecting a garden where fruit or vegetables are being grown. Small facts. -Praying Mantises can turn their heads 180°. -Have great vision -Strategic Killers/Stealthy -Can camouflage themselves -Can change eye color to Light green, dark green, brown, black or white.

Jenn N : I like how the mantis punched the phone and then licked its hand because it hurts ^^; poor thing, cute mantis by the way!

Autistic Aniki : *praying mantis looks at phone screen as is confused because it lacks the cognitive function to differentiate between moving images on a screen and real things.

Vinícius R S : How do you pet it? doesn't it try to prey you?

Harmony Allen : Is your pet

Ya Boi Guzma : Mantis: Oh! This is my favorite part!

Emily Breezeyard : omgggg how do you even keep that as a pet its cute but scary

En mémoire de Alexandre D'ARPA : Iphone screen is mantis punch proof. Test is ok, no bug.

yeah it's rach : What cute dog!!!

mohammadblox XZ : Me : *sees mantis on my phone* OMG that's so cute Me : *sees mantis real life* OMFG GET RID OF THAT THING OMGGGGGGGG EWWWWWWW

Colin Brysiak : We need to burn that thing

Lizzza Petals : where did he get the mantis?

SwampySack : like a porker watching the food channel

soul me : Personification 😈 like if you agree

kevin coones : Praying mantas are very smart.!!