Praying mantis watching TV

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Héctor F : "Oh yeah, just another day in the office... a spider trying to kill me."

XxKooky KarixX : What a great show.

Annoying Chan : *So Your Praying Mantis Is Watching TV...*

TV BINI : Thank you for showing my spider video to your praying mantis! 👍

timothy chan : "Oh the food show is on!"

Amanda Jones : Aww. Poor guy is hungry.

flying salamander lol : mantis "how have I not discovered this till now??"

Kathka : damn it i missed that episode of spider is moving around show

j b : that dog is confused. he should've gotten an android.

Mandi Rose Art : His mom: Timmy, you're too close to the TV. And you're smudging the screen! Him: But MOM! His mom: Timmy Mc'Creepyfuck Jr.! Back up right now! Don't make me have to stop eating the remains of your father's head just to get you! And stop watching that spider shit! You know all of those spiders are low class trash!

NITE WING : Damm that tv is badass where you get it

latinoheatariel : More like staring at a phone screen

Red Moon 96 : That's the weirdest cat I've ever seen

Ballpark Finger : The Praying Mantis is now on the cute list.

Saga Light : Cute

Reptile Whisperer : That actually is pretty cute not gonna lie


FM : if you watch closely you can tell the mantis thinks that the spider is real

Hunter Maddox : 12:30 Just one more video and I'll go to bed. 3:45:...

dayum son : That's a weird looking fried chicken nugget you have there

155chipmunkz : Buggo does a heckin slap

The Pink Praying Mantis : This is so cute

Shuai Zhou : what kind of dog is this

José Peixes : Attack at 0:19

Stephan Alonso : So... he's watching The Food Network?

Blue White : Is your pet

Ryan Le : Who knew mantids will be the next cats

SpaceJoker : That's a pretty small TV. Or a very large Mantis.

Dreamconfedi : 0:28 That part when its little head turns to see the spider reappear is an international treasure.

Ya Boi Guzma : Mantis: Oh! This is my favorite part!

Emily Breezeyard : omgggg how do you even keep that as a pet its cute but scary

Vinícius R S : How do you pet it? doesn't it try to prey you?

Autistic Aniki : *praying mantis looks at phone screen as is confused because it lacks the cognitive function to differentiate between moving images on a screen and real things.

SwampySack : like a porker watching the food channel

Ben Dover : Is your cat okay?

Evan Michael Hardin : Stuck in the matrix again.

kevin coones : Praying mantas are very smart.!!

Sebastián 10 : So??

yeah it's rach : What cute dog!!!

Surya Perkasa : do some mantis mating and stuff

WitDa Sauce13 : That bug stupid

Collins Ongaya : Cartoons aren't what they used to be.

chakaramaster : I disliked because I like to dislike

Tobirama Senju : Wild Scyther meets Spinarak.

Game Play Star LP : R u German or english now?? XD

Rockyrocks : This praying mantis is praying for the spider

LoveGold : ohhhh look at that. so cute.

Yuko Squid : So cute


AYQAL j : That is a phone not a TV and weird coler for mantis