1980s Cars And Trucks TV Commercials Compilation Vol. 1

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Retro Rabbit Ears : If you enjoyed this video I have uploaded a second compilation of car and truck commercials from the 1980's including a number of Mustang commercials. It's available here: https://youtu.be/oa_qGd4HKE4

Showbiz CEC : Maybe it's just me, but what happened to ads like these?! Today they just say an inspiration quote about a car, that barley even relates, over some orchestra music that doesn't explain anything new or cool about the car at all. Also, four wheel steering needs to happen.

Zero Cool : That Nissan Pulsar commercial lol.

luisinhoens90 : Lee Iacocca, what a legend in the car industry.

BloomingOnion : Whatever happened to four-wheel steering? It makes sense, why didn't it work? Was it unreliable? Expensive?

Younas Ali : Nice upload I love the 80's

Seth Gallup : What the hell, Chevy Sprint had 48 hp

Cyber Swiper : Wish I was around to see the 80s it looked like an awesome decade

san379 : sad to say.. all these cars are in junkyards and crushed by now... sad... sniff::::

iSpyCars : No charge ac lol

on the roofs : Giving me flashbacks of the 80s

Cars : The Toyota Camry corporate chime at 6:47 is the most heart-warming thing I've ever heard.

1p4142136 : @6:45 the dog 🐕 in the commercial already passed away long time ago and this is why Im sad now.

Jason Roman : 1:55 My god Chevy lol

AdrianJayeOnline : @4:01 "Eagle, European styling " WTF, looks like a yank tank to me

Nene Valenzuela : 1980s Cars And Trucks TV Commercials Compliation Volume 1 Shown In This Video Are Car And Truck Commercials From The Late 1980s, Roughly 1987 & 1988 Models. 1. 1988 Hyundai Excel Featuring A Maserati 2. 1988 GM Experts Choice Parts 3. 1987 No Charge Days GM 4. 1988 Chevrolet Sprint 48 Horsepower 5. 1988 Chrysler K-Cars 6. 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX 7. 1988 Honda Prelude SI 8. 1988 Jeep Cherokee & Eagle Premier Introduction 9. 1988 Toyota Camry 10. 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 11. 1988 Chrysler Shadow & Sundance 12. 1988 Dodge Dakota 4x4 13. 1987 Toyota Camry 14. 1988 Toyota 4 Runner. 15. 1987 Toyota Dealers.

EricLehner : MAGA

Johnny G : I had a cavalier Z28 5 speed it was a fun little car it's too bad GM didnt keep them in production

boobbob 00 : Who else misses that '80s music??? ~ 4:40

Dave Suton : I'm thinking every one of those toyotas lasted about 3 years before they rusted into a pile of oily dust.

Robby Sheperd : I used to have an 88 Nissan pulsar NX. I finally had to give her up at 225k miles. Poor thing rusted pretty bad by then. I loved that car.


Dillon : i watch commercials......WILLINGLY

A smile on my face but a Demon inside : god the 80's cars sucked

Alex Taylor : I was hoping to see more big rwd's out of this. I don't think you can even find Eagle Premiers anymore.

MammottPlays : 1:55 I laughed so hard with this!

jeep girl : I bought my first car in 1992. It was a 1990 Chevrolet Z24 and the most gorgeous car I'd ever seen. I still have dreams about it to this day. 🚘🚘🚘

Mr. Rebellion : Never knew that eagle existed.

Brooks Adamson : @ 3:41...One thing we know for sure...we filmed this on the Death Star

guildrich : Ah...back when car ads were about...well, the cars. Most modern car ads only advertise the _infotainment systems,_ since that's what most people only care about now. The car itself could just be a white, bland cardboard box; as long as it has a 60+ inch screen in the middle of the dashboard, they're completely OK with it. lol

Virgie Lake VLOGS : When u feel broke because of ur car just make ur self feel like it's the 1980s and watch the commercial

Kip Paseo : I wonder how many of those Toyotas in the commercials are still running today? We had a 1989 Camry for over 300K miles and the Lil Mexican I sold it to still drives it around. I saw her the other day in a Sears parking lot

fairfax blaster : GM parts....why would you go anywhere else? Let's see......after Consumer Reports magazine and the District Attorneys of seventeen states SUED GM for FRAUD inovercharging for unneeded repairs, THAT is why we went somewhere else.

EP1CNELSON : those K cars were a piece of work

Blair Aquilia : 4Runner is sexy

Land Shass : Some ads were aired on Canadian TVs with some marketing gimmicks that wouldn't be allowed in the US based on FCC rules.

Alex Maldonado : The days when it was a huge selling point to provide an automatic transmission...

Tropical HD : 0:10 It's Elton John 😎

paul simons : Chevy sprint??? I seriously thought that was gonna be a mustang commercial....hahaha

TALON LEEVON : I miss eagle...zed 24 lol...jeez she talks fast...

Boozike DaSavage : When they used to talk in commercials unlike today fancy dressing and eye contacts

1vw4me : I NEED that Prelude and 4Runner!!!

shawn dpenha : I had a Z24 in the same burgundy-silver combination - still brings a smile when I think back to those days.

Ian Mccullough : I have a 1980 Toyota Camry

Carl M : With the exception of the Jeeps, Honda’s and Toyota’s, which are becoming fewer and further between, one would be hard pressed to find great examples of most of these vehicles, if at all, in today’s automotive landscape!

Simon Pylant : Never knew that's how you pronounce Nissan...LMFAO!!

Pinkamena Diane Pie : 1980’s superior

Chadwicked B : No GPS?..😁

Evilqueen1985 : Eagle was not a new car company. Its what Chrysler changed the name of AMC to when they bought it.

Ian Mccullough : This always remind me of them Hess 🚘 in the back round of the toy