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Jack Black IMDb's himself, and reveals what he really thinks of all his roles so far - from the best movie of his career, to the early break he missed by oversleeping.

Comments from Youtube

LFP Gaming : They should definitely do more of these... they've only done like 4 so far, but this is a fascinating look into the mind of the actors as they go through their best and worst movies. You see who an actor REALLY is when you bring up their shittiest movies... and Jack took it like a legend

Jeff Antosh : Weird they have him talk about Anchorman where he's in one scene, but skip over his bigger movies such as King Kong, Saving Silverman, Mars Attacks, and Orange County...

Alberto Enriquez : Not one word about BERNIE?? Jack, that was your best movie ever. You were absolutely believable and brilliant in it.

Tsenguun Tsogbadrakh : where's Po?

holysocks : forgot Bernie and Goosebumps

Flynn Swagmire : I saw The Pick of Destiny when I was 16 and it reshaped my comedic sensibilities in a way that has impacted everything I have laughed at since.

Tambini : glad to hear Jack Black loves School of Rock as much as I do

phantasm : i was hoping they would mention his X Files appearance!

JC Denton : Jack Black is in Demolition Man...? *Whaaaaaaaaaa* *keeps watching* Awwwwww :(

carsormyr : King Kong? Shallow Hal?

Gromgi Grudgebearer : Aww, they skipped ‘King Kong’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

smashdead : I love Jack Black and Tenacious D, I agree that school of rock is his best film!

branak belledar : Is it just me or am I looking at a really young Brian Blessed?

LT : No mention of the masterpiece Airborne? For shame.

Devan Wetenkamp : I'm let down you didn't talk about The D Train or Heat Vision and Jack.

clouseaux114 : "the Big Year" is way underrated, totally worth watching

ZolRoyce : This is sooooooooooo entertaining.

thevanishingflame : One of a kind this guy

Ronald Yoder Sr. Entertainment : No Bongwater? Shameful, but I still like the vid.

ShinyPrettyFancy : Wished they had talked about I Still Know What You Did Last summer or that one where he is the school bully.

Lex Python : Was this the same day as Hot Ones or do you just love that shirt? Also how did they miss your epic role in Jesus' Son? That was MY intro to Jack Black.

love ilian G : You are too cute Jack Black ..😘✌🤟🤗😍and Funny

lubabe66 ** : Jack so rocks, I adore him. I'll never understand why he doesn't have a stalker.

Haechi : King Kong?

hiccup22 : This is a great bit Imdb! Hope we get to see more in the future

V B : Those IMDb trivia are such bs, lol

Spacesh1p : They missed talking about kung fu panda Y.Y

Z Hyman : “Me & muthafffunnnin Bruce Willis!”

Misanola : Would have loved to hear his thoughts on Neverending Story III.

m m : Orange County? Saving Silverman? Bongwater?

Miles Morales : No Year One or Goosebumps?!?!?!

Devon Palmer : I like these more than other channel's versions because you actually got someone asking questions.

SXO : Why wouldn't they talk about The Pick Of Destiny? That's an underrated comedy film.

Pork Woofles : I saw The Big Year on a flight once, it was actually good and quite wholesome.

Christopher Farris : Wow! Nothing about Airborne!? Surprising! One of the first times we saw Jack Black as he is now!

Sterling Moffett : I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know much about it..but shouldn’t it be the house with a clock in its wall

Alice Kingsley : What I like about IMDb me is hearing the celebrities opinions of whether or not some pieces of the trivia or trademarks are true or not.

Christmas Cheese : I am not nearly as baked as Jaybles is

Casey 3-P-O : con con con he sounds like trump when he says con. lol

Moon Man : Seinfeld??!!

Avenol : Wtf no Mars Attacks? C'mon that role is classic.

Marion Gan : Never ending story 3???

Petr Melechin : This is great! Definitely make more of these. I suggest Nicolas Cage for the next episode. Should be super entertaining.

flacksuage : The House with the Cock and Balls

ed ayales : WTF happened to "Airborne"???

TURPX : Wish he did more movies like School Of Rock & Tenacious D

united70sam : goosebumps?

stephanie founds : at least he's admitting that they clone in hollyweird cough cough donald marshall

Th3Gam3925 : Didn't talk about X Files :/