Where Two Oceans Meet, Debunked
Where Two Oceans Meet Debunked

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Cape Reinga, at the very northern tip of New Zealand, is known for being where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, where two oceans collide. The truth, though, is a little more complicated than that. Thanks to Dr Simon Clark for helping proofread my script: https://www.youtube.com/SimonOxfPhys - any errors are mine, not his! Current visualisation from http://earth.nullschool.net , used with permission I'm at http://tomscott.com on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tomscott on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tomscott and on Instagram as tomscottgo


909sickle : You have crushed my dreams about a myth that I didn't know existed until 3 minutes ago.

Gamerdrengen : I always thought that "two oceans meeting" sounded weird, since the earth really only has one ocean that we have just artificially divided with invisible borders.

Brandon Jacobs : You missed a perfect opportunity. "When they say it's where two oceans collide, take it with a grain of salt. "

Agonized Cat : When you getting out of the swamp biome 0:16

fireandcopper : How do you consistently make very high production quality videos? You're awesome at presentation/education

Shock the muscle : I can't tell if this guy is 19 or 38

InDstructR : NZ is nearly twice the size of Florida. We only look small bcs we are next to Aussie which is fkn 3/4 of the area of Europe!!

James Jameson : Tom Scott makes good videos. Sick of 10 minute videos that make 1 point.

Bushy Raps : Absolutely love it when little old New Zealand is featured, almost anywhere on YouTube 😍

Runar Andersen : I like these short videos. Not dragging on to be 10 minutes or so. It just answer the question or tell something, simple and understandable.

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gabbogobbo : When you get the 1.14 update in minecraft

Prjndigo : You want to really really boggle people's minds, figure out how large a volume of solar wind it would take to equate to a sverdrup.

Ryan Nicholls : When I saw you on a bus in Auckland a couple of weeks back I knew we were in for at least one NZ video. Good video. :D

j4d3 goat : "Sverdrup" - I'd never heard of that unit before! Sounds like some kind of syrup that the Swedish Chef would use!

Teraplexor : Hope you do more videos based in Oceania in the future 😊

Pug Life : When you exit a swamp biome in Minecraft

Levi Skardsen : Finding this channel is one of the best things I've done on YouTube. That and Kurzgesagt.

Giona Cantarutti : I'm just waiting for the day i'm gonna casually meet Tom in my city in Italy (Cividale del Friuli) while he's finding something weird to talk about again

markus kristensen : You should go to Skagen, Denmark. Two oceans really colliede there

enoughofyourkoicarp : What is impressive though it watching two atmospheres collide, tornado alley or example. *kappa*

devinZA : Came with Cape Point in Cape Town, "meeting of the Indian & Atlantic Oceans", but it's actually Cape Agulhas

Aaron Divelbliss : I flipping LOVE you Tom! You make learning nerd stuff cool. Thanks bro!

Eli Le Fevre : Yay! I’m from New Zealand and it is great to see us on your channel. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Adam Filinovich : The preview clip showed the word "sverdrup" which made me thing it'd be a term relating to where oceans meet as opposed to a unit of flow.

The Abyss : New Zealand would still be an amazing place to visit

Stijn Weijters : No one: Tom scott: "im about to destroy this whole rocks career."

Stijn Weijters : No one: Tom scott: "im about to ruin this whole rocks career."

rouge.wav : the wild track on this video is way too low, it's confusing my brain πŸ˜‚ The video was super interesting, though!

Phil O'Donnell : Youre in NZ?! I'll keep an eye out

WarlegganFangirl1984 : I'm sure that self assembly table I bought last week was called Sverdrup...

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G L : flies to NZ for a 3 minute video. congrats on living the dream

Jared Morgan : Thanks for going to one of the best places in the world. Hope you checked out the bay of islands whilst there and Didn't spend too much time in Auckland 🀣

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NoNameNi : Great video as always! I think the link to Simon's channel might be broken though, at least it doesn't work for me Edit: It works now

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