Me And My Space Rock
I have been struggling lately and feeling a bit lost so I decided to make a short film to express how I felt Would love if some people watched it

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A short film about feeling lost and embracing uncertainty. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this short film. Follow me on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Music : Sounds:


pp3k07 : I've learned, that that's life. We have our dreams and it's not easy getting there. Some people make it look easy. Just keep going mate.

MotionBoatFilms : So well made, very good to watch!

Sonny Givens : Awesome ! Great work!

Tom Kastelic : love the video

Its Some Boii : Very well done!

Max : Amazing video

Tuna1989 : great

Abhishek Prasad : I'm struggling with adulthood and I feel this so bad. Just wanna cry and go to sleep and wish it would just be a nightmare.