Dramatic Chipmunk

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Player Max35 : 10 years !

xX Anime Xx : I can’t believe this is 10 years old...

TheVanMan05 : I just saw this in an AT&T commercial


SOLARFARLE The Beauty Queen : I remember this used to be in Youtube Poops.

BlinkO : The book was better

Nikolai Kolev : when you're watching porn and hear the door opening

Vincent Gil : 10 years ago today, we were blessed with this work of art.

Michael Helsel : When England isn't your city

FarmYard Gaming : When Trump won

Matt Sproule : When you're watching your girlfriend strip for you and your parents walk in.

Qwerty poop : No human on earth watched this once😂😂

N.I.B : This meme never gets old.


Barbooloona : When too many people make when you jokes

FarmYard Gaming : When you lose to Magikarp

Marcus Wilson : Who's here because of the Wahlberg AT&T commercial?

Pika Chick : The first real Vine

oscar rocks 2 : When someone touches your spaghet

reasseas Says hi : THATS ME!

-Sanders-The-Big-Tender-Engine- : When you hear a knock on the door, and It's the cops.

John Stipek : That chipmunk has probably been dead for the last 6 years.

Daniela Fernandes : when Brazil lost to Germany's 7x1 in your own home

DH : Ten years now!!!!

XXX_Vinnie_Paul_XXX : When You Almost Step On A Lego, When Your Playing Five nights in anime and suddenly your dad walks in, When You Realize You Missed A Limited Time Event For Rewards

Its me Sydney : I am CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!! I watched this like ten times and I don't know why it's so funny

roberto2k1 : First! (I'm using Internet Explorer, I hope it sends it quickly)

Kon : when you nut but realise the condom broke

Blue X-Ray Gaming : Best music to play when something Dramatic happens or when you walk in a room.... 2018 anybody?

Eric faucher : I love Skyrim

SomeDudeOnThe Internet : When your a parie dog and someone makes a video about you on the internet called "Dramatic Chipmunk".

Enzo : I just got this as an ad in the middle of a video... wut?

Aarush Hecox : When you hear footsteps while jerking off....

Überkritz : 10 years :( i miss 2007

TheJakiller : Wow, 10 years today... I feel old ;_;

The Tusken Gentleman : And so internet memes were born.

Jeremiah Yates : I just saw this on a YouTube advertisement.

Cameron Sarmiento : John Oliver brought me here

Yael Settle : When you hear there is no more bacon.

fishyfaic : 2nd time: this is never gonna get old 20th time: nope, still good 690th time: stiiilll gooood *passes out*

voltagebinary : when it's not a fart

CHEN HUEY HING : Who is watching this in 2017 ok now who’s watching this in 2018 for real

Grace Bernardo : Who is watching this still at 2017

the Dashwarrior321 : When the doctor says you have six seconds to live.

butztill #delsystem33 : Febuary 2018 anyone?

SmolCookie:3 'NintendoTrash' : When you realize you forgot to do your home work, and you were already at school..

TheRedCap : What is this?

Abigail saham : Dun Dun Dunnnnn!

Rusty Shackleford : The original vine

Meliodas Zueiro : *11 Years ._.*