Dramatic Chipmunk

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Player Max35 : 10 years !


xX Anime Xx : I can’t believe this is 10 years old...

TheVanMan05 : I just saw this in an AT&T commercial

Christianimation 1 : ORIGINAL ORIGINAL

SOLARFARLE The Orange Modder : I remember this used to be in Youtube Poops.

SmolCookie:3 'NintendoTrash' : When you realize you forgot to do your home work, and you were already at school..

krazimuffin : I miss 2007. Many people still didn't get most references like Dramatic Chipmunk. Facebook and then other sites went and ruined everything.

BlinkO : The book was better

Vincent Gil : 10 years ago today, we were blessed with this work of art.

Nobody Cares : That moment when you realize trump won

Roxy3giraffe : This is the best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

MetroInferious : The description speaks the truth...

TheGameClan : When it's time to choose partners for a school project and your best friend chooses someone else

Nikolai Kolev : when you're watching porn and hear the door opening

Unpolitically Correct : When you briefly leave your room to get a drink, thinking you closed the tentacle hentai on your PC, and then hear your mom scream "[YOUR NAME], IS THIS PORN?!"

Pika Chick : The first real Vine

Aryana Jackson : when you text your mom instead of you friend and you could here her scream all the way in your room

Foxtrot1213 : when you find out that your fly is still open

Michael Helsel : When England isn't your city

Bugsy Films : When you relize that next year will be the 10th anniversary of this video

N.I.B : This meme never gets old.

Matt Sproule : When you're watching your girlfriend strip for you and your parents walk in.

wodbb : When i see new memes

O O F : Did someone say... CHEESECAKE??!

DomesticNinoy : Back then when memes were great

roberto2k1 : First! (I'm using Internet Explorer, I hope it sends it quickly)

Sean Conrad : This was a meme before we even had memes. Real old school shit right here!

FarmYard Gaming : When Trump won

Laura Da boss : That moment when.... you know what no just no I quit I am not doing this anymore.

kawai wierdo : when ur doing a musical.ly and someone came in..

The Tusken Gentleman : And so internet memes were born.

1 C H 1 G 0 : When you see diamond in minecraft for the first time

Λfluxity : When you text someone and you see "read"

Qwerty poop : No human on earth watched this once😂😂


Marcus Wilson : Who's here because of the Wahlberg AT&T commercial?

N dela Paz : Hitler's reaction to his gas bill.

FarmYard Gaming : When you lose to Magikarp

Barbooloona : When too many people make when you jokes

voltagebinary : when it's not a fart

weakestlink20 : When you trying to get the field goal against the Minnesota Golden Gophers

Mr. Heracross : damn what did that chipmunk saw

XXX_Vinnie_Paul_XXX : When You Almost Step On A Lego, When Your Playing Five nights in anime and suddenly your dad walks in, When You Realize You Missed A Limited Time Event For Rewards

Eric faucher : I love Skyrim

oscar rocks 2 : When someone touches your spaghet

-Sanders-The-Big-Tender-Engine- : When you hear a knock on the door, and It's the cops.

DH : Ten years now!!!!

Kon : when you nut but realise the condom broke

Aarush Hecox : When you hear footsteps while jerking off....