Cintia Dicker Up Close - 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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Debabrata Chatterjee : She is AMAZING <3 <3   Absolutely Beautiful!!!! <3 <3 <3

Soundgardenunknown : Absolutely beautiful

boil thebunny : Dicker? Don't mind if I do.

RedHunter : Awesome god bless Brazil!!

Default Noob : Prettiest girl ever

andge1001 : So beautiful.

Joe Morello : The SI photographer and Cintia Dicker work extremely well together, nice video. : )

Jim Boags : Instant boner :)

Roshi the Sayian : Sexy

amjad sajan : Amjid sajan

MO23 : WOW!!

adrianfrodo : She is absolutely stunning. I love her style. Gorgeous! One of a kind. Kisses from the Eviterna Models team in Colombia!

Daniel Henriquez : Me caso ¿Dónde firmo? ;-)

omar lucero : wow she's pretty

Gian Ita : mamma mia!......MAMMA MIAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Black & White : Why shes is not a VS angel?

Balls69Mcgee : I want me a redhead. Were do buy LOL.

Sasha Ming Live : where is it?!?

Lord Nifty : MARRY ME

brendan007 : fuckin tattoos