Lemon powered Supercar- WORLD'S LARGEST Lemon Battery

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Mark Rober : This video is really 3 videos for the price of one. UPDATE: They SMASHED the course record by 15 seconds (new record- 7 mins 57 seconds)!! I’m gonna go ahead and take most of the credit.

Comely : *You must be that one relative that every child loves.*

Dirt : When life gives you lemons, Make a huge battery to power an electric supercar

Pepelajuandeag 1 : Just slapped a nuclear reactor on the back 😀😀

Ben Jones : 1980s: there will be flying cars in the future!!! 2018: Lemon batteries

CrypticAvenger 84 : *This is the most expensive glass of lemonade you’ll ever have* *Throws half the glass away*

Uriah Siner : Just causally had 24 solar panels layin around? Lol

DarkLight052 : So...50% of this video was science, the other 50% was child labor...jk... love your vids man xd

CreeperTheKing Creeper : You know Wen life gives you lemons Dont make lemonade! Make combustion lemons

gamingnerdsio : Vsauce made an approximation of how many lemons you need to power a halogen light bulb, and it happens to be 37,000 lemons

blak47100 : Next video- add up all the electricity your viewers are using to watch this video. My pc uses about 500w and 500w x 12mins(0.2hrs) is 100watt hours, so I just spent 100watt hours to watch this video. Just 10 views is enough to power that zip line several times. You have about 4m views on this so that’s 300 megawatt hours(considering mobile users)That’s equivalent to 1200, 60,000,000lb deadlifts.

Becca iskwl : every video I watch from this channel is always sooooooo worth the wait. I love the feel good aspects to the videos as much as the science. love this channel so much

heh hehe : So he charged the battery with childrens fun, is that what happened ?

Mercedes Rivas : Your neighbours must think you are really weird

c s : You guys are more creative than a 2nd grader

Erika Feria : When life gives you lemons.... you can do so much lik power a supercar :)

Germs JB : Why not just get one GIANT lemon

Josh Vinasco : All of those lemons made my mouth feel sour...

Juan Mogoginta : at 10:38 what kind of pen or technology do the kids use for drawing?

Carmyツ : Spot the biggest lemon

XxLex Reality : When life give you lemonzz🤣

Sam Douglas : Bring my man William Osman back for some more. You two are my two absolute favourite youtubers. I'd love to see you two make more content together. You for the science and explaining of things, then William for comedy and enjoyment

Ventrishero : Plz do zipline tutorial!

Vili Rajala : When life gives you Lemons

Fabricio sensi : How does the battery drive it's self? I clearly saw him use the joystick to move that battery around

Liamtronix : There's a spelling error in your cross-stitching at 7:49!

Ethan Quinn : What do u mean “faster than a formula one car” cause if u mean in a straight line that is irrelevant to the actual course (having been there before) and if ur talking as an overall race car, there is no way it is faster than a modern one. What track record does it have at a formula 1 track? If I’m actually wrong pls correct me. It would be really neat tho if an f1 car raced in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb though because I can imagine it would crush any other car.

フライドラゴン : Call FBI he is using kids for work

Shahzadmirza Mirza : From 3:26 to 3:49 if you look at the lemons in the background they are moving slowly.

Eight Thoughts : Seems Mr Beast got beat to the punch.

William Moran : You name isn’t mark Robert...that’s fake...your name is MARK MONTAGE...I FIGURED YOU OUT Ok I’ll stop XD

Apollyon365 : When life gives you lemons... You make the WORLDS LARGEST LEMON BATTERY

MR SKULL : The government will kill you if you try this again lol like if you get this joke

Epicgamer10191817 XD : I can outsmart you I will trick you Read more

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : SO much work for one video, well done, Mark!

Jad_426 : Wow did you just assume the class of those lemons? Second class?

William Moran : When life gives you lemons...call them yellow oranges and sell them for double the price


Moosey : When life gives you lemons power one of the fastest supercars in the world. Dang it that joke has been made!

TechBuilder : How about use 10000 hamsters and 10000 hamsterwheels, each hooked to a power generating servo generator? You could make a new world record out of it!

Daniel Ferreira : What is soccer?

DEMONSLAYER 1177 : When life gives you lemons *power a zipline*

OMAR : I thought it was GTA V 😐😅

TheSavageProdigy : When life gives you lemons...

ElementalMaker : When life give you lemons... Make a massive battery!

Pashka Rukodaynyy : When life gives you lemons you power a supercar. Wait what

The average joe : When life gives you lemons make a charger for a formula e car... Makes sense to me.

Emon Ebteshamul haque : Make a solar penal

jacob shor : How does the device that brings the zip line back up work? Wouldn’t that be wasting the energy gained from the kinetic from the zip line?

DarkPlayer : When life gives you 1232 lemons, make lemonade... Then force kids to drink it to power your regenerative breaking zipline.