Quitting - Bored Ep 96 - VLDL (Handing in your resignation)

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TheLostUnicorn : Rowan be like ''nat trayin to ba a deck but its aaa no''

Sir Quacksworth : Was really upset for a second thinking Adam was leaving the series, but glad to see Rowan is himself and won't allow it.

bo cephus : "Hit the sponsor button" Oh.... wow, yeah...... no sorry we really can't afford that at this time so our answer is no.... ok? "Wow I thought this worked differently...." Yeah, nope. "See my family member is sick and $5 would help because I just quit my regular job in order to pursue this so now I need the sponser" Oh... yeah... here let me see that. *looks at a piece of paper requesting the sponsor* *Starts tearing the piece of paper 6 times* Here....here you go *delicately places the piece of paper back into your hands* *you continue to stare off into space both befuddled and down trodden* So are you still able to make tht video sometime with in the next month? *as you snap out of your hellish nightmare of an existence you look at me with both disdain and bewilderment* "Yeah" Cool thanks. *You walk away out of my office holding your request for the sponsor that has been torn asunder, wondering how anyone could be so cheap and greedy. Almost thinking to yourself ""what an asshole"".*

POOLSHARK88 : My mum's dickie back 😆 I died when rowan started counting the paper tears. "That's a No" This channel is an absolute gem. Well done guys keep it up.

Harish Ramesh : Bring back the white shirt, Rowan has harassed his employees enough.😈

Philipp : No one ever will try a resignation after seeing this video.

Ghlain : Not a good day for quitin aint it? huh hyaah!

Domino : Is Adam wearing Pajama pants?

pulsesscanner : What would happen if I turned off notifications?

Createmyintro : The camera should panned outside to find the rest of the team lining up with there letters. xD

Katie Matthews : Wow, Rowan is such a deck.

RivalHelicopter : What sponsor button?

NeatNit : Well there's no Sponsor button here so I just pledged on Patreon.

Gabriel Hodossy : Where is the fun? In eastern Europe, this is the reality. (if you dont have enough courage)

Hengeyokai_Zer0 : That’s a NO, Adam. How dare you try to leave 😂

2veki : There's no sponsor button here... Maybe it's because I'am using older version of youtube, or it isn't worldwide.

1R1SHMAN69 : Early comment but not first because chrome gave me a notification twenty minutes late? #notificationsquid anyway

Aragon 97 : I can't see any button...?

Blue Bacon : there is no sponsor button for me i live in Norway but i support you on patreon! :)

Ilo Moura : Been there 3 year ago! lol me like "You don´t understand... I´m not comming anymore!" and my boss was like "ok... But you have to do double shifts next month to complete your hours!" lol

masz przejebane nie masz przegwizdane : PUBG

stunt chicken : hit the sponsor button, na, that's a no.

TheGamesKing : Adam! You can just leave!

Kuro Yuki : Well I guess that's one way to solve a problem

nyetro90999 : K

The Blaziken : What happens if Adam doesnt turn up for work? Does he get fired?

WASDxMerceless : Lol Rowan is hilarious

Bobbydog66 : Oh poor adam, he'll never have the heart to truly stand up to rowan. It's the only way he'll truly be free. Or he could just run away with flipping the bird while telling rowan he sucks, that usually seems to work around there.

Semih Küçuk : the notification came. I am waiting for a translation. Add a Turkish translation. I follow you

TheGoodFella : hmm i dont see that sponsership button....wtf toutube

Sprinkles : just stop coming to work, i mean what are they gonna do fire ya?

Lernova Shaemoor : Adam you can't go running off like that. You're not a manager.

LittleDreamerMikee : dat ass tho 2:29

ChosenDeath : That's a no

Rayna Ramsay : LOL my boss said this when i resigned... I was like "uh what?"

cheeftnx97 : Adam needs a big ol' hug. Then he needs to stock those shelves because they aren't going to stock themselves.

serendipity 127 : The sad thing is some bosses think that's how it works...

Emanuel Ghimpu : Episode 100 is not to far!!!!Greetings from Romania!

Troy Bates : I legitimately tried to Sponser and it kept giving me an error....

Apothecary John : That's what girls say to me when I ask for sex

Mint DCUO : Bring back the white shirt Alan

Ynobe : Sponsorship Button. To all who can't see it, then try using Chrome. I use Waterfox 64bit (Firefox variant) and the button does NOT show. I can cut and paste the URL into Chrome and the sponsor button appears. So that may help a few people that have the issue. I haven't done a web search on the issue, who knows, there may be a web browser fix for this.

Mira Rift : his poor mum...

Ralph Tobias : once you go in you'll never get out. ooh the horror

Lucy : Someone's prowlin around ere!

TacSav253 : For once... for the first time ever... I found myself greatly relieved by Rowan's decision making. Thank God Rowan is in charge!!

Aurora NesQuik : If he resigned I would resign from life

ITR : Wait, but what would happen if he just didn't go to work though? Would he just still get paid since he's not allowed to quit?

Andrae S : I know Adam had a valid reason and Rowan's a deck but I'm glad he didn't accept the resignation. XD P.S. Adam should really get an Oscar for best puppy sad face ever!!!!

Spencer Morse : The irony of Ron fake-typing on the macOS login screen, at 0:04 -- knowing how much they all hate Macs...