German ALDI vs US ALDI

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Comments from Youtube

Michael : Deutsche Küche...or "How to perpetuate old German stereotypes" What the hell is a Beer Bratwurst? As a German I can´t stop laughing. Kelly, great channel!

Quality Design Apparel : Wow even the floor tiles are the same! ... but its not true that aldi in germany is paying less to their employees. Aldi employees are actually earning a decent salary.

MrSkyl1ne : If that is what cheap means for US standards then.... damn.... even a premium grocery store in the netherlands is less expensive than this. The Aldi here is even cheaper than that.

Mailin Schmid : Seeing what Americans think is a "fresh bread section" is sad

Plastik Mama : Selbst die Einkaufswagen sind vom gleichen Hersteller wie bei uns. 😅

Margaret Gardner : Hi!!! I work for Aldi in Ohio and I love it. Been shopping there for many many years, employed for 6. I definitely prefer this German business model. Gotta love those smart, practical Germans :)

Elisa Laniakea : Don't forgeht that Aldi is a Discounter (that's the reason why it's very cheap). Other supermarkets in Germany don't use so many cardboard-boxes to display the food.

fjellyo32 : Actually you can pay with credit card at Aldi nowadays.

DerTolleIgel : "These are my boyfriends favourite!" *puts it back*

KptBlaubaer70 : Aldi was always known for ultra-fast cashiers. Before barcode scanner systems, the cashier had to remember each price of every item and type it into the cash machine manually. And Aldi cashiers were so fast at it, i would even go so far to say, they typed in the price even faster than this cashier here. Aldi was always famous for that and probably will ever be. In total, it's called efficiency. German efficiency. Also, placing the whole cardboard box into the shelf, you know, the cardboard box for groceries is mostly called display box, because reasons. Except for the boxes in the vegetables section. But unpacking all the stuff costs time, and time is money. Save the time, people will buy it anyways, with the additional opportunity to lower the price. If you want someone to hand it over to you with a fake smile while having a smalltalk and your ass kissed, sure, but nothing's for free

CimbaMuzics : "this is like my boyfriends favourite" *puts it back into the shelf* he's not getting it lol :P

Sascha Powalowski : Spargel means serious business in Germany.

thommylicious : I never saw "Muesli Bars Salted Bretzel" anywhere in Germany but I would love to!

Doku FREENET : You can make it easier to say Küche, if you say it like Küsche, that sounds good

Daniel Luster : I haven't shopped at ALDI in ages! :-)

wacky val : you do know red bull is from austria?

ghostwriter71 : Amazing to see they use even the same font on the price tag in the U.S.

xttg h : They even have the same type of ugly floor tiles in the US Aldi... Interesting.

Sabrina Andrade : There are about 4-5 barcodes on each ALDI product so they can scan it faster at checkout. 🤔

MetalGuitarManiac : normally we have half liter bottles AND 1,5 liter bottles of water here :)

Funny Farmer : Wow 99 degrees temperature.. I have no idea is that hot or cool?

Rox Girl : The REWE here in Germany sells alot of Monster and Red Bull and other Energy Drinks too!

Opacor : I have to comment on the German word "Küche": "Küche" usually means "kitchen" but not in the context presented in the video. "Deutsche Küche" means "German cuisine" or "German cooking" because "Küche" can mean the room in the house but it can also mean the style in which food is prepared. Ich a German says "Das Restaurant hat eine gute Küche" this also usually means that the food is good, not the cooking equipment.

Rox Girl : Here's an "Aldi in Germany" update: They changed that with the not being able to use the Credit Card to being to able to use one, at least at the ones that I usually go to that have the "Aldi Süd" printed on the Sign, instead of the ones that have "Aldi Nord" printed on the Sign , here in Germany!

Mentos Freshmaker : That yellow floor tho, it seems to be in every Aldi around the world XD

King : i got a question (i know the vid is older but i can try ^^) why u got 1 litre monster energy cans but only 0.5 litre water bottles in the us ? :D

Doku FREENET : Redbull muss sein^^

J Groenveld : As a Dutchman - one thing the Germans have over us is their wonderful bread culture they have there.

airlag : even in Germany the cashiers of Aldi are known to be the fastest. That results in them being faster than customers being able to put the wares back in the cart. German cashiers don't pot the wares in your cart. Thats the customers job ;) The "deutsche küche" products are special made for the US, I think. Never seen them here in Germany. More important are the things not specially labeled, like cheese :)

Michaela Albrecht : But lately German ALDIs are much fancier than before. And the vegetables are displayed more beautiful than in the U.S. And of course here is Organic Food available.

Cilantro : German grocery stores are NOT like Aldi either. PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE YOUR American audience into believing, Germans display everything in plain boxes in their supermarkets. it's JUST AT ALDI and maybe LIDL! :)

MG : The German Aldis accept credit cards.

Gero Lindenberg : Nice comparison, but I have a few corrections. In Germany, normal supermarkets don't leave the items in the shipping crate, only the discounters do this. Aldi accepts credit cards, though they started this only recently. While they employ fewer people than a regular supermarket, they pay better wages (at least in Germany). Anyway, I do love these comparisons from an Americans point of view, keep up the good work!

Giuseppe Lo Presti : Aldi stands for "Albrecht dikont" (discount) , founded by two brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht.

Steel Castle : Aldi's in Germany are much bigger and have many more products than the ones in the US. Still like going to the ones in the US though.

catchyenxon : I´m German and I moved from Saarland (a German state) to Mainz three and a half years ago. I was probably as shocked as you were by the speed the cashiers are working. In my old state you could easily pack your things while talking to the cashier and pay AFTERWARDS, but in Mainz, it´s... a different story. Maybe it´s just that specific city? :D I actually had to develop a elaborate technique to being able to handle packing my things, maybe talking and paying AT THE SAME TIME. (And I´m really proud of my technique, but the tempo still stresses me out :D)

Holle HOll : Actually, Aldi is changing their strategy, allowing more "brand"-products to come in, declining the "no-name" products. Even the appearence of the stores change now. BTW, in the US, you´ll have "Aldi South" for the two founder brothers devided their business into two halves decades ago...

TremereTT : Spargel season is totally stupid....I hated the parents forced "healthy" asparagus on healthy as sauce hollandaise can get...

LelouchLamperouge235 : At the very least some Aldi Nord branches definitely accept credit cards ... I have paid by card both in Dresden and in Zittau.

Markus Kummer : Just 2 things: First, "Schnitzel" is not from Germany, it's from Austria. Second, Discounters actually pay their (fewer) employees above average salaries due to the working conditions, or else probably not a lot of people would want to work for them

Harrison Levin : Jesus, I litterly live in Philadelphia 5 minutes from aldi, and there prices were much less then yours. Usually the eggs are $0.35-$0.65 for a dozen! And the gallon of milk is usually $1.20

MasterofGigs : I have never had a problem paying with credit card at a German Aldi

bizhat : 'pork Schnitzel' --- ask any German what they think of this heresy, u should get fun answers :D

Goddess Divine : No wonder I see all these German products at my local aldi lol their chocolates and pastries though 👍🏼

Marie H : About the eggs. It might be about Salmonella. In Norway we don't have salmonella in our eggs, and they do last for several weeks in room temperature. It doesn't make sense that there is a protective film on them that you wash off. They wash our eggs to...

Anto theja : Yeah no, we dont have all those energy drinks at Aldi (Germany). Why dont you speak any German?

G Scott : Aldi's in the US also vary from area to area. In the Midwest and South (NW Arkansas) few products with German Company Logos. They may be nothing more than relabled but nonetheless they look different. Also Eggs here in our area have commonly been below $1.00/dozen in the past 18 - 24 months (2017-2018) As well as milk well under $2.00/gallon. So prices vary from area to area but ARE always excellent at Aldi's. Nice that occasionally a German delight (Something common to Germany - will show up on the shelves in the US Aldi's) Our area of Arkansas is the Home Territory of Walmart (Walmart Headquarters is less than 5 miles from our favorite Aldi's) So I imagine some of this may be 'in-your-face' to Walmart but whatever the reason we love Aldi's Fruit and Vegetable prices will vary a great deal. If you and your boyfriend were in California, those peppers would be a lot less expensive. Finally don't forget that "Trader Joe's" is an off-shoot of Aldi's - Trader Joe's is owned by the brother of the Aldi's Owner. They saw the stores future differently and went their separate ways.

Senecio Entertainment - NO SUPPORT : Aldi Australia <3

HappyHandyLife : Aldi is my jam! I try not to shop anywhere else. It has great prices and much better quality food than other places in my opinion