Ancient Organics Discovered on Mars

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Mayur Valvi : Curiosity must be lonely :(

Jeff Vader : If only you guys had the military's budget, we'd have submarines on Titan by now :(

JesusChristVEVO : I wish Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking were still alive.

Nihilistic Ketchup : HOW IS THIS NOT TRENDING!?!?!?

trespire : With all these rovers on Mars, it's time to open a tire shop.

Thanos Car : We’re going to find aliens bois

Močnik Royale : I am so proud of NASA! Congratulations!

MattHumanPizza : Amazing

Struuf : Fermi paradox ladies and gentleman. If actual life existed on Mars then well, great filter is still before us

DEEKSHANT SINGH : One step closer...

Richard Wu : Fantastic! Excited about uncovering more secrets about mars. I wonder what we'll find if we dig deeper into the surface and look more stuff underground.

Panimioul : It's carbon based molecules day my dudes !

antsolja : cant believe its been a whole 6 years

Attention Kday Shoppers : YEESSSSSSS

pandalover123445 : I ❤️ NASA

Gui-Texzan : Over 2100 days of continuous service without a system reboot or battery charge? 350 million miles from home and none of Mars’ peaks/valleys or dust storms have caused Curiosity to lose communication? Amazing!

Omer Magen : That's awesome! I'm so excited for Mars 2020! One question I think a lot about; Suppose we do find life on Mars, what effects will this have on our society? I guess it would not be as terrifying as finding actual intelligent terrestrial life, but it still raises some deep philosophical questions. Anyway, exploration a basic human instinct and, you all at Nasa are helping fulfill this need. Thank you very much :)

apple user 184,285,789 : Well this changes everything

Air Science : Wow !!!


Beni Wörner : NASA is cool

Mert’in Videoları : I'm excited with this news!

That one dude who posts stuff : If this isn't on trending I'mma flip

ronzi sur : I didn't understand a word

HYPHEN 2003 : Damn these aliens

mailon luis : Fake

Titas Vaitekūnas : Is Mars flat?

Matt Smith : NASA= Never A Straight Answer. Why are you hiding the fact evidence that an ancient civilisation is scattered around all over the surface of Mars?

Piss Trooper : Inb4 the NASA conspiracy theorists flood the comment section

BlackSpargel : wow

Conor Zoebelein : So the initial assumption is that their high vaporization point suggests they may come from heavier carbon compounds which may be from once living organic matter. Is there anyway to take samples differently with Curiosity or interpret these samples to move past this assumption?

Tim g star Mills tech : Seems like bs to me .. years later you tell us you might have found organics. LOL you know dam we'll there was life on Mars that's why you're their

Gem Hall : Liar liar pants on fire !!!!!

DAMAGE INC. : NASA knows there is life EVERYWHERE in the Universe...this is a sad pathetic song and dance distraction...they will all be tried for crimes against humanity for suppressing the truth !!!

Kingdom of Hush : Oh please, Viking found bacteria.

dsw3131 : Mark my words nothing will come of this discovery

Ben Hakak : First solve the problems on this planet before u move on to others......

Maikito G : So they pretty much already found life on Mars but are slowly revealing to the world

Seth Christie : amazing

TruthMyster : NASA ........ Lost the moon landing data ...... WTF ???

FlareHomeStudio - David : Aw yis!

WorisonTV : When NASA going to find the Aliens our friends in the galaxy :D I can't wait for that moment...

Barbie Barbie : Mars is a mysterious planet.......

crownofall : I guess this is what u post if u have nothing to say.

xApemanx : are you trying to say there's oil on Mars?

Rene D : Manned mars base when?

Kase_one 1 : Lies

Muhammed Güven : bu ne amk

Master of the Universe : Good job Curiosity! Wo-Hoo!

Muhammet Fatih Mutlu : Waov , alien is coming...