Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series

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PewDiePie : Mat, I like you too, but you somehow missed my points here. I don't doubt that your theory is correct, in fact I know its not impossible. Yes, you can benefit from moving country. But what I said in my video was that my channel didn't. At least not in the way you describe. 1. I was never featured in Italy (they mostly didn't feature english speaking channels) here's an example of the frontpage of italy: during that time. 2. I was suppressed in Sweden (from american channels people abusing the system). So me admitting that its possible for people to cheat the system =/ me admitting that it happened to me. 3. When I moved to UK my channel had already grown big. Now, obviously I cant prove what the effects would have been without me moving. But the reality is that people are still using your theory as fact. And seeing that you are defending it while ignoring these points is just disappointing.

LiNX 4 : I guess PewDiePie only has one choice... He needs to move to India

CobreoToons C.O.T : *Plot twist pewdiepie runs T-serires*_

Arrigator16 : If India can create such a huge stir in the way the Internet works, imagine if China got rid of their internet restrictions.

MopasX3 : Any Indians reading this please know we are not at all against YOU but actually against COMPANYS who take over places like YouTube that were originally made for freelance INDIVIDUALS. Sadly people associated this "fight" as it is between the COUNTRYS but that's completely WRONG. [btw im speaking for myself and anyone agreeing- I'd really appreciate it]

Blueberry : Jake: 5 mil in 6 months. Meghan Trainor: 8 mil in one day.

Check My Playlist : Mr. YouTube, I don't feel so good -PewDiePie

Extra Punjabi : when t-series defeats pewd's, most people in India wont even know this is a thing.

Ashwin Solanki : I am an Indian but i haven't subscribed to T Series even i don't watch their videos. I am a big time fan of Pewds and i like his content. T series has paid subscription on their channel and pewds had gain subscribers with his hard work. Pewds is like a one man army and on the other hand T-Series is a big production company. So now you can guess who is more talented. Bro fist 😎👊

Xavier Lian : Youtube rewind 2018: T-series Invasion

INDRANIL HALDAR : I think it is not wise to compare PewDiePie to tseries because both are radically different channels. While PewDiePie is a creator in the true sense and produces his own videos, T Series is a whole music company that has the rights to upload Bollywood music videos (which cost thousands of dollars and a diverse team to produce). You could compare T series to music channels to popular western music channels, but other music channels are nowhere near T series.

DavidVsNorm : If everyone that's subscribed to Pewdiepie made just one more account we'd destroy T-series.

Ashish Mahla : Well there is always a bigger fish in the ocean. For Smosh it was Pewd, for Pewd its T-Series. Its just a Game of Thrones, none is there forever. Deal with it!

Vince Craft : Game theory is a closer to a company then a solo channel

NemesisAsh : At this time, Pewds is still #1. (10/10/18)

Vishal Maraj : Microsoft CEO and Google's CEO and Master cards CEO is INDIAN.

The Game Theorists : There's actually a theory going around that new Middle Eastern YouTube accounts are "auto-subbed" to T-Series. So you know, we tested this out with a few different accounts (new/old, from different parts of the world, etc.) and couldn't make it happen reliably enough to list it as a cause. It's something YouTube HAS done in the past, but in this case, there just wasn't enough hard evidence.

SuperSpider Gamer : It is sad to see our king being dethroned by almost 50 channels(half of them probably using bots)

The legend : aight ima be honest with you i never watched a single PewDiePie video at the time of writing this, and i remember a time when i actively dodged his videos, and even hated that they even came in my recommended but to be honest, i think i was just a bit misinformed about his content and i think i'm going to watch his videos after writing this, but even if everything i thought was correct and his videos are utter trash, i would rather he still be the no.1 channel on youtube than some bot-fed payed-for indian channel that doesn't even make good content and only lives of of shitty johny johny videos. rage comment over but really though, bring back PewDiePie, everyone time to make some alts i mean it's not cheating if who you're beating is cheating more than you right? #PewDiePieOverTSeries

Le'Niya Harris : Plot twist Felix is the manager of T-Series

POWERFULL BEAST : so is YouTube rewind gonna be just logos of company's moving or what?

Military Update : The king never dies

Vengaboys Museum of Antiques : In simplest terms, YouTube is rigged!

The Hølder : My question is... I thought google owned facebook. Wtf is wrong with me

TheLeadZombie : T-series bots subs and are cheating, yt should shut down tseries

OmegaGamingNetwork : I'm going to be honest..I never liked pewdiepie. I have no idea how he got so big, but whatever. That said, I think the whole "controversy" surrounding him was just contrived thin skinned nonsense.

Jintian Meng : I didn’t even know T series until this video...

Vishal Maraj : i'm going to sub to t series just to piss of the racists and people who don't want indians to make money or content indian/pakistani/bangladeshi/nepali ect.

Harsharn Kaur : Never realized T-series was this big.lolol. I have sort of been listening to shitty Punjabi music by T-series since childhood.

toychica _rocks : T series sub's are bots. Solved

Tanveer Shahi : The hatred and racism towards us is now unreal. I don't understand.

Daniel Sambar : We can’t win... their sub bots... *are just too powerful...*

Dark Shamil Khan : I am a Pakistani and I like tseries music

IZeJwe : I think T series is ruining youtube

Jedd : What the frick even is a "T Series"

Autsin Kampoosh : Pewdiepie has more subs now

Oliver Kirkland : At this point you should just make another channel, "The YouTube Theorists"

Daniel Stevens : MatPat please do a theory video on the game Dead By Daylight. I’ve been a big fan of yours for many years now and have been trying to get my head around the lore of this game but it’s pretty layered and complex and feel you would be great at analysing it. Plus, your channel has a good history of unpacking horror games (FNAF, Bendy etc) so I think the fans would really enjoy it. You probably won’t see this anyway, but still, I really think this game would make an awesome theory.

adarsh sharma : Wow so much hate for the Indians just because of a music channel...well you guys were not against any other music channels which had more subs than most of the youtubers...and it could have been pew vs tseries but that dissin tseries video was more like lets insult Indians...

hemann jatia : I am an Indian and it is sad to see that few of the companies I love are monetizing us as a country and are monetizing Indian channels as opposed to western ones just to make it appealing to us I think that this is really unfair and hopefully my nation will fight back. I am all about appreciating the hard work and hopefully google's CEO (Indian btw) starts treating our country as equals.

Indian Tech Support : Ello!! My name is Gupta, how may I help you today?

ZeN : I don't agree with T series being the most subscribed YouTube channel. T Series doesn't deserve it. Even though T Series is helping YouTube make a lot of money, it's not what YouTube was originally about. YouTube gave the idea that any independent person could become big. Pewdiepie is one of those examples and YouTube is where it is today because of people like Pewdiepie. It's called *You* Tube for a reason; YouTube was built for the people and by the people.

Casual Red : I'll still forever be a pewdiepie supporter

robin rawat : Google Microsoft Adobe all CEOs are indians that's it

Panda Brawn : A week later and pewdiepie still going strong.... But Idk what will happen

Driftrrz : Indian vevo vs swedish man. Yup definitely fair

Wyan : it IS sad, that solo channels will never be very high up anymore, but I knew it would come eventually

Jenn Phillips : I know that even though felix won't be the number one youtuber anymore and he will still hold a special place in everyone's heart it will feel weird with a different number one youtuber I guess:/

Parry Hotter : One question, Why is it named T-series?

Girlovescookies : Am I the only one that never knew that T series existed? Like seriously, I never knew it existed or Logan Paul :/