Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series

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PewDiePie : Mat, I like you too, but you somehow missed my points here. I don't doubt that your theory is correct, in fact I know its not impossible. Yes, you can benefit from moving country. But what I said in my video was that my channel didn't. At least not in the way you describe. 1. I was never featured in Italy (they mostly didn't feature english speaking channels) here's an example of the frontpage of italy: during that time. 2. I was suppressed in Sweden (from american channels people abusing the system). So me admitting that its possible for people to cheat the system =/ me admitting that it happened to me. 3. When I moved to UK my channel had already grown big. Now, obviously I cant prove what the effects would have been without me moving. But the reality is that people are still using your theory as fact. And seeing that you are defending it while ignoring these points is just disappointing.

LiNX 4 : I guess PewDiePie only has one choice... He needs to move to India

Sidonex 5176 : Sooooooooo, its 2 months now since this video released and pewds is still no.1 Take an L, Matt

TvFun #TvArmy :p : first mr.beast saved us.... now markiplier jumped in to save us yet again.... mat pat.... are you ready? to DO YOUR PART

Daryl Brooks : Matpat you forgot a certain someone "Mr.Beast"

Champion Z : It’s been exactly two months since this came out and Pewds is still on top by about 100k subs. PRAISE MRBEAST

DavidVsNorm : If everyone that's subscribed to Pewdiepie made just one more account we'd destroy T-series.

Ellie Teta : PewDiePie: please no T-series : YES PLEASE! *mr.beast joined the chat* T-series: haha I’m kidding wait my phone about to die *T-series left the chat*

Connor Payne : 12/3/18. Pewdiepie remains in power thanks to Markiplier Jacksepticeye, Mr. Beast, and more. We can win.

Aidan Duncan : This vid is such fake news. Pewdiepie never lost to T Series

YTK Bowser : Funny how this video was posted well over 2 months ago and PewDiePie still leads by nearly 700k...

The Game Theorists : There's actually a theory going around that new Middle Eastern YouTube accounts are "auto-subbed" to T-Series. So you know, we tested this out with a few different accounts (new/old, from different parts of the world, etc.) and couldn't make it happen reliably enough to list it as a cause. It's something YouTube HAS done in the past, but in this case, there just wasn't enough hard evidence.

The Purple Potato : The one thing your theory didn’t account for was the overwhelming community support to keep Felix #1.

Andy Dagamer : PewDiePie represents single content creators that actually care about their followers and acknowledge their existence and make YouTube videos as a passion rather than for money. T-Series represents Huge companies that don't even know who their followers are let alone care about their followers and only make YouTube videos for money rather than as a passion

Isaac Names : Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Long live PewDiePie.

what _ : So... Youtube prefers money rather than memes?

Check My Playlist : Mr. YouTube, I don't feel so good -PewDiePie

Sydney 1410 : *Mr Beast has joined the chat* *Markiplier has joined the chat*

Onyx Hurtz : i must been sleeping under a rock because i never heard of them :/

jay smith : just a reminder -it has been 71 days since you said he lost the number 1 spot to t-series which he still hasn't. -also you said t-series is gaining 100,000 subscribers in a day as if that's very impressive, and yet since the last month Pewdiepie's been gaining 150,000 subs per day on average, yesterday (Dec. 2nd) he gained +544,324 so yea, i'm looking forward for you to make another video and include those facts. unless you know, you don't care about facts.

RickWithCK : September: Final few weeks December: still number one Yall dumb

Daniel Sambar : We can’t win... their sub bots... *are just too powerful...*

Max888 : Anyone watching 2 months later

Tyler Carpenter : “And they’ll probably pass him within a few weeks of me uploading this” 2 months pass since this quote and the king still reigns

Thanakrit Paisal : 2:13 The final few weeks is 2 months now.


Military Update : The king never dies

Crimson Midnight : The next channel that will surpass the T-series is gonna be from China

Codeish : 13:02 Imagine if the EU suddenly decided to ban copyrighted materials and in the process, YouTube would be screwed over. Funny scenario, right?

Akward : t-series is a damn company, just like YouTube's channels. They don't count, he is the most famous YOUTUBER

hoodila animation : came to this video to unlike it. no offence because......... you earned a viewer

Oliver Kirkland : At this point you should just make another channel, "The YouTube Theorists"

Pokemon Doge : Over two months later and he's pulling off a 470k lead 👊👊👊👊👊

ThunderBird 666 : Almost 3 months........ Pewds is still number 1....... Your estimation is wrong lolololololol..... (Jk.dont take this seriously😉)

Adolf Hitler : Last week the gap was 400k, but the next week the gap increases to 700k Guess pewdiepie is starting to win thanks to those who did everything they can to keep him number #1, whereas T Series doesnt have anyone who supported them as much as pewdiepie has

TheLordrain12 : Thats where u wrong kiddo pewds has real fans with many diffrent culture and religion including india so the other youtubers influence thier own subscribers to sub pewds cuz yknow T-series is more company than a youtuber which means if T-series rule youtube we will say goodbye to all those meme's Gameplay's original content all those good stuff

ZeN : I don't agree with T series being the most subscribed YouTube channel. T Series doesn't deserve it. Even though T Series is helping YouTube make a lot of money, it's not what YouTube was originally about. YouTube gave the idea that any independent person could become big. Pewdiepie is one of those examples and YouTube is where it is today because of people like Pewdiepie. It's called *You* Tube for a reason; YouTube was built for the people and by the people.

Tom _ : This video came out in September... It's now December and Pewdiepie is still #1

Oddittee : oh matpat, did you really think t-series would take over pewds so quickly?

geometry kuba : Pewdiepie Will win hoe got 200k in a day

Timmitny : He hasn't lost yet... Not yet...

Banana Nana : How to be successful on youtube: Learn how to speak and sing in hindi

Questionable Rager : Ding dong matpats theory was wrong Coz pends is still number one. I can’t rhyme so I don’t know why I tried. Yet pew die pie still prevails. Not so fast mat pat he may lose to t series but he is still #1 in our hearts ♥️

Ghady Baroud : Pewdz still on top! 450 000 difference and counting!

Da Kermit : He didnt lose boi

ViggleWiggle : Jokes on you, mat. 2 months later, pewds is still on top

Meme Lord : You've done Mark and now Felix. Now we need Jack.

ToniniSkillz : I feel like MatPat needs to learn his place. He’s really smart, but he’s going around casually asking the most subbed account to do a collab video with him. He’s egotistical, and that’s ok, but you gotta know where to draw the line man. I feel as if you’re trying to simply get any scraps from Pewdiepie as you can for more subs, but you gotta learn to be happy with what you have. Also, on an unrelated note, I feel like everyone needs to back off on Pewdiepie, for he shouldn’t have to put up with any of this as it is, and he especially shouldn’t be taken advantage of because of it.

C&C Engineer : Huh, it's been two months. I guess you were wrong again (color me surprised). Guess it doesn't take moving to pick up a couple mil. Subs eh?

Pengmaeda : 2 Months Later and the Fight is still going strong.