Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series

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PewDiePie : Mat, I like you too, but you somehow missed my points here. I don't doubt that your theory is correct, in fact I know its not impossible. Yes, you can benefit from moving country. But what I said in my video was that my channel didn't. At least not in the way you describe. 1. I was never featured in Italy (they mostly didn't feature english speaking channels) here's an example of the frontpage of italy: during that time. 2. I was suppressed in Sweden (from american channels people abusing the system). So me admitting that its possible for people to cheat the system =/ me admitting that it happened to me. 3. When I moved to UK my channel had already grown big. Now, obviously I cant prove what the effects would have been without me moving. But the reality is that people are still using your theory as fact. And seeing that you are defending it while ignoring these points is just disappointing.

LiNX 4 : I guess PewDiePie only has one choice... He needs to move to India

Chinky Boi : *boy were you wrong*

M43SUN 1889-1945 : This video didn’t age well.

MasterGenius : 5 months later and you are still wrong...

Darthsponge walker : Haha you got it wrong again Viva la PewDiePie Two weeks more like four months and still hasn't been passed

Military Update : The king never dies

Mazen Omar : It's 2019 and he's still the king

johnsupreme cuber : He is still the most subscribed youtubER T serise aint a youtubER

XDKX101 : Youtube changed when it was bought over by Google. The day they started adding snippets of tv shows that redirect you to paywalls (e.g. Red), hosting movies, even trailers of movies. Essentially letting big production companies get in the mix. The original devs of Youtube had that "Broadcast yourself" logo but Google removed it and when they did everybody realized what would happen. Look at channels like Disney, they have large sub counts but in the US where creators thrive too, its tougher competition. Tseries on the other hand is in a country that doesnt recognize its creators in the same way and just want to chill with the bollywood music essentially (something everybody knows there). Ive been a big fan of pewdiepie for years since I saw him playing happy wheels and amnesia. I think he should stop worrying about who the "youtube king" is and just focus on what he does best. Miss seeing him play horror games nowadays though, it was fun back then. He's also one of the most genuine guys on youtube who hadnt let the fame and drama change him as most others have on this level. Keeps a level head and feet on the ground. I wish him all the best, he deserves the support after massive battles with corporations, media and whoever else in between trying to smear his name.

Citokyne Studios : He pinned the comment because MatPat isn't afraid of facing the truth. If he is proven wrong he has the balls to accept it and show his viewers that it's important to think critically and accept criticism. Something most people, unfortunately, do nowadays is: 1 Argue aggressively without self-control or holding back and rage whether one is right or wrong and humiliate your opponent 2 Being proven wrong but being just as much of a dick as the first guy and continuing to be biased. MatPat does NONE of these two. He argues with the intent of exposing facts and information to formulate THEORIES. And when he's proven wrong he updates his theories.

DavidVsNorm : If everyone that's subscribed to Pewdiepie made just one more account we'd destroy T-series.

Vessy : THIS IS A THEORY NOT FACT! MatPats theory has made some valid points however this theory mostly focuses on Tseries, how they came to be and what they are doing to increase their subscribers. MatPat did not take into consideration the growth rate of Pewdiepie subscribers after the youtube community realized that he was on the brink of getting de-throne. The youtube community is fighting back you have no idea how many signs and posts Ive seen outside of youtube to subscribe to Pewdiepie, Ive been reminded to subscribe to pewdiepie at conventions, on different social media apps almost every day. MatPat if you ever read this post, make another theory but this time take into consideration Pewdiepies growth after word got out, Pewdiepie is still #1 ( yay) and its January 2019, if your theory was 100% correct Pewdiepie would have been de-throned by now , but hes not so that means there is another factor at play.

lance cedrick mundo : It's kinda sad that most people only came back here to this video just to say : "You were wrong!" Come on guys, *it's just a theory.*

Chris Leung : pewdiepie only has 1 choice... move to india

Bubba Haynes : We're still holding on 9 year olds #brofist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(smash like elon musk meme review

ZeN : I don't agree with T series being the most subscribed YouTube channel. T Series doesn't deserve it. Even though T Series is helping YouTube make a lot of money, it's not what YouTube was originally about. YouTube gave the idea that any independent person could become big. Pewdiepie is one of those examples and YouTube is where it is today because of people like Pewdiepie. It's called *You* Tube for a reason; YouTube was built for the people and by the people.

Brayden Perry : Sub gap is only growing matpat. I also have a idea for YouTube. It should create a sort of category system. So pretty much they separate big corporations and non single content creators into different “Sections” So pewds could be king of the single content creators and t series can be king of corporations.

Jason Saunders : In a couple of weeks - MatPat September 2018

Jacko Jew Jr R : Knew the 9y/o army would persevere!!! Mat pat is Indian confirmed

prisoner_tv : So music industry is alot like the mafia and and mcn are like the mafia i am seeing a pattern

The Game Theorists : There's actually a theory going around that new Middle Eastern YouTube accounts are "auto-subbed" to T-Series. So you know, we tested this out with a few different accounts (new/old, from different parts of the world, etc.) and couldn't make it happen reliably enough to list it as a cause. It's something YouTube HAS done in the past, but in this case, there just wasn't enough hard evidence.

Sam 999 : 4:58 *North Korea has joined the chat.*

Alex Pada : Mat,Pewdiepie vs T-Series is not a game's a WAR theory

Melon Gaming : It’s been half a year and he’s still fighting

Jack Morris : Hashtag MatPat was wrong

Daniel Sambar : We can’t win... their sub bots... *are just too powerful...*

Sonny Gangte : 3 weeks it's been 5 months *Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm* I highly doubt your theory

Sarai Ramos : Go pewdiepie the king of YouTube Forever a fan Forever loves memes

Padma Kapse : Who else is over here from India saying what this was happening.

IAMTHEONE : Oh how wrong you are

Jintian Meng : I didn’t even know T series until this video...

Molchanov Andrey : NOT DEAD YET !


How To Do Something : Pewdiepie is using 7% of Shaggy's power of course he cant be dethroned

TaloNZillA Barrett : "Only has a few more weeks as the top youtuber" 4 months later Still the top Ya sure about that

Check My Playlist : Mr. YouTube, I don't feel so good -PewDiePie

SauzeGodz12 : So also social media is going to be ruined by India.

theosw : Remember when YouTube got shut down for a little while? T-Series was still gaining subscribers during the shutdown

FireBg Hero : look at live sub count tvsp in the moment 10000 subs apart and T Series wins the battle but the war that never changes

Mint Toothpaste : It’s been 5 months and he hasn’t lost the crown yet......

Oliver Kirkland : At this point you should just make another channel, "The YouTube Theorists"


Mr Lkl : T-Series,YouTube thanos

raven lord : Sad that you didn't disclose that this video was sponsored by T-Series. Did they ask for their money back when it didn't work like you guys had intended?

Dawnfox : *that's how the mafia works*

Dat Phat Ripper : The fact that YouTube is giving in to companies like T series and other large companies is disgraceful. YouTube was and has always been meant to be about individual people not companies. YouTube was created for individuals to share their videos to other individuals. YouTube isn't meant for companies. That's simply not how it was ever intended for. We need to keep companies off of YouTube. That's the bottom line. T series is a company. They only care about money. They don't care about reaching and connecting with people. They want to corrupt the site and use it for their own gains and they don't care about anyone else. YouTube is going to change for the worst once T series takes over and we CANNOT go quietly. I certainly will not.

XIczy : no, its just that t series has a sub bot no wait not just 1 sub bot 1000000

Jennis Angel : Gap has been at 1 mil for a while but it’s down to 800k now

Anim8 ! : 18:16 Black Panther's secret channel