WTF is he doing?

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Gonçalo Moreira : releasing the frustation of being locked in his little garden for too long

moosedenied : Covering his head so he can imagine being in a bigger yard

tornado001p : need to exercise that doggo

Thekasher : He's being a dog, doing dog things.

KANEDA : what do you mean what is he doing, did you ever see a dog before?

Onkel Stevo : Poor dog is unchallenged and frustrated. Dogs need activity for brain and body. This dog gets not enough of both. He needs it several hours daily.

Skinny Sweaty Man : This video is categorized correctly.

Mayal javed : Big pappo 😂

Ruz : OMG a dog playing in the backyard with a bucket?! XD XDDDD SO RANDUM [EPIC] [WTF IS THIS DOGGO DOING] [TIDE PODS] [CRAZY CANINE]

Jacob Campbell : He's playing with a bucket

AnfarwolColo : Entertaining himself because you won't play with him!

igano : goooood boi...

Ben Merila : Being a dog.

Catseman : what kind of animal is that

JTE : Looks like a serious case of 'the raptus'.

Edward Kostreski : bad bucket keeps trying to run away

Ambitious Collective : He really showed that bucket who's boss