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Steve Skurvie : Wait, Judy Moonlight is a real song?! https://youtu.be/F6WtBpkEzHo

Hulie : are you sure this wasn't the actual interrogation

Patty J. Ayers : “I can tell you what Einstein would have said about Facebook: ‘Horse manure pile. Turd satchel.’ Those are Einstein’s words.”

New Cult King : “World War 1 was awful, do you agree?” “Yes.” “Well.. Why are we even here then?”

Marilyn Alvarez : Is it me or does he look like Data from Star Trek The Next Generation?

Mr. Original : "Are you blowing bubbles? I'm gonna have to spank youuu!" XD

Jombo : I have no reason to believe these aren't the actual conversations that happened there.

juggernaught79 : “Mom!? Can you get me my Frodo ring!?” Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

dan j : Mark Zuckerberg always looks like a serial killer with no real emotional connection.

Pushkar Chaudhary : The girl behind Mark looks like Nicholas Cage in disguise!!!

Kari : Mr. Zuckerman WWI was awful, you agree? Lol. Zuckerman.

Max Willson : At first I thought this was real

B Ningthouja : How on earth does it sync so perfectly ?!!

Abdul Manan Ch : 4:05 the voice actor almost lost it there 😂

September Snow : *MR FACEBOOK MAN*

J S : Mark Zuckerberg = Lamp?


Piranha TV : From now on I will acknowledge Mark Zuckerberg as either Bojang Bogami or Mr. Facebook Man.

Alejandro López Tobón : -Mr Zuckerman WWI was awful, do you agree? -eh, Yes -Why are we even here then? LOL

howdyday : Mr.Zuckerberg, Mr.Zuckerman, Mr.Facebook Man, Bojang Bugami. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dahlan Midlander : -Sorry Kid I forgot your name... -"BOJANG BUGAMI"

The Hated One : Bad Lip Reading? More like: Good Mind Reading

Jesse Heller : My second video after Sarah Sanders video. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. I'm subscribed.

Nenet Dela Puerta : "Do you think that I might need to shave my head for a Frenchman?" "Because some people have said to me 'you should shave your head'- *yeeeeeeeeee* " "What do you think?"

Brainy Genuis : **tries to act like a human** **ssHHhlURrRPS**

Bob Vincent : 5:19 "Hey Mark, do you have a painful scrote?.....Well you will in time." BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skkorm : This made about as much sense as the actual clip

Ketwolski : *MY TURN* As soon as I heard that voice I knew...I knew I was really in for a laugh.

Milliway Fenchurch Reeds : This is not fake you just used the real sound.

What-If Machine : Not gonna lie... When I saw the thumbnail for this video, I thought it was Data from Star Trek TNG. But he's more life-like.

Talon Kohler : Starting off with the mom thing had me dying 😂😂 But really Mark looks like an android

Zuzu : **slurping water intensifies**

ATHLIT : shave your head.. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Margaret Ping : Haters and conspiracy theorists will say that this is not real.

ShaHoorSir : The world would be a better place if this was real.

Dan The Man : "do you think ww1 was awful?" "yes" "why are we even here then"

AwesomeVidz : "Blink if youre not a lamp" 😂😂

Rachel AbuHanna : I refuse to believe that they aren’t saying that!

Lt. Hilter : "Thats for having your hair like that"

spud datoe : This isn't fair I nearly died laughing

Elu Arkham : "I wish that was right"

David Firth : You have gotten so good at these! I mean the earlier episodes were funny but you could tell it was dubbed. Now it's funnier, better dubbed and even makes sense occasionally. There must have been a LOT of time spent crawling through footage. Gets better every time.

Elmer Wilber : 1:17 sums up the real interrogation

j soo : Zuckerberg looks like he can't handle pressure well.

sattu z : This is not fake....right???

Constant EFX : lol im gonna have to spank youuuuuuuuuuuu....lol

Thomas H : It’s funny because the real interrogation was just as funny 😂

GamesGALORE! : *Lift your hand out like this boy, swing it out like that*

Yash Malushte : Why are there 5,000 dislikes... This is gold!

j diaz : I'm Canadian so I'm lost on this but are there any black men/women in Congress?