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Steve Skurvie : Wait, Judy Moonlight is a real song?! https://youtu.be/F6WtBpkEzHo

Awesome : "Blink if youre not a lamp" 😂😂

Gilbert Kipruto : Eeeeehhh What are we talking about? And what am I going to ask? 😂😂😂😂

James O'Hanlon : “You have a bean head”😂

Andy Gilleand : Finally a BLR that doesn't turn into a music video. I've missed these.

Cwizzo : Do you want me to Spank you? Zucc: *Sips water*

Zuzu : **slurping water intensifies**

Falcon Storm : I messaged my Senator to see if his van was still for sale... I think he blocked me.

Darth Vader : Lmffffaaaaaooooooo.... This is hilarious

sebbe91 : 1:18 "Penny for your thoughts" Like if you get it xD

Pious Devil : "When I have the facebook, do I also have the internet?" Such a perfect old man question.

Hulie : are you sure this wasn't the actual interrogation

Matthew Isenberg : "Mr. Zuckerman (hmgmhm) WWI was awful. Do you agree?" "Uh, yes." "Well, why are we even here, then?"

Miss Artie Craftie : 😂

Mazzakazoo : we need the rOYAL WEDDING...

Heather Z : This cured my depression

Thomas H : It’s funny because the real interrogation was just as funny 😂

Dina Levaković : 😂👏I'm dying!

Rebecca Ehlers : "Are you blowing bubbles? I'm gonna have to spank youu"

Frankie The fish farmer : Considering I haven’t seen the actual thing, as far as I know this is it

Sonya B. : OMG I never get tired of these 😂😂😂

Dustin Deweerd : "Im gonna have to spank yuuuuuuu"

ghostpictures : 😂😂😂

Timothy Publik : Im ded: *Mr.* *FaceBookMan*

Matteo Olliver : of course he is making bubbles, robots can't drink

StarMintaka : Lift your hand out like this, boy, swing it out like this

TikO LoRd : I'm really *zucced* right now i feel like this is the actual real conversation.

StarMintaka : 4:49 you have a beanhead

longform : First time on this channel. At first I was like what? It didn't make sense as these are not actors but it is synchronized so perfectly that it confused me hahaha :D :D

Alynna Tung : "Do you like your heart rate?" I'll get back to you on that 😭😂

I post no content : Wanna buy my van?

Cup o' Joe : "I'm gonna have to spank youuuu..." OMG!

Razvion : So where is the bad lip reading ? This is the original !!!

RedRoseSeptember22 : Another fantastic video as always! LOL!

Kiran Kumar : Bojame bugami 🤣🤣🤣

Holly M : This is art. A masterpiece

Jenna Tandy : “I drink water like a real human” - Mark Zuckerberg

MRiGOThim : K how bout u just chug the water😂🤣😂🤣

shawngaskin19 : They just showed a clip from this on Fox News talking about how hilarious it it.

MRiGOThim : Have u ever smelled a girl’s feet😂🤣😂

SongOfGrace : "You guys caught me singing Judy Moonlight. l really like it. lt's a really great song because Judy Moonlight is what its about." hahahahaha

Clay Patterson : *IT'S A SPECIAL VAN!*

charl X : Zuckerberg, looks less human than ted cruz

Markus Mäkelä : Mr. Facebook man.

Gretchen Zeigler : This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

hideoushorror : Do you like your heart rate?

Jombo : I have no reason to believe these aren't the actual conversations that happened there.

Peyton : "I told you, it's a special van!"

Jim Hebrank : "Do you have a painful scrote? Because you will"

SCUMBAG KYLER : Greatest one yet the painful scrote had me gasping for air 😂