John Grant - He’s Got His Mother’s Hips (Official Music Video)
This thing blew my mind today

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John Grant performing 'He's Got His Mother's Hips' Directed by Casey & Ewan Animated by: Angela Stempel, Anna Mantzaris, Benjamin Portas, Casey Raymond, Cheng-Hsu Chung, Cossa, Ewan Jones-Morris, Gabriel Mangold, Gyuri Cloe Lee, Jimmy Screamerclauz, Kokofreakbean, Linyou Xie & Thu Tran 'Always a delight to work with John. For this disco-tinged track we decided to get some of the hardest-partying animators we knew together for a right old knees-up, and this was the result.’ Casey I just thought it was about time for another Peter Gabriel 'Sledgehammer' video and John was up for it. 13 animators in total, including us - unlucky for some… The highlight for me was 24 hours in in the cool drizzle of Iceland to meet up with John, at the height of the British heat wave.” Ewan #JohnGrant #HesGotHisMothersHips #Vevo


George A : Reminds me of Pete Gabriels's Sledgehammer video only a 1000 time trippier.

Eamon Browne : The bassist is an absolute legend. The funkiest of lines ive heard in a whole pile of years

paperman42 : This is the a wonderfully unhinged, artistically pure, expression. I'm so impressed by all the visual artists involved! Absolutely wonderful!

Luis Andre Soriano : Coolest thing I've seen today

Voreck Guevarra : It could not get anymore quirkier than this! The video and sound resemble "Kiss" by Prince, and just fit the funky mood.

Blackened Coffee : So good, a true homage to 80s music videos


usernameheath : John Grant is everything. 💜💜💜

Stewart Skeel : This is a perfect music video, and a perfect song, and I can't stop watching it!

Philomena Cunk : The Peter Gabriel references below are spot on. And that's definitely not a bad thing. Nice one, John.

You Shima : best vid of John Grant

Andrew Fraser Mundie : I love it! I love It! I love it. Rollercoaster joy and happiness. Thanks John Grant. Thanks Artists also.

TheRubberStudiosASMR : Without a doubt the greatest music clip I have ever seen.

Jürgen Naeve : funky funky Mr. Grant

Karen Clarke : Superb. Can't wait to see you in November in Manchester ❤

ni na : This is so mesmerizing! ❤️

Rafael Vidor : Did I take LSD ? I'm not sure that I didn't...

Paul Schifino : So great! I can't wait for the Detroit show!!!!!

Soapy Oaks Farm-Patrick : Love is all I feel, and it's magic

DAV!D&CLARA : If this doesn’t win something I’ll be very upset.

TheMillbag : It's like the videos for Sledgehammer and Date Night were mixed together and filtered through a tab of LSD. Fantastic.

Driving Maze : Mad 80's amazing nightmare... You are creating a new music. Congrats John

Holger Schink : The new album "Love Is Magic" is outstanding perfect - and this video pure 80`s art ! LOVE IT

Francesco Oliverio : Sledgehammer!

Alasdair Dickson : I love the continuation of the Midwich Cuckoos glowing eyes thing!

Jacob Brown : 8/10 10/10 for the animation

Negev : In be4 it goes viral.

Dominic McAuley : Loving this after seeing him on Later with Jools, I'd never heard of him before reminds me of Hot Chips shound.

J. C. : I love this! I love you John thank you for your artistry❤️

hill0ck666 : cheers all round yo

MurrayMintyMe : Woo, go John! It's like you and Peter Gabriel had a baby!! XXX

omgsolikevalleygirl : beyond amazing video at a time when making elaborate videos seems to be such a rare thing super creepy though - somehow i was more of a fan of the melancholic/romantic "pale green ghosts/queen of denmark" john grant – but art is art doesn't have to do what I want :)

Niall T : Got that Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel vibe about it. LOVE IT

Rafael Tristão : You ate success! Everytime is a shot through us with your musics ❤️

Matt H : Pretty much what I dream about every night

heartajack : Great song and awesome visuals.

Diego M-A : 11 out of 10

Water P : Gimme More by Britney Spears influenced the compass of this song

john darwin : delicious quips and sartorial tips . serving cheese fondue and trying to sell you some stamps . i love you john grant . xxxx many many lols .

Fin : WIG

Adam Carroll : I love John Grant ♥️♥️🤩🤩🤩⚡️⚡️⚡️🌹🎶🎶🎶

Princess Bernardo : Reminds me 80's vibes 🤯

DigitalSimplyWorld : 👂😎👂👍🎵

Jorge Loaiza : Luv it!!!!!!

c k y l u : Don't do drugs John.

day light : FANTASTIC!

Jamie Crook : Nothing surprises me :P ....

Joe Lesley : Just swore you on BBC two lol

Fuckallstars : come on!!