John Grant - He’s Got His Mother’s Hips

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George A : Reminds me of Pete Gabriels's Sledgehammer video only a 1000 time trippier.

Thomas Prince II : This was a visualization of my thought process

Luis Andre Soriano : Coolest thing I've seen today


Voreck Guevarra : It could not get anymore quirkier than this! The video and sound resemble "Kiss" by Prince, and just fit the funky mood.

paperman42 : This is the a wonderfully unhinged, artistically pure, expression. I'm so impressed by all the visual artists involved! Absolutely wonderful!

Stewart Skeel : This is a perfect music video, and a perfect song, and I can't stop watching it!

Francesco Oliverio : Sledgehammer!

Eamon Browne : The bassist is an absolute legend. The funkiest of lines ive heard in a whole pile of years

Blackened Coffee : So good, a true homage to 80s music videos

Benjamin Charlesworth : What the fuck? That was so unexpected but so awesome.

Fintan : WIG

Soapy Oaks Farm : Love is all I feel, and it's magic

Rafael Vidor : Did I take LSD ? I'm not sure that I didn't...

ni na : This is so mesmerizing! ❤️

You Shima : best vid of John Grant

Jürgen Naeve : funky funky Mr. Grant

Tokiofritz : One of those awkward situations where the video is far more entertaining than the song.

usernameheath : John Grant is everything. 💜💜💜

hill0ck666 : cheers all round yo

day light : FANTASTIC!

Mohamed Aymane Ahajjam : AWESOME!!!

Paul Schifino : So great! I can't wait for the Detroit show!!!!!

Andrew Fraser Mundie : I love it! I love It! I love it. Rollercoaster joy and happiness. Thanks John Grant. Thanks Artists also.

heartajack : Great song and awesome visuals.

KARIM GOULY yes we care : Awesome

TheMillbag : It's like the videos for Sledgehammer and Date Night were mixed together and filtered through a tab of LSD. Fantastic.

Philomena Cunk : The Peter Gabriel references below are spot on. And that's definitely not a bad thing. Nice one, John.

Jacob Brown : 8/10 10/10 for the animation

Mikel Otxotorena : SUPER , XX

DigitalSimplyWorld : 👂😎👂👍🎵

TheRubberStudiosASMR : Without a doubt the greatest music clip I have ever seen.

DAV!D&CLARA : If this doesn’t win something I’ll be very upset.

Negev : In be4 it goes viral.

ross : Finally some real fucking music for once. Back to the!

Claudimar da Silva : John, come to Brazil, babe.

claudia xander : you could've at least put a little effort in! sheeesh! ......WOW! ;)

J. C. : I love this! I love you John thank you for your artistry❤️

Niall T : Got that Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel vibe about it. LOVE IT

MurrayMintyMe : Woo, go John! It's like you and Peter Gabriel had a baby!! XXX

Rafael Tristão : You ate success! Everytime is a shot through us with your musics ❤️

Alasdair Dickson : I love the continuation of the Midwich Cuckoos glowing eyes thing!

David Deutscher : So sad to see what he has become and the crap music he makes now. By the way, the video is a mediocre mix between Peter Gabriel and George Michael. The originality of John Grant has gone to the dogs.

NightMusic : Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! [Chinese guy GIF]

José Augusto dos Santos : BOM , É ÓTIMO"

Robert Krohmer : Bei aller Ehre, aber die ersten 4 Sekunden sind "Atlas Air" von Massive Attack... Beim Rest sage ich: Respekt!

timbawoof1 : Love it! The first time I heard it I totally freaked out because I thought Zappa cut a new track! 😀 Then I saw this video and was blown away. Awesome!

john darwin : delicious quips and sartorial tips . serving cheese fondue and trying to sell you some stamps . i love you john grant . xxxx many many lols .

Diego M-A : 11 out of 10

Peter Englund : Genious