GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Retired Cop Car! *Glorious Explosion*

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Husspower enthusiast : Nitrous? You mean bald eagle cocaine?

Mart : Crown Vic for sale, great condition, never abused. 6000$ obo

Andy 105 : As a retired cop, with 30 years experience abusing police cars such as the Crown Vic, it warmed my heart to see you finally blow it up. You young guys give me faith in the future of our country. God Bless America! Looking forward to see that car with the GT motor. Should be a good driver.

TnT Gaming : "Ford engines are ass and unreliable" they said. Literally a 250 shot of nitrous and it didn't blow up. I think that's pretty self explanatory.

Sarkazmo Loafy : I think you've proven that the 4.6 is a pretty durable motor. How about a 4.6 project?

NickPDX22 : “Guys I wouldn’t feel right selling this engine to anyone”. Good man!!

TIGuy : 15:58

Kermit : U guys should just buy cheap cars and blow em up on the dyno with nitrous lol

dpqbpqb dpqbpqb : -29 HP. LEGENDARY

Black Beard Dave : So was it just the plastic intake that blew up or the actual motor...if just the intake....time for an aluminum intake until the motor blows...then complete tare down for a video

michaelovitch : Shout out to the guy sweeping the floor in the background while you play around.

Mustang860 : Things to do with a $110,000 Dyno ! 😁

f688xt6 : Cleetus... stick a new Dorman (Cheap) intake manifold on it, and see if it will start. If it does, you haven't finished the job. And if that's the case, add 250 shot, and start the pull at 2000 RPM.

Steve po : Thinking this engine must have had its sparkplugs threadserted. The whole time I was waiting for the plugs to go flying out of the heads.

no name : man those ford 4.6's, it's hard to kill em.

funkyzero : no way this ends well... that nitrous fitting toolbox even looks like a mini-casket

Shawn Prickett : I mean the 4.6 did pretty beastly for the rods being rated for 450 wheel or around 500 crank if it had a cast to aluminum intake you probably could have teak ken it to that point of destruction. was an awesome video nonetheless.

Nicksperiments : I consider myself a self-tapper... Nah I’m just SCREWING around!

Steve Whitney : OMG, spit my damn beer out when Cooper said neighbor almost pulled the wheels on the dyno!!

richie renaud : We got a squirter

maxxjett films : Neighbor is the 6 million dollar man "We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster."

SometimesSidewayz HB : cant wait for the gt500 engine!!!!

Darthadios : Why you had to destroy it ? You could use that engine to another project or just sell it. =/

Morbid SVT COBRA : "Blew the welds on the intake",lol

Max Lambert : Jeremy is a tough nut to crack but when he does it is glorious!!!!

Sam Jones : Cooper’s gonna install his wet shot in the Dirty V 😏

mopartshemi : If you make a wet shoot T shirt i will buy one

XxIBRAHIMxX11 : Nothing sounds like a 2valve crownvic

Joe Hearn : Your lucky you didn't blow the welds on the manifold

Alabama : “ danger to manifold, floor pan falls off”

Car Life Channel : 12:56 When a Ford scares all the bald eagles out of a Chevy guy. Lol

El_De_La_Lobo : Put a metal intake and try again

Gabe Smith : Welcome to the Ford Life

Bill Fournier : Lol. How many did u guys smoke before u did this?

dylan rap : 15:34 sniper on the roof?

flying munk89 : If never seen Jeremy so happy to dyno something. Breaking stuff on purpose is so much fun

Royal Lion : I want to see the damage on the pistons, camshaft!

Aesir Woden : Y'all need to make some T-shirts that Say -- "it just needs a Cooper Wet Shot" -- I'd buy that. --- Thumbed/subbed.

jeffrey Barney : I know this channel is not Ford friendly; but how bout that ole’ 4.6??? I had a emotional moment when you killed her. That car has been so over engineered by ford that it took all you knuckle-heads to kill her. Just sayin. LOL

Gregory B : Damn that thing is hard to kill!!!

Cleetus McFarland : Coopers wet shot was really lettin it rip 😂

rubber made : I have had a few vics and I have to say. I love them they are just awsome cars to drive in.. if you don't have deep pockets but want a good ol car I would %100 vote for a vic or a Marquis.

Inky : Are we going to call the Dirty V "Le douche" or not.

Bret Bolen : Dude thats why the marquis is better i definitely beat mine way harder than you guys beat this.

DaveTech CA : That was awesome thanks for sharing guys!

lilbabykenny : I like how cooper went from fire duty one minute to pouring fuel in the car with a water bottle the next minute 🤣

Harold Droste : One of the last vehicles Ford manufactured that have lasted for nearly 30 years and are still being operated. What a dependable motor. The Crown Vic motors are strong.

jmshaw357 : The crown vic cop cars are in a league by themselves--indestructible under any kind of normal use--over-built, meant to keep running til the bitter end. They are even comfortable, and they handle better than you'd ever expect. They do suck a little gas, but not much worse than a v-6 Accord or Camry.

ΣLECTЯ0N : It’s a retired Crown Vic Police Interceptor... OF COURSE IT’S FALLING APART!!! I’m a cop. Do you have the first beginning of a clue how badly cops beat the ever-loving SHIT outta their Cruisers?!? Ford stopped making the Crown Victoria less than 10 years ago...that being said; when was the last time you saw an ACTIVE Crown Vic Police Cruiser?!?

RCLegion : Dont let this video distract you from the fact that Ford 4.6 engines with production heads, blocks and cranks has been in the 5s in the 1/4 mile...unknown territory for Chevy LSs...