How To Make a Vegan Lasagna

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HowToBasic : Everyone always says that vegan food isn't tasty. Let's change that. Share this recipe around: TWEET IT► EGGBOOK IT►

Ayman Abousalem : Ah yes, my favorite. *Vegan water*

·ᴘʜᴏʙɪᴀ ᴀɴɪᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴs· : HowToBasic is the only good form of clickbait

joseph alba : How to make B I T C H L A S A G N A

Julie Rusch : 1:00 the chicken breast goes on an adventure

Mr. Goodman : Originally, I thought it was a legit tutorial

Yumi : *add vegan water*

Adam Srch : The beginning : Add lasagna sheets. 1 minute later: SAW IN HALF

Julie Wright : Ugh those sparklers weren't vegan..

Karl_Kokosboll : How To Make A b i t c h l a s a g n a

Catsrule123343 - Roblox : Amazing recipe! I’m a vegan, and am glad to finally find a recipe that isn’t made from real meat!

Srg Matrix : Can't wait to see the egg tree in the next episode.

Danasaur_ : This is too vegan for me, I at least need some meat in my lasagna

Hilter Gurß : Omg I tried it and it was soo good! This really changed my vegan life!!

TG Zaphkiel : B I T C H L A S A G N A !

hideyasu musha : 1:21 that chicken breast looks like a slug XD

Daniel Sambar : Oh my god, you breathe air? *_That’s not vegan._*

flupen gaming : I wonder how many poeple use howtobasic to actually make the food 😂

Da Coco Nut Nut : How to do vegan lasagna _shows vegan meat_

Red Boi : Ordering things from waiter Me: Can i have some water? Im on a diet rn Waiter: What type of water do you prefer? Me: *Vegan Water*

Anoobius : I tried it and it tastes great! Could use a little more salt.

AdventureVanMan : I went vegan because of this video👍

annie houghton : That's is the most vegan thing I've ever seen

Daniel 031118 : all meats are vegan oh yeahhh

nawaf MOHAMMED : I wish I had this food 😢 I from Somalia 🇸🇴. We only eat plain bread

Alexasa 1 : I tried this, but my House Got in fire. I hope IT’S normal!

RedRiot : Thanks being vegan doesnt look so bad now!

volcanotaur : Great, vegan beef for dinner.

Tymo Adriaanse : Tottaly vegan (ITS FRICKING THE MOST MEAT)

Spaetzle Monster XD : Get those *vegans* off my *lasagna*

Music Ginga : Omg i want all those meat

Izaak : garfield will not be happy


تورطنه وعشكنه المايوافون : مين هون عربي هيا ياعرب اثبتو وجودكم

Igor 3307 YT : Mmm... Yummy Soo delicious i make and eat it Good this is best i Ever eat


Meme City : I lost it when the chicken went on an adventure :D

evil master1337 : I did IT like u and IT was so taasty

BlaCK_StOrMxZ : Sure the Sparklers are Vegan? PS: Nice Recipie

PlushieWorld 693 : So HowToBasic U Say That Veagan Chicken Gives Birth Right?

916phyromseng : i thought this was going to helpful then... lololololollol

Daniel Sambar : _Sorry, dirt isn’t vegan._

letsget20subsbydoingnoting : I'm sure Garfield would like this lasagna.

Emmanuel Hernandez Flores : Like si hablas español ✔

Wyatt Johnson : Puts vegan at the beginning of every meat. This is vegan

ւт's a вսււy {Bbieal} : All of that looks pretty yummy ;) Ima go make one just like that

AceAlbatros : Who knew it was so easy to go vegan!


Smookiie _mdr : Juste y’a des français qui regarde cette vidéo ?

Yeetus Delete This : He put a vegan lasagna on a vegan lasagna! GENIUS!