How To Make a Vegan Lasagna

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HowToBasic : Everyone always says that vegan food isn't tasty. Let's change that. Share this recipe around: TWEET IT► EGGBOOK IT►

Ayman Abousalem : Ah yes, my favorite. *Vegan water*

KïŕäMěłøň : How to basic is nothing but an *EGG LASAGNA*

I’m a Fish : Wait a minute... Those sparklers weren’t vegan

julian : that vegan chicken breast part was epic. :)

The LEGEND : Garfield would like to know your location

Yumi : *add vegan water*

Eliseimo 123 : I am a vegan, and I LOVED this recipe!! (The sparklers added an extra crunch too, which I loved) Edit: Why does this have so many likes it’s not even a good comment lol

Tricia Q : And for a sec I thought this would be a normal video

MagicTop™ : BICH LASAGNA!! :D

Thanos Car : Is the spinach optional?

Srg Matrix : Can't wait to see the egg tree in the next episode.

uh lyssuh : Lmfao wtf did I just watch? In the beginning I was like ah ok doing well 👌🏼 than it took a sharp left turn Hahahah haha

Paige Dawson : *Instructions unclear I made T-series*

Galaxyfury670 : *WARNING* All food has been harmed in the video It May be Innapropriate for Some People *YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

シMonique : My vegan pet furry enjoyed this recipe! 😊

Meme City : I lost it when the chicken went on an adventure :D

Aleixs Marie : So I copied this to the tea but for some reason my vegans friends refused to eat it? Explain?

Little Hispanic Man : I gave up when he added an entire pizza into the “vegan” lasagna.

Aquarius Gamer : I am glad to see some vegan non- veg.


AdventureVanMan : I went vegan because of this video👍

Popcorn Dayz : I actually thought he was going to make vegan lasagna but once he put the raw food I knew something was up

Kadeni Coyeli : I'm disappointed. Not nearly enough vegan eggs.

Aleks G : Add some vegan cow meat

Happy Power : What!!! HEY!!!! This isn't vegan!!!?!?!?

Louie The Beagle : How can you tell someone is Vegan? No worries , they will tell you 😀

5,000 Subs without any videos : Imagine a vegan is genuinely curious and watches this.

Trashcan Ranger : I followed ur steps and ate the lasagna :D *I didnt make it*

YouHave Ligma : I couldn’t find the vegan meat stuff in the vegan isle

Smallest Videos On YouTube #SVOY : Thank u so much 🙏 This recipe is really good

Pizzanium : the music makes everything looks normal

Dj Chris : *Vegan chicken.*

Freddy Paper Pal : Vegan wather!!!

Gotcha girl : Dont worry guys it's vegan meat😀👍

Crow : How to get fat in one day

Slowbrodragon : BITCH LASAGNA!!!

Shin Godzilla : Perfecto!

Macy Lynn : Why why why I don’t get him at all🤣🤣

Dj Chris : *Vegan Big Mac.*

DJEStyleBeatz TM : *BITCH LASAGNA!!!!*

Taikamuna : Looks delicious, I should give it a try some time

DistantMano : I Know It’s Normal That A That Chicken is moving Bet She Buried Her babies

Anson Hu : Most vegan thing I have ever seen


Anoobius : Is dirt vegan?

Izaak : garfield will not be happy

Märč Brøwñ : I’m actually vegan this is a really nice recipe.

Théo Dutrod : Fuck vegans

Millie Williams : I made this for my vegan family! *the kids loved the chickens breast*