We surprised a Korean grandma living on $2 a day | ASIAN BOSS

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Asian Boss : We'd like to thank Madame Yoo for sharing her story. We're collaborating with the Korean Legacy Committee (KLC) to bring awareness to the issues that face Korea’s elderly population and are trying to raise $100,000 so please help out in any way you can: https://kr.give.asia/campaign/asian-boss-x-klc-support-korea-s-povertized-elderly Special thanks to KONEKTS for helping us capture some of the great footage that made this video possible!

Phil Nolan : She had such a good attitude while facing such a terrible situation.

Enrique Aguilar : Can we have an update on her later on? Please😭

net surfer65 : Hey asian boss. Can you please arrange her a fixed diposit in any bank with that money and help her collect interest? May be it will be better for her

Tempi Montgomery : This is so heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. She’s such a beautiful soul ❤️

I kinda care : For people who say the old lady should have taken the money or done this done that: In some cultures, such as Asian culture, it's extremely important to be humble. If you take stuff being handed to you left and right you are considered greedy and ill-mannered. She was raised the proper way in her culture, but unfortunately being overly humble caused her downfall. Like how she didn't want to accept the money, that's part of the culture to not accept charity or gifts. This woman deserves more.

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : It is sad that people who work hard their whole lives and end up in poverty at the end.

J X : I really want to know how that grandma is getting along now 😭😊

balleur : Hate to see old people in a poor state. Regardless of what type of career you've had you should be allowed some comfort when you're that old. Made me miss my grandparents. All gone..

Tempi Montgomery : If everyone that viewed this video gave a single dollar..... 1.1 million

Craw : i know korea has a culture of ''dont speak about our problems to the world, we lose face!'' but to me, the fact that theyre willing to let this sweet old lady suffer just to save face is a million times more embarrassing than the problem itself.

Kevin P : This poor old lady is just one year younger than my mother. I can't imagine my mother at her age collecting boxes off the street just to make $2 per day. Thank you for giving her $2K which I'm sure she'll make last as long as possible. It's a shame she was abandoned by her 5 children. I can't believe that not one of the five could take her into his/her family. I hope she doesn't get robbed now that it's out in public that she got that large sum of money.

Emily Sires : If her kids won't help her, her church needs to help her. The Scripture speaks very specifically to helping widows and orphans.

ManaFan : Is there a place where we could donate money just to that lady also? She has such a good heart, I wish i could help her personally also.

Danny dragon : As a middle age Vietnamese /Chinese - American man, there is tears coming down out of my eyes while watching this because it remind me my childhood in Vietnam as an orphanage kid living in a very poor condition

ShadowHunterx : Sad.. We work our entire lives for one outcome, death. Through poverty, starvation, sickness, depression, pain.. Bless this lady she’s so sweet. Throughout so much pain she’s still smiling.

Kaltrina Demiri : This breaks my heart. I don’t understand how her kids don’t take her in and help her out. Even if my mom was homeless and me too, I would either have her come stay with me or I would stay with her. That woman raised her kids and her kids can’t even bother to return the favor back and watch their mom :(

Martin Pettersson : This is what youtube should be all about

I Love Cantelopes : Young South Koreans are very materialistic and superficial.

Xiaofei Xu : is there anyway i can donate money to her directly instead of the campaign? I really do not want her to work another day in her life. I can live without 5 dollars a day.

Cathy Cathy : For decades activists who protested Capitalism were vilified globally. Yet we're now seeing the result of allowing massive corporations , bankers, investors and just plain greed to erode the fabric of our societies, our aged, our weak, our vulnerable. Humanity needs to reboot, to give rather then take. This small woman has shown more courage, stamina, good will, good faith and trust than many many giants of social media, politics, royalty, silicone city. She is who we should strive to be and she is who we should strive to help.

Knuspertoast : If young Koreans wouldn't waste their money on expensive clothes but donate 10% of the price for one pair of their adidas sneakers monthly to the elderly, things could already be better, but appearantly bragging and mainstream culture without any meaning beneath the surface is more important...This grandma is actually way more badass than any of these posers! Respect for mastering such a tough life and being even grateful about it.

Ekalavya : she enjoyed the company more than anything else. loneliness will kill you before your body does.

Felix Brain : I am so touched and inspired by her optimism. She's such a happy person. Thank you so much for sharing this video to the world.

Aeilah Pi : can u guys pay for a chiropractor to see to her back?

Nerd IQ : She is the sweetest lady I have ever seen and it brought tears to my eyes to hear about her difficulties... Thank you guys for helping her...

Buddhi pun : This is true! I recently went to Korea myself and didn’t really think I would see so many elderly people on the street. It broke my heart to see them like that.

Kalsoom : Don't make me cry anymore. such a nice guy

Aesir Strung : What an optimistic person. I hope her kids will help her. Those who are able should not let someone like her or any other person with that age live in the streets. That is just wrong. God Bless her and the others like her. May help keep pouring in. Thank you Asian Boss! 🙏


妈咪宝宝 Mommy Baby : May God bless you, optimistic and strong grandmother.

Keep me out of it : I'm crying, my heart broke for her and her back, you guys are the best, simply the best, thank you.

elicia rocha : you know what young man i LOVE what you are doing that is good that you are helping the poor elderly Homeless may God Bless you ! ♥ ☻ ☺

Cuz We Young : Her happiness at the end❤ This is what we need more on this earth❤ OMG..I smiled and cried hard..😢😢Thankyou guys for this..and yeah.. We are all about this! ❤ Thanks for giving attention for facts like this...💕 I hope we take in something from this video💕

Anna Star Child : oh world so cruel :( miss my grandma .. i felt sorry to this elderly

a kal : i'm honestly crying and heart broken for that old women . I LOVE YOU GUYS for restoring faith in humanity . thank you for this video.

Donna Kirton : "Asian Boss thank you!for shining a light on this problem facing Elderly living in South Korea how can family just turn their backs on their parent's these seniors fight for Koreans to live in freedom many lost sons and daughters during the war .its time for everyone to step up and do the right thing,visit a senior center volunteer your time ,if you can donate money or clothes I bet the Senior Center will appreciate the kind gesture,I love South Korea and its Culture but the plight of the Elderly been neglected not good."🇬🇧🇦🇺🇯🇲🇺🇸🇨🇦🇧🇷

Pure Oxygen : Everything this grandma doesn't have, we take for granted every day. Like hot water.

Midsummer night : This is wonderful journalism. Thank you!

It'sMe Dea : I feel shame for not being grateful for what I have in my life... 😢

ding dong : Wow you normally only see the light in Korea but never something like this. My gut was actually churning know the poor lady had 5 kids and not 1 wanted to care for her. At least give her some money so she can eat for cris sakes

Nico _lo : Im inspired by this. I dnt have much right now. But im saving your channel. I know God will bless me enough soon, i will be able to get back to you and help your organization. Godbless your kind hearts and may He walk with you all your life while you bless others.

David Sirius : Thank you for what you are doing Asian Boss! World needs more guys like you! Greetings and respect from China!

ANTIQUEFOTOS : I'm really shocked. I never see a homeless Asian person here in California because they honor their elders and stay close to family. I don't understand this, I really dont!

Ooh Daddyyy : yo how positive she is in her situation really inspires me

rielitty : i love how strong she is, smiling despite the difficult situation her life is in. this is so heartbreaking.

Harish Balakrishnan : That line of hers ( I was just happy to meet up with you guys at 12;20 ) was very touchy! Brought me tears. More than money, a person feels better if got someone checking or someone to spend time with. She would be alone and guests visiting her might be rare and someone to visit in itself is a great feeling.

naiven mae cabagyo : This make me cry.. How can her children, 5 children dont even help her a little.. They dont even let her live with them..

Salwa Nausheen Bariah : ASIAN BOSS...you interview really brave people!! HOTS OFF TO YOU GUYS...KEEP DOING SUCH GREAT WORK!!

Julia Sochnikova : She is going to give all this money to her children, and go back to collecting boxes the next day, that's how that generation is. I am from Russia, and my mom is exactly like that, she wants to give every penny to us, and spends nothing on herself. This lady is so sweet, I want to fly to Korea and adopt her, such a positive spirit.