We surprised a Korean grandma living on $2 a day | ASIAN BOSS

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Asian Boss : We'd like to thank Madame Yoo for sharing her story. We're collaborating with the Korean Legacy Committee (KLC) to bring awareness to the issues that face Korea’s elderly population and are trying to raise $100,000 so please help out in any way you can: https://kr.give.asia/campaign/asian-boss-x-klc-support-korea-s-povertized-elderly Special thanks to KONEKTS for helping us capture some of the great footage that made this video possible!

Phil Nolan : She had such a good attitude while facing such a terrible situation.

globe1987 : It broke my heart at the beginning, when she said that her kids told her they're studying, but she then says they probably don't want to help. I love how you guys gave her some of your own money. Bless her, she was happy enough that you even spent the day with her. She sounds like she's super lonely, too.

Brett Agnew : good lads ....... I just hope she doesn't give any to her kids

Stephanie H. : Korea needs a retirement system for the elderly. How can she still be working at the age of 82? ): She must be tired as heck

Just your regular ARMY : I really appreciate this woman. Two dollars per day and we have people complaining that they don’t have an IPhone X or something like that. She’s just happy she doesn’t need to be spoon fed. Compliments to her. I hope God blesses you with happiness.

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : It is sad that people who work hard their whole lives and end up in poverty at the end.

Oisin Jackson : I know I'm a Foreigner but this is utterly disgusting, how can a culture where you are raised to respect your elders, throw so many to the ground just because they didn't have enough money saved up from years of hard work? South Korean should be ashamed of themselves, for just standing by and letting this happen. You South Korean Nationalists can scream all you like saying I have no right butting in other countries businesses, but I will continue to butt in until this is solved, it is Basic Humanity to help others.

Tommy : 5 kids and none of them is helping their mother! Wow! just wow! Even students are more than capable to help their mother! Just wow. I want to give her kids a good beating

Tseten Bhutia : Visited S. Korea about two weeks ago. This was my first visit but I already knew about the older working population and the situation since i have watched many documentaries. On our last night in Seoul. At Myeongdong, we were returning to our hotel, when i noticed an old man with a box beside him... His body was swaying... I was so flustered then i didnt even see properly... I put 1000 won in his box..he gave me the sweetest smile... It really does get cold in Seoul. It was -7°... I was worried i might lose my friends so i just hurriedly left...i later regretted ..i shouldve given him more... Since i am not into shopping etc... I was carrying enough to spare...maybe next visit i could try sparing my time and volunteer.

Statiscube : Wow, just wow. It's crazy how that old woman is managing to live off so little money, so much work and being abandoned by her kids and yet still be happy! Shame on those kids that have left the very mother that raised them from birth, the very mother that fed them every day and protected them from the harsh elements. You could see her pure gratefulness when they gave her the $2000!

Kevin P : This poor old lady is just one year younger than my mother. I can't imagine my mother at her age collecting boxes off the street just to make $2 per day. Thank you for giving her $2K which I'm sure she'll make last as long as possible. It's a shame she was abandoned by her 5 children. I can't believe that not one of the five could take her into his/her family. I hope she doesn't get robbed now that it's out in public that she got that large sum of money.

Chris McGregor : All i can say about that women is she has given me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes what a lovely example of contentment , this women is a very strong example of courage, strength , contentment, love of life and the willingness to look towards the future with a positive attitude. The world needs to take a lesson from these type of people and help each other rather than taking from each other. Onwards and upwards. And to the lads that made the video and are helping out these great people WELL DONE LADS MORE OF THE SAME.

Kim Nguyen : The softness of her voice when she said "You can still survive" (6:24) broke me. It feels like that is all she is doing. Just surviving and not living a real life.

saeeda : when she said “they probably don’t want to” that made me tear up so much like your parents are the ones who always look after you & teens tend to forget that and just betray them

NICHLINE : I would never allow any of my elderly family members to be working at that age or living alone. This breaks my heart. 😭

a kal : i'm honestly crying and heart broken for that old women . I LOVE YOU GUYS for restoring faith in humanity . thank you for this video.

정빛나 : Can you film her again? what it happened after the donation?

Danzer Tango : She really deserves financial help. I hope to see more young ones to help seniors who are working hard and struggling to live.

Aki ZONE : If I can I wpuld give her a house even if little and give her donations

Loelle Mellergaard : Wow this video really was an eye opener. This lady was so optimistic the entire time. It was almost like nothing could get to her, she was always trying to see the positive in things and I could really learn something from that.

Enrique Aguilar : Can we have an update on her later on? Please😭

The19pumas : God i wish i could help out people like this

FallxnFear : She's a strong mother I feel heart broken 😭 atleast dont abandon your mother and help them even sometimes.

Patricia Cruz : take her to a chiropractor i hurt my back bending for like 5 minutes, damn that is one strong woman

alex carter : There are lots of places in the USA where people are only making about $2 a day, trust me.

Kaltrina Demiri : This breaks my heart. I don’t understand how her kids don’t take her in and help her out. Even if my mom was homeless and me too, I would either have her come stay with me or I would stay with her. That woman raised her kids and her kids can’t even bother to return the favor back and watch their mom :(

Mohit Sharma : Amazing Lady!!! No more words, just tears.

기묘한 : 나 알바파는 곳 박스 주으러 오시는 할아버지가 폐지를 하루종일 팔아서 버는 돈이 850원. 많이 벌면 1400원. 끼니는 설탕물. 오시면 남은 음식 드리는데.. 대한민국 살기 좋은 나라

Autocorrecthobi : i love this woman already

Ehbeenee : you see how the poor aren't sad like a lot of rich people but there actually really happy because through God the poor may be rich

Tempi Montgomery : If everyone that viewed this video gave a single dollar..... 1.1 million

Anuranjan Singh : Inspire me a lot .. she is living with positive attitude even she is nothing ... salute for this type of person .. love and respect to grand mother

HardAnall Jr. : Should have gave her all the proceeds this video makes

Shin James : As I'm a korean, I say "This is the shame part of Korea" Korean government should take care of their poor elders more as much as their big companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai.. and so on..Nobody can deny the time, Nobody can avoid they become elders.

Hindi02 : This is another consequence of how liberalism and capitalism affects some people. I truly love South Korea becuse of it's culture people and so on. But this is not acceptable. I went to Seoul last fall, and I was really shocked when I came there. I had expected well-of people to be everywhere, instead, I saw lots of old, homeless people sleeping on the streets. I really hope they change their social system for the next couple of years and on.

Knuspertoast : If young Koreans wouldn't waste their money on expensive clothes but donate 10% of the price for one pair of their adidas sneakers monthly to the elderly, things could already be better, but appearantly bragging and mainstream culture without any meaning beneath the surface is more important...This grandma is actually way more badass than any of these posers! Respect for mastering such a tough life and being even grateful about it.

John Dave Jacinto : This is so true. I've seen alot of elderly who is suffering from poverty in Korea. It just pains my heart to see them suffer like that. Even if I'm a foreigner, I want to help them in anyway that I could even in small little ways. Because were all human anyways. I am currently a univ student in Korea btw.

Loyalty Courage : Ty for this video...ive been complaining about my job lately...well I believe im done complaining..instead I feel inspired, motivated, and grateful for what & who I have. Again thank you!

Timmie The Worst : Her kids are a disappointment to me

FDSeoul : In the pursuit of becoming a global economic powerhouse Korea much like few other nations has forgotten a great segment of people who contributed greatly to the cause. Asian Boss did a great job on bring this otherwise swept under the rug and forgotten subject matter to the world and for others to learn from the mistakes a great nation such as Korea has made in the pursuit of MONEY.

Vakies : My heart goes out to the elderly lady. She has 5 children and none is taking care of her. There is sadness within her beyond her smile that we can see. Though I believe she is contented that she is still healthy and is able to take good care of herself.

ouichtan : That woman had so much dignity left in her that she wouldn't cry in front of the camera but I know she did when you guys left. I know she went to sleep crying and I know that she cried for many days after and will continue to cry whenever she thinks of the generosity you displayed toward her.

Husam Raul : What kind of children does this to their mother. I reather have nothing and gave my mother everything! May God bless her and all the people in need.

Stephen Landers : A simple act of Sympathy makes so much difference.

Megumin Chomusuke : actually super positive energy

妈咪宝宝 Mommy Baby : May God bless you, optimistic and strong grandmother.

Roby Patiung : I can only pray for you that God will always be with you and give you health and peace.

Khadafi Anggara : dude. who cuts the onion?!!!

Ningrat gaming : Korea is hell? so many korean people said that