What It's Like To Have Social Anxiety

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Israel R : As soon as he realized he bad to go through the crowd I tensed up. Gosh I know that feeling.

Hannah Judges You : God, I even felt my own heart racing from that scene alone! ;__;

Milter Whore : I hate to be stared by someone and be the focusing and talk with someone individually.

SkarletRose : i used to experience this but now i put my earphones in everywhere i go so i can drown the noise out. understand the phone calls if the bus is really crowded i will not answer. i have lately tho been answering calls more often in public and this year i finally made my first phone call to the bank my main problems now focus on job interviews, talking to strangers, presentations , walking into a new place(such as if i get a job, ill probably never make it through the front door) and doctors appointments , im almost 21 and wont go alone but honestly i havent really socialized so i cant really name much

Crazy Genius : me be like : shut up people! you're so noisy...... 😐😐😐

Cheyenne Peppa : Ugh my heart is beating so fast watching this.

Dumb Daizy : oh my gosh i have social anxiety and i hate being stared at and this one boy kept staring at me and i build up my confidence and told him to stop and he didn’t and i almost cried. i’m so sensitive .

Joshua Szwajkowski : well done

Deus EX : Lol the guy that said hey man sounds like maximiliqnmus

Irhad Mutic : Ever wonder what it's like for someone with social anxiety to be surrounded by strangers? This is what they go through. Check out this scene from a new movie on YouTube: