playing iconic riffs left handed for the first time..

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LxSniper The last Dragon born : Still Better than what I can do.

Flambass : I'm thinking about 2 things after this video: 1st it shows just how much of playing a guitar is actually in the hands You need to know so many things before you can be a musician but you also need to train your body, your hands and that is probably the most frustrating part, which can be so annoying that at some point you "don't even know how it goes anymore" 2nd I think this is the best example that Jared could have shown to young guitarists and musicians in general Everyone was here at 1 point, it's not just you who's incapable of playing a certain part, everyone else had the same problem so just keep it up man and you'll get it eventually... ;) ...or you gonna break your instrument and quit

Пётр Петренко : Can someone mirror this video and call it "Jared sucks at guitar!"?

Trap Warrior : Damn sweet child o mine was do close 🤣🤣🤣🤣 10/10 video haha

hotman718 : Sounds like me first day I picked up a guitar.

Jack Torrance : Try wanking leftie! Like a stranger doing it.

? ? : Finally a youtuber that plays at my level

William Mazza : He turned on his Lil Wayne mode

EMBRACING SALVATION : I had a car accident in 2017 and I had to have my hand amputated, I played guitar for 7 yrs, 2 years playing bass at church and I'm right handed as well. This past January I started playing left handed bass, a guy in my church made a thing to put on my arm with a pick on the end of it to help me play. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it I've lost all hope at this point and if this didn't work my music would have been over with. It did work, I know play bass at church and I play left bass just as good as did before. I'm working on guitar now hopefully things will change. I love channel Jared, I've been watching since 2016, I appreciate the time you put into these videos. Hope you have great day and rest of your week

Daniel N : From 'how to play like Hendrix' to 'how to play like Lil Wayne' really quickly

Dr.Skullstar gaming : 2:52 your average guitar store customer

westhomanLOL : Your low E is sharp. It's tuned to F... it was irritating me so much that I felt the need to make a comment. FÌX YO SHEEIT, JARED!

GGuillotine N : I think this puts into perspective how hard even basic riffs are for new beginners. Shaming them for playing sweet child of mine or smoke on the water is discouraging. They're new, what do you expect

fenderstratocaster : Still better Lil' Wayne... 😂

Joseph Freese : My normal ability. When you play like this Jared, it makes us all feel like we are on the same level. If only for a moment.

Psychotic Steve : Great! Now play Through The Fire and The Flames Left handed!

Bence Baranyai : *Insert comment about your guitar skills being worse than Jared's skills playing left handed*

Gregory Rose : Now try to play the guitar like normal with it still strung left handed.

Chad Austin : Now play that guitar normally but keep the strings inverted

Paladin : Sounds like a guitar center on saturday

Kinksutin : It didn't djent

Nick Name : I didn't know a trombone can be played left handed...


Eric Hearst : Just bought a lefty Ibanez for shits and giggles and tried re learning crazy train and it seriously brought me back to when my stepdad first taught me. It's the weirdest thing because you alrady have the knowledge to play but struggle physically. It's a huge paradox lol. Reminded me how hard guitar is to learn.


King Mondo : Time for some *Links 2 3 4* by Rammstein

Khanites 101 : At least I can say that I'm better than a famous guitarist... when he plays with his left hand...

Adversary Fracture : So this is what he looked and sounded like when he started. I thought he just came out of the womb with a guitar in his tiny baby hands

Jahir Lazaro : Try beating your meat left handed now

Lars Kramer : I've had this crazy idea. What if you would do a growl choir. Different growl nodes or whatever u call it. "Colab". I've tried to google growl choir but no one has done it :P

Thowell3 : This kind of proves my point that Left Handed people shouldn't be forced to play Right handed instruments. I am Left handed and when ever I try to play a right handed string instrument I have a harder time than he does (and I have tried to teach myself to do it many times) Every String instrument I have ever had has been Left handed or I restrung it for a Lefty. Fellow Left handed people Don't just do as they say when they say "Just learn right handed." If it doesn't feel comfortable in your hand when you pick it up then you are more likely going to either give up or struggle more. If Left handed String instruments cost to much, do what Hendrix (and Jared did in this video) Did take a Right handed guitar and flip the strings.

Delusional Official : Please do a progress series, playing left handed and updating every once in a while.

Jay Cater : Through The Fire and Flames!!

Zac Evans : I’m left handed but I play guitar right handed and I can’t play left handed guitars

Beor Eviols : How about you play right handed on a guitar strung left handed

Aravindan r : You played better than me right hand 💓💓

yootoob2019 : 14 yr old Audrey on Audrey123talks plays all that Dragonforce speedy stuff both right AND left handed effortlessly. I think someone forgot to tell her “you can’t do that”

Archit Gupta : "This video has been removed by the uploader"

Tactical Chunder : This is great to see because it really shows where everyone begins. Jared obviously started like this playing right handed and look at him now.


Potluck5 : Very impressive.... But can you... Oh. Wrong channel

Chilli Pepper : Clickbate I thought its peter parker playing guitar.

Watson Peanut : This guy will become famous one day...

J.L. : I'm gonna show parts of this video to someone who has never seen Jared and tell them this guy is one of the most talented men I've ever seen!

Vishwadeep Sonawane : Needs to summon Jimi Hendrix' soul.

Booble HD : This seems like the first time I tried to play something

Takumisu Nightcore : Soo cool. I am actually a lefthanded Guitar Player

Nefeli Provata : still a better love story than Twilight

GuitarAlex Rock101 : Every beginner guitarist ever.

Neil GuitarPlayz_YT : Can you play *Left* Behind by Slipknot?