Top 12 Movie Songs
Top 12 Movie Songs

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I believe that here are the 12 best songs of the cinema. They are the most iconic of movies, and you probably know them all. All were arranged by me, the pianist Lord Vinheteiro. Instagram: Twitter:


ImpendingJoker : Not a real stormtrooper, he didn't miss a single note.

Mystiic : Nobody: Literally no one: Guy playing piano on a dinosaur 🦖

Matias Alejandro Morales Vega : 10% Movie songs 90% Star wars songs

Amadeus Mozart : I really appreciate it that u put me on the 8th place

WesSavage : So, did you buy the costumes based on the songs you wanted to play, or you played the songs based on which costumes you had?

KarenINeed MyKids : Some guy:*plays piano while blind folded Vinheteiro:*plays piano while in bike

HHC Nguyen : No one: Vinheteiro: playing piano while holding a pistol.

Music Nerd : Dude did I just see him riding a bike WHILE playing the piano?

Jonathan Küttner : Other men: I’m the best pianist in this world! This guy: Hold my gun😂

Fromage Du Pays : Every movie : arrives with an amazing disguise The Exorcist : just stares at us

Lucas Pospeshil : Me: Sees a stormtrooper on the thumbnail CLICKS

thebeatnumber : For "The Exorcist" you ought to have levitated above the piano.

SamuelXD9 : The excorsist part is scary and funny at the same time.

vladimir945 : 0:29 Something is off... did he change his haircut? 1:30 _Now_ he changed his haircut. 1:54 NOW he changed his haircut.

pigducka : за "призрачную" игру под "Эзорциста" отдельный палец вверх :D

Gandalf the Grey : Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter?

Regan : I think the more important question here is where he got all the costumes from

Anchter Da Benson : His looks always makes my day

Amdur Pfeils : Ты музей реквизитов ограбил? 🤣👍

Дмитрий Козырев : Harry Potter? LOTR? Pirates of Caribbean?

David : Alternate title: John Williams and a couple other guys

Chalky : A real Stormtrooper would miss every key and bang his head.

Couldn't think of a Youtube name. : Some others u could have put in instead of 8 star wars songs: Avengers Lord of the Rings The Good The Bad The Ugly Interstellar Narnia (rly dosen't get enough credit) Harry Potter E.T Wonder Woman How To Train Your Dragon Jurassic Park: Main Theme Psycho Halloween Titanic Mission Impossible James Bond Superman 2001 A Space Odysseus Indiana Jones The Lone Ranger Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Pink Panther

TOP FOOOTBALL CK : Exorcist sounds like "L" theme

OldSkoolAnimeFan : First song I learned on organ was Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.

darthludi : Composers: 12. Bill Conti 11. John Williams 10. John Williams 9. Jack Nitzsche 8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 7. John Williams 6. James Horner 5. John Williams 4. Nino Rota 3. John Williams 2. John Williams 1. James Horner Anyone else see a pattern here?

THE ZOOTSUITMAN : Number 7 Flashback to playing lego star wars with my mom on the original xbox

Soham Brahme : This was the first man I saw for playing piano on bike😂😂😂😂

Fata Turchina : Vinheteiro,you're a very good artist and a very enjoying person. It's not so common finding these things together...

Ab Ghaffar : Judges: can you play piano and riding a bike at the same time Vinheteiro: hold my beer

Paulo Saldanha : Eu não disse? O cara é maluco! o Bicho é nojento no piano. Um mestre! Eu ri pra caramba! VOCÊ É O CARA! kkkkkkkkkkk

Bat man : 3:48 - "English, motherf***er! Do you speak it?!"

Christopher Kersey : Plays the piano while holding a gun.... YES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

AlienDotPy : The piano played by the devil in The Exorcist kinda freaked me out 🤣

Grahame Gould : Braveheart number one!! I love you.

Landon Buttrum : HOW THE HECK DID HE JUST PLAY THE EXORCIST??!?!?!??!?!?

Turbo-Fan : 1 Bad 2 Average 3 Good 4 Very good 5 Talented 6 Very talented 7 Asian 8 Advanced Asian 9 Very Super-Good and Talented 10 playing the piano while casually riding a bike

SuperCookieGaming : lugia’s theme is actually the best song from a movie

tiago veiga : Adorei o vídeo! Parabéns. Podia colocar também Back to the future... mas ficou ótimo 👏👏

adamhawks : Over half are from John Williams . I think that days something.

Iben Indrevær : Everyone’s talking about playing on a bike but nobody is discussing when he played with a gun

SKYLINE FILMS BRASIL : Criatividade com classe e muito talento! Parabéns Creativity with class accompanied by such a great talent

Tiffy Liang : Isn’t the empire strikes back supposed to be called the imperial march?

Uxas - Darkseid : Darth Vader : Join me and Piano Force. Rule the Galaxy Luke: I will not join you. You Killed my father. Darth Vader: No your father is Piano Luke: Whaaaaattttttttttttt Cantina Song :D

Marjoe Buratto da Silveira : "good things" made in brazil. So proud to be brazilian when i see such a amazing talent and he is "Blood from my Blood". Os brasileiros vamos dominar este mundo, ahhaha! Cara, vc é demais. Que orgulho :)

William Mills : Just as an FYI #2 is called Imperial March not Empire Strikes Back.

Juli Piano : I was laughing so hard when he came with the dinosaur😂😂

Alec L : #9 is tubular bells from M. Oldfield

Lululipes : E aí Vinheteiro, tu realmente é gaúcho? Que tri hahaha