Top 12 Movie Songs

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Anchter Da Benson : His looks always makes my day

Inge : No Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? 😭

Zaki Zain : I got fooled with the dinosaur, i thought it was actually his leg lol

Beth W : I was waiting for him to do another Star Wars song dressed as Princess Leia.

Maria Gabi 16 : Ele é brasileiro !!!!!

Dirt : He's a pirate was an amazing song Where is it

Archer 777 : How much do you spend on costumes per vid 😂 Edit: wow thanks sooo much for 100 likes never thought I’d get this many Edit: 180 like you guys are insane thanks

aldair lima : Cara dei risada de mais quando ele veio "montado" naquele dinossauro. kkkkkkkkkk

Alice Potter : If i can find a boyfriend like him... I DEFINITELY MARRIED HIM

Living Death : I’ve been riding a bike wrong for my whole life...

Kazrael Azraelis : I respect a man who can play piano while riding a bike EDIT : this is my most liked comment EVER

Logan fletcher : 3:38 when you finally get your 3-D printer...

Lê Quân : the gun killed me lol

em world10 : Gladiator ⚔💔😢

american classic rock : Star wars forever

Vida de Pai : Só para não perder o costume e talvez ajudar alguem 0:03 - Rocky Balboa 0:28 - Star Wars 0:40 - Jurassic Park 1:11 - The Exorcist 1:30 - Amadeus 1:55 - Star Wars (Cantina Band) 2:37 - Braheart 2:55 - Star Wars (Throne Room) 3:37 - Godfather 4:19 - Jaws 4:26 - Empire Strikes Back - Star Wars 4:53 - Braveheart (hahahahahahaha)

Nanish Sharma : 0:39🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But my laughter was drained away by the next song..... Seriously,who can stare like that for so many videos!!!!

Legolas of Mirkwood : Where is lotr?

tez 8931 : No Harry Potter...?😢⚡

Rey Tube : He's a legend!!!

Sammy Diche : The excorsist part is scary and funny at the same time.

Soosler Gaming : 1:19 Ah! See what you did there😏 Or you did not🤔

Jeremie Gelinas : WTF the last one 😂

TheRhythmicTale : Wow he’s exercising, playing the piano and staring through the depths of my soul all at the same time! Incredible!

Vinícius Moura : Excelente músico, toca demais esse @Vinheteiro, pena que é tão pouco valorizado aqui no Brasil.

Bizniz Productions : Not a real stormtrooper. You hit all for the correct notes.

Marcos d Ferreira : Boa vinheteiro vc devia ser mais valorizado se tivesse nascido no Estados unidos teria mais reconhecimento mais isso aqui é Brasil país do pagodinho dos fanqueiros essa porra ai

Tristan Pilz : Ha ha ha such a nice change from all the other typical piano videos

Dr. Air : Немало Звёздных Войн

Jurassic Productions SFM : If Jurassic Park ain't on here i swear to god...

Yoonking Min : I was laughing so hard when he came with the dinosaur😂😂

Dylan Young : When you have to get exercise but you love the piano to much 0:05

Vinicius Oliveira : Pra mim a melhor parte foi do exorcista. Haha Mto engraçado. / The exorcist part was the funiest, for me

ursinho puff soares : Só música boa velho

Brian Vasquez : Your videos make my day complete

RV Homesteader : 🤣😂🤣😂 3:47 That is where you should have put your subscribe sticker!

godspeeder with spuperpowers : Amadeus hij it's looks stille not on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

JESUS fala a Verdade : : Vinheteiro, cuidado para não tocar a música, "Selin de bicicleta no fio-fó"...

Axel Lemmens : The force is strong with this One

Diogo Luthieri : 3:37 Best movie, best soundtrack!

Mister_ F11 : It‘s really fun seeing you playing the piano on a dinosaur :D

Mňam mňam Halama : You are good

emre kaya : The pirates of carabbian ?

Юрий Картузов : Hey! Where is my Harry Potter?!

Dawid Kowal : Where is Indiana Jones Theme ? 😢

Baritone Channel : this video is sponsored by star wars

Annoyingmint100 : Now that's what I call multi tasking

Marsh mello : Where is titanic😢😢😢

Kim Jong Un : Chewbacca would say: Aaaaaaaargh

Dan McB : 9 tubular bells Yay