Top 12 Movie Songs

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Anchter Da Benson : His looks always makes my day

Dirt : He's a pirate was an amazing song Where is it

Bizniz Productions : Not a real stormtrooper. You hit all for the correct notes.

EmeraldTheDingo : Today I witnessed a man playing the piano in a Chewbacca suit.... well if that isn't a reason to sub idk what is lmfao

Clownfish927 : I think he’s a Star Wars fan😂

Sam Jeon : He's nearly a cosplayer hahaha

acampamento meio sangue : Where's Harry Potter's song ?? just me who am potterhead around here ?? Kkkk

T. Cobrax : This guy did more sport in this video than i did in the entire week 😔

Archer 777 : How much do you spend on costumes per vid 😂

Dan Ward : He didn't 360 vomit his head for the exorcist - instant dislike.

Arthur Hayes : 4:06 imagine if he shot the piano.

lakabra goatklaw : Playing Braveheart dressing as English, hahahahahahaha That was the touch

Legolas of Mirkwood : Where is lotr?

Zaki Zain : I got fooled with the dinosaur, i thought it was actually his leg lol

Kazrael Azraelis : I respect a man who can play piano while riding a bike EDIT : this is my most liked comment EVER

JESUS fala a Verdade : : Vinheteiro, cuidado para não tocar a música, "Selin de bicicleta no fio-fó"...

Can we get 50000 subscribers with no videos? : *omg the dinosaur one though*

mike dothan : video demonetized because it has a gun in it.

Brian Vasquez : Your videos make my day complete

Vida de Pai : Só para não perder o costume e talvez ajudar alguem 0:03 - Rocky Balboa 0:28 - Star Wars 0:40 - Jurassic Park 1:11 - The Exorcist 1:30 - Amadeus 1:55 - Star Wars (Cantina Band) 2:37 - Braheart 2:55 - Star Wars (Throne Room) 3:37 - Godfather 4:19 - Jaws 4:26 - Empire Strikes Back - Star Wars 4:53 - Braveheart (hahahahahahaha)

Rai Myrzageldy : я один ахуеваю что у него столько костюмов посвященных тематике звездных войн ?

ILoveCakes ILC/A : This is the first time I've ever seen a Jedi and Darth Vader play the piano... *I am confusion*

Samuel Heft : I love how this guy has like 4 revisions of Star Wars in this video but NO Harry Potter?

IndoCowboy's PUBG : 1:55 looks like a ghillie suit! 😂😂

CockatoosRus : What about about Back To The Future?

aldair lima : Cara dei risada de mais quando ele veio "montado" naquele dinossauro. kkkkkkkkkk

Bayu Fadhilla : Automatically subscribes because of the flute

Kevin Austin : The Exorcist one tho how did you do that

Sammy Diche : The excorsist part is scary and funny at the same time.

elcucuydesmadrugado : I died at the jurassic park one😂😂😂 Edit: Also why does he always point at us when he is going to play a song

David Hanselvunth : I do not approve of the lack of padding under the mail coif.

em world10 : Gladiator 💔😢

Мега Найт : Сука этот взгляд

Importbarn från kina. : Now he is riding a bike while playing the piano.

Otto Schultz Jølving : I love that 4 of them where star wars:) Btw number 2 is called Imperial march

Gwendolyn & Gideon : C'est magnifique 😍😍😍

A Starwave : Com isso concluímos: Star Wars tem o melhor soundtrack EVAR

Hairy Styles : I was expecting Harry Potter

Mister_ F11 : It‘s really fun seeing you playing the piano on a dinosaur :D

Dr. Air : Немало Звёздных Войн

Noobis : Nice cosplay

Jeffrey A. : #8 had too many notes

Jim Black : Отличная подборка :)

Yoonking Min : I was laughing so hard when he came with the dinosaur😂😂

Physiology Shark : Aren't you too short to be a -Stormtrooper- Chewbacca and Darth Vader?

Jeon Jungkook : Where is the Harry Potter Theme?😱

Dagger 323 : All good choices. Personally I also would have thrown in "The Ecstasy of Gold" and "The Trio" from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

ура руссике : 哈哈哈rocky cool

Helgi Allmetaj : In case you wonder why pirates of the Caribbean wasn't there, it's simply because he couldn't find a pirate costume

Angel Medina Acori : Falto la de piratas del caribe He's a pirate