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JackUltraMotive : I am in disbelief 😱 The amount of detail and thought put into this is insane! Killer job 👏🏼👏🏼

Salman B : the police audio was from need for speed most wanted 2005, I respect that

Omar Valerio : Lowkey miss gta 5 If only rockstar didn’t ruin it with flying vehicles

TeB Bo : This gives me mermories about old need for speeds. Like if you played them too.

louis huffer : Well that’s probably the best YouTube video I’ve watched in a while🤔

MaskSo James : First time YouTube recommends me something of quality

Jace of Spades : This is masterfully shot and edited, it's like it's a movie you would go see in a theater but it was shot in a game. Mad props my dude!

Xx cackling giggle snort xX ayeee lmao : My god if gta had the r32 sounding like this without mods I would cry XD

unReal_wResTLer : I can't believe how much work was done in it! Btw. Did you took the car sfx from nfs and/or from tokyo drift?

Leonardo Hernandez : The ppl that hit dislike are haters 🤦‍♂ this is sooo good

R8 : of course the villain is Asian, just like in Tokyo drift

TJ_ULTRA_GAMING _ : Anyone else went back to watch this before part 2?

Hassan Mahmood : 12:06 Did the police in background say put your KNEES In the air?

a anarchist : I know street races are illegal but chill was not that big of a deal my God

owen playsgames : That opening song tho?!?!?

Prodigy Zay tov : This came out last year and I'm now just seeing it man amazing movie!

Miyagi FatGhost : Wait wait wait....Did homie just do the Jackie Chan "Rumble in the Bronx" building to building stunt jump??? Greatest Video Game Movie EVER

Yestle : This is spectacular although some of the lines were poorly written and the voice actings are goofy but damn it’s a masterpiece!!

Gaming Addictionz : One man making a full professional movie, using a video game engine. That's some real dedication! Поздрав од Македонија!

Phil Vlogt : I never cried at try not to cry compilations, but at the end of this story i cried xD

練習中アッキー : 日本人に向けて日本語字幕まで付けてくださり誠にありがとうございます!😊お陰で完成度の高い作品が楽しく視聴できます!

Suati : feels just like a old NFS, i like this a lot, great job man!

connor pittam : I'll tell you whats overheating, my Pc when I put this in 4K.

Dickki JonS0N : Hey,Rockstar guys should hire this guy for their next gta trailer or dlc storyline

whatever57010 : 10:37, damn... that is one fast bike, now I wanna join the LSPD

Istvan Vieser : The new fast&furious made by a slav guy,nice job❤👌

ATAKE BROTHERS : the name of the movie came from his computer while editing this 🤣🤣

Dude Chill : This was the smoothest Gta movie I’ve seen💦

blacksea : That skyline sounds more realistic than Forza

Alien Antal : This... was amazing dude!! Keep it up I can't wait for part 2!

Devon Edwards : fantastic. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the rest!!

Jão Vlogs : Nunca vi um video tao perfeito !!!!!! Parabéns deve ter dado MUITO trabalho !!!!!

Skrampie : Had to watch the first overheat again before I watch the second one because I forgot what happened in the first one lol

aaaa : What’s the suspect driving : I don’t know a freaking plane 😂😂😂😂 Thanks for all the likes 😀

Bernardo d'Souza : Vim pelo Davy Jones do Brasil

BOLT ACTION STUDIOS : What was the music called for the intro? Btw this video is the best on YouTube keep up the good work

BFL_RIZE : Holy shit this is amazing keep it up i wanna see more

Joe The Dog : ×100 better than fast n furious Bring an oscar for this guy

zoran zoran : like how he used the NFS Most wanted sound for police searching for you.

[GD] CookieziX : When the street race begin he uses his intro music. How creative!

Cristion Taylor : Just here to say that majority of the car audio from this video is from NFS carbon and some NFSU2. Any real fan knows this

S3rn4x : Your work is awesome man!

TruMoist : Voice acting is kinda corny but overall amazing!

Sipient : Why can't cars actually sound like that in gta 😭

FMXL Adapt : you should be very proud

Nilexe Games : Vucko an amazing job! I can say that it was one of the best films I've never saw, the story was so interesting, the scenes were really nice and the voices more of the same. Congratulations for this amazing job!

AJ to the M : Wish me luck, I’m going full screen.

_ .hriday.lakhe : it was alright...wouldn’t mind... WHEN IS FREAKING PART 2 COMING OUT I NEED IT NOWWWW

Jariel Jose Seda : Cop: need backup ASAP Dispatch: what is the suspect driving? Cop: oh I don't know a freaking plane XD