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Vucko100 : Finally! Part 1 of my "Overheat" Movie is Done! Whole movie is 1h 40min. Finished nearly all the scenes, now just editing to be done. Will be 4 parts in total. Enjoy the action! ;) I don't often tell you to Like & Share the video but if you can, please share this big Project of mine. Thanks! -English & Serbian Subtitles are available

MaskSo James : First time YouTube recommends me something of quality

Ryan McFarland : Bro I know I'm just now watching this in 2019 but this is so good

Jariel Jose Seda : Cop: need backup ASAP Dispatch: what is the suspect driving? Cop: oh I don't know a freaking plane XD

Excelan : Deadass, one of the best videos I have ever watched on the internet. This could and should be on Netflix. It’s that good.

BrandonPryorMusic : The camera work got my attention but the voice acting turned me off instantly.


Russian Assassin Pro : Please do overheat 2

Its Retarded Kai : _4K_ Me: *Watches in 240p*

Metin 322 : You're really talented, you're really talented in different subtitle options.

JackUltraMotive : I am in disbelief 😱 The amount of detail and thought put into this is insane! Killer job 👏🏼👏🏼

Mego L. : This movie put in cinema in gta V i will watch it 😂

trueLekseyka : 3 am. Night. Sunglasses. Why?

Pepino Brillante : Those sounds are from Need For Speed Carbon! awesome. great memories

7note : You’ve referenced every popular racing movie ever. 11:20 - need for speed. Everything else - fast and furious

サスペSantiago : Looks like old fast and furious

DJ Sazer : Man i never watch full YouTube video or even movie and you make me did it, this is so awersome...

HessoSkill : The best thing i watched on Youtube of all time! Fantastisch!!

Britannic O : คนไทย

TrackerDrift : Just noticed I have a car like the one that the protagonist haves.

Martvel : Fast & Furious style, HELLA cool, Vucko!! 🔥

Mazretin12 : Wow just wow this is my first time watching this and I loved every minute of it I'm still flabbergasted on how did he make this? what kind of application you need or program on PC in order to do this and the voices? Another thing I noticed he used that crazy old guy from that strangers and freaks as Trevor who would have thought that crazy old guy which I forgot his name was into illegal street racing and selling imported cars? And one last thing I found why the hell is agent 14 doing illegal street racing lol 😂👍 I have to give Vucko a lot of respect and hard effort for making this worthy movie to watch 😍👍it was worth the long wait I can't wait to see Overheat part 2 he's the only YouTuber that made the best GTA V movie I have ever seen I also seen others but they are not as cinematic as this one if anyone agrees please like if not go fuck yourself if you don't appreciate the hard work he has done😡👎

The Negros : Dude you got my respect.

PUBG ARMY : Legend Vucko real car sounds respect👍💪much Love from Türkiye🇹🇷

Brynjolf : Uhm, you are freaking AMAZING my friend , legit the best 30 minutes of my life!

Martvel : Vucko, you make the GTA V movies we like, incredible! 🔥

716MENACE : Great job✌🏽🔥🔰

Ajenjo24 : nice job, im still laughn with that porsche four in line engine XD, i think u maybe couldnt find that cinematic from a boxer, so its ok

Tarlowze mp4 : Magnifique ! 🇫🇷👍

guiman daniel : BRO IT'S SO *REALISTIC*

incesco : this reminds me of need for speed underground <3

G4merX : *-What is the Suspect Driving?* *-Ahh and I'll Know, A Damn Airplane!* kkkkkkkkkkkkkk BEST PRODUCER OF GTA V (MACHINIMA)! CONGRATULATIONS BROH! TMJ!

Duke 666 : Bro bring back the gta series plz.........

FRGY : i like this but the lines are very cheesy

SZWALIK : Poland waiting for next

Bond : We need Part 2 ASAP 👍

TPG Machinima : wow just wow. Give credit when credit is due

Steven Eh Lay : When will this hit theaters?

MC ZK : Gold job bro

muhammet ali Pullu : 1:28 de arkada modifiyeli şahin var

CToretto : I enjoyed watching this more than any of the last 7 fast and furious films!! Incredible work, proper street racing vibes reminded me of fast and furious 1! Great job✌️

G4merX : *-O Que o Suspeito Está Dirigindo?* *-Ahh e Eu Vou Saber, Um Maldito Avião!* kkkkkkkkkkkkkk MELHOR PRODUTOR DE (MACHINIMA) DE GTA V! PARABÉNS BROH! TMJ!

Kacper Tarczynski : I subscribed and liked. This is fantastic action film. Waiting for more 👍

DAB BOY : Where did you get the car sound effects ???

GamerZ Tripiix : Niiiiiice 👏👏👏👏👏

CSYON : This is EPIC!

ザック : 日本語入っててびっくりした

Alfred Jim : The song at the beginning is Japan Girl by Andreas Ericson

# ER4O4 : *Это восхитительно!*

Angel Diaz : new sub bro. I NEED to see overheat 2 asap. nice editing and I know this took a long time so good job on everything you did here, keep it up