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Vucko100 : Finally! Part 1 of my "Overheat" Movie is Done! Whole movie is 1h 40min. Finished nearly all the scenes, now just editing to be done. Will be 4 parts in total. Enjoy the action! ;) I don't often tell you to Like & Share the video but if you can, please share this big Project of mine. Thanks! -English & Serbian Subtitles are available

Rafio _404 : I am really excited for part 2 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Like if you agree 👇

WoM CoM : Русские лайкайте

Серёжа Браун : Блин, скиньте название трека на 01:00. Он просто охуенен, но шазам его не ищет

Neekholas : Still better than the new Fast and Furious movies...

MaskSo James : First time YouTube recommends me something of quality

JQB03 : 27:15 yo couldnt he just get him to the passenger seat?

Veselin Kostic : All sounds for police and car sound are from Need For Speed Most Wanted.Preety nice movie bro.Predobar film zemljace ;-)

Мроо Иооп : Русские то есть?)

THE OnTONG : we didn't deserve this masterpiece. How we must pay for this?

JackUltraMotive : I am in disbelief 😱 The amount of detail and thought put into this is insane! Killer job 👏🏼👏🏼

Dreamy : Пожалуй это лучший GTA V фильм, что я видел

مستر بنز - Mr Benz : Tokyo Drift 🌚🇯🇵🎌

FLUKE GG : คนไทยมารวมกันหน่อยสิ 😍😍😍😍

Josh Rogers : am i the only one who thought that the dude with the pickup at the end was gonna be his dad ahhahaha

C4RGUY : I fucking loved it really good effort put in it we need part two now 🙏

Jorge Nuñez : Que hermoso hay otra parte

Evan Harvey : Let me smash your car just so I can tell you to meet me at 3am for a race ... Other than that this is good

Eifer : I like it, it gives me nfs underground vibe.

Тимур Гильмединов : Очень круто мне понравилось жду продолжения

Martvel : Fast & Furious style, HELLA cool, Vucko!! 🔥

Ömer Demir : 6:50 song ?

rydiinx3 : WHATS THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE BEGINNING? :( or is this exclusively for the video?

Lucas Telles : Omg! awsome! i am from brazil. i am a new subscribe.

Dastor : Будет ли продолжение?

CSYON : This is EPIC!

Neptux : There is so many fails but this is the best you can get from GTA V.

малышка. квами : круто. гта 5 я обязательно посмотрю если появится фильм гта 5 обязательно скажу фсем .😎

José Guilherme Da Silva Morais : music at 1:00 minute? please

the top 10 : Better than any fast and the furious ever made

GORILLA ARMY : And the Oscar goes to.... this is sick! Thank you in the name of every GTA Tuner from los santos. Ive seen a lot of good Rockstar Cinematics but this one ❤️ greetz from Germany #GorillaArmy #Autofanatix

Francesco Botrugno : 6:41 oh god the turbine

Nethithum Nuallamai : สุดยอด👍😍👍

Степан Степанов : 0:16 sound name, please

KIRIL MANZHOS : 0:10 music please

WyzeWolf BR : Vucko, you are *AMAZING!* What a high quality content, you are a beast! The best, hands down. Inspires me. Thank you for all your good work and dedication. *Greetings from Brazil, we love you* 🇧🇷

Tommi rotta : I wanna know what happened to his dad

Diamondback RattleGamer : Now I get it why he said ah rocket because the elegy retro custom has not tonight pizza boy livery

KIRIL MANZHOS : А музло в начале скажите пж

Салават Губайдуллин : Просто шедевральный фильм, я в восторге от увиденного, надеюсь автор поймёт что я тут написал))

Ratmanpl_1 wotB : I actually have no words am stund by the effort put into this i love the plot its amazingly detailed keep it up Vucko.

Ainan Yah : Haii im from indonesia,nice movie,thanks to Captain for language Indonesia.Good job

DROID POOL : Writing could’ve been better but races were damn cool to watch. Sound is top notch nice job I really enjoyed nonetheless

Зубайр : Сюжет лучще чем у форсаж 8

Андрей Четвертнов : Требую русскую озвучку!

Martvel : Vucko, you make the GTA V movies we like, incredible! 🔥

Theerathep Duangtadsarad : 1:25 What song?

DaKidDevo YT : When I saw the start I was like yo this not Los Santos detail crazy bruh yo keep up the good job my guy looking forward for this to be on Amazon lol

RIFT : Wow is it so cool and beautiful gg dud 👌👍

chris88970 : Fratello, sei IL CAPO.