NINE-DARTER! Gary Anderson vs Joe Cullen - 2018 BetVictor World Matchplay
Amazing camera work for this dramatic darts moment

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Gary Anderson strikes perfection in his Quarter-Final with Joe Cullen to scoop a £45,000 prize bonus!


marty mcfly : Gary Gary Gary Anderson what a man. WHAT A LEGEND

sand groper : Joe you are a true sportsman on how it cost nothing to smile when you have lost the game good on you

Dark Lord : And one leg later he did a 141 again. Just awesome, well done Gary :D

huepix : I love how darts players appreciate their opponents touches of genius.

C.B. 2002 : great I love Gary's throwing style and his accent😀

Pommes2oo9 : Ohhhhhhhh gary, gary !!!!


Billy D : It pisses me off how easy he makes this game look.

Philz Law : Awesome 9 darter well done Gando

stephen mcpal : Gary is a true gentleman and so humble what a great sportsman

Neb tun : Oh Gary Gary I Love the man and it was the First Time I saw a Nine Darter live on TV

ML7 : For me he‘s on the same level as MVG , who agrees?

Professor Domblebizeps : What a fool have disliked this Video? MvG are you watching? ^^

Dylan Gantrich : I knew he was gonna throw it as soon as i saw that 2nd 180 going in, just no hesitation. Pure class and i loved the respect from joe towards gary, he was enjoying it himself. Gotta say, Cullen was magnificent yesterday but if you run into this gary it's nearly impossible to beat him.

vinzz z : Amazing Match from both players! The matches are getting better and better!!

Zeke Edwards : Made it look so easy, this guy is a scoring machine best all round dart player imo

MyNamesJesse : Hello, I'm late to the YT 9 darter party, but I want to say that Cullen's reaction is pure class. He's even smiling, to Gary, because he loves the moment for the crowd. He is a true gent and sportsman.

LordDarts : Even more impressive is the fact that not a single one of these 9 darts touched the wire

Sa Ek : Amazing crowd, i love it!

shadow S. : I like him i like Gary Gary Gary anderson Hey a nice player👍🎯

SXI96 : Incredible Gary, that crowd is amazing also, so much passion

Sti Dark : When rtl7 for once doesn't broadcast the live game so you miss this moment.....

Snakebite : Finally!!!

Robert Grant : What a man super Gary and Joe Cullen looked really happy for Gary after the 9 darter

Thijs Langemaat : of course it is Gary Anderson!! Legend

Dan Fraser : Brilliant moment in a brilliant darts game from two players who were brilliant 👏👏

James Corrigan : Gary anderson is just a class act in every aspect,super 9darter&141 follow-up,full credit to joe cullen,darts needs more gents like this pair,joe will go home with a few quid more than he expected to but he'll still be gutted,id hate to be a fly on the wall in his house this weekend!

Legende 81 : Legend!!!

Robin Bayer : One of the greatest dart matches I've ever seen

HouseDaddyHouse : Fantastic 9 darter and one of the greatest matches, if not THE greatest I’ve ever witnessed!

Lee Jackson : So watchable Gary celebrating is wicked and Joe

Trident Diving : "What a darty-party!"   Announcer gold!

Patrick Steininger : Really cool reaction from cullen... Sportsmen at their best... 👍

Steve Hunt : WOW!!!! , it would take me 100 darts even to hit a double or triple, I STINK AT DARTS!!!!

Daniel Jones : Cracking game, glad to have seen the 9 and the big fish live in the crowd

Fred M : See you in Auckland Gary and hope I get to meet you. Look out for my Andy Capp uniform... lol

Chet Ubetcha : Nails mate

Bob Seneka : Gary Anderson is an amazing player!!!

Callum Owen : Come on Gary win this tournement much better than all the other players when you are turned on and hit your doubles better

Steve Harris : BOOM multiplied by 9.

Ian Burns : Perfect!!!

Bill d : I played in a dart league for 4 years. I got a ton 80 once. These dudes are incredible.


Michal M : I wish they could get the record from the Grand Slam of Darts 2016 Jamie Hughes vs James Wilson

Nadine ᴎаllаↃ : Wow that was great and the other fellow was awesome about it to.

mark jeffers : Like Gary always comes across as a good guy win or lose gracious too tho my favourite is still MVG

Ryan Wicomb : Unbelievable Gary. well done bud

Joe Montague : Joe Cullen, Rob Cross, James Wade and 5 other humanoids disliked this video.

John Williams : Class at its finest and one gent to go with it..end of