Guy Fakes a Heart Attack in Court

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A man that opted to be his own defence in Court fakes a heart attack but fails to fool anyone. Hilarious!


~SeahorseMcGee~ : man...if ur gonna fake a heart attack at least make ur breath seem a bit labored....

xGameEdits : Lmao the guy who sat next to him was like "oh here we go again" lol

Super Kawhii Leonard : Me pretending to not hear my mom trying to wake me up

Westy : oh take me Jesus.... *peeks to see if anyones looking.

Kade Hawk : who says excuse me judge when they get a heart attack

The Greek Pianist : He made a TOTAL fool of himself!!!! For the rest of his life! Lol! 😂😂😂

zak loxray : lol the judge was so funny

The Greek Pianist : LMAO he was doing everything in his power to avoid the case!

Yassaka : Judge: He appears to be quite normal, not labored in any way..Is that a fair assessment sir? Cop: Yes Guy: Oh wow.. I'm suddenly awake, what a miracle

Sayros : Not the worst defense.

Damion Sancho : I'm sorry, but I would've been laughing out loud in that courtroom 🤣

918V : Suge Knight Law School grad.

eisforme : The guy sitting right behind him doesn’t even FLINCH when the other guy falls over. He was either sleeping or knew it was all an act. Lol.

Liberz : believable fall tbh

Paula B. : I feel for the guy. Sometimes you gotta fake a heart attack to get out of shit you don't want to do. At least he tried though

Phil Danne : Shoulda had the paramedics pull out the paddles and yell "Clear!" -- see if that wakes him up

Mysterious Camper : you shoud pour black pepper up his nose to wake him up :)

Jazhua Vanboven : Did he get up?!

UnscrupulousAgitator : Ahhh so the guy in the suit is his court appointed "back up" attorney. There so there can be no mistrial or continuance. That guy is probably thinking "What am i doing wrong? I googled what a heart attack victim does. Confused ... check. Claims I feel funny ... check. Falls over clutching chest ... Check. Unresponsive ... Check. CAN'T SHE SEE IM DYING?!? Damn"

Straff : Guy just used is an excuse to catch up on some zzzzz's 

CT NIGHAVEN : courtroom dignity beez rayciss an sheeit yome sayin

globalstreams tv : He should have went to acting school first lol

Max Power : Heart attacks be rayciss an sheeeeeeeit!

Kamel Jones : That guy’s good at faking heart attacks. But at the same time, that judge knows a person in distress when she sees one..

Lacey Rojas : He was sentenced to 42 years

Designs : I came to see 1:00 lolol

MiraJane D : He is committed. I’ll give him that 👏

Declan Ryan : Black faints matter!!

kylepohsib : Thank you for this upload I need this today! hahaha 

Jingle well : This is so hard to see xD

Carin Reyes : They keep ammonia poppers in court? Jeez, how often does this crap happen?!

CoffeeRaven : Lol I think someone was snickering in the back.

MsBonitaDinero : "Ohh a remarkable change" Lmao!!!😂 one of my favorite videos! Lol

JOSHUA Montoya : Judge used law! It's extremely effective! Mr. Wilkins fainted

Sugar_High : It's so hilarious when he falls to the floor! It looks SO fake!

Ocean Breeze : I love how this video is under “comedy” ... lol

CringeFest : Tbh I think he had an anxiety attack. I don’t think he’s faking it.

Darth Bacon : this must be a killer story in jail

Th3Gam3925 : They should have opened up a can of grape soda under his nose to wake him up.

jakethemuss3 : Whats the point of this? Heart Attack or not, he is still getting the same sentence.

MrRiggyRiggs : Bustin!

Edward Jackson : oh this the big one im coming to join you(fred Sanford)

Majid Khan : hes done it before succesfully

Blake : What happened after the break?

Kade Hawk : who came here from trutv lol

united4631 : Better call Saul !

Kaito Samanusekae : If I was being sentenced to 42 fucking years I'd pretend to have more than a heart.

Derek Martz : The judge is at snark level 12.

Anthony Tetley : is there a part 2 to this did he recover or not