I was detained and questioned by the FBI at LAX

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We will return to normal videos when I'm back in Aus. But, I thought it was important to explain in full what happened and what my experience was at LAX airport. It was incredibly stressful and upsetting to have to deal with the situation. Thank you everyone for your support. It means the world to me. Avi's video for context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odCQhAezB_Q&t=208s Avi's video about his experience being detained and deported from the US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KpIlNKGfhM Find me: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sydneywatson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sydneywatsonofficial Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/sydney__watson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sydneywatson__ Check out more articles and videos on my website: https://www.sydneywatson.com


Greg Hart : Contact Tucker at Fox - he would love this story!!

frealms : LAX? Should've worn a hijab, instant clear pass without questions.

SHSscorp82 : Us free speech loving Americans love you, Sydney! And “Comedy” Central hasn’t been involved in comedy in about 15 years.

Mitchell Drury : Comedy Central conducting censorship through the use of Federal Authorities as force...dafuq

J T : Welcome to 1984. Worlds getting smaller. Make sure to pack light

Droplix : Sue comedy central for defamation. Fascists will only care when their pockets are getting hit.

Jeff Diefenderfer : And in the time they harassed you 10k ILLEAGLS crossed our border

Dylan Muir : It's clear what Comedy Central has done here. They have been caught out with their fake interview by editing. They then don't want to deal with either of you or anyone associated with either of you if they have been caught out and either just want to put it under the carpet or maybe legal reasons of being sued etc. So there for not have to deal with this Comedy Central contact the FBI and makeup a story about you being threat both physically and this journalism truth about them. From what has happened I would Sue Comedy Central after how you both have been treated and with a full story.

The Inscrutable : You need a lawyer to deal with the tv channel. A jury will give you millions based on this story.

Gene Hall : …"swatting" is criminal harassment, time to talk to a lawyer...

NPC -30 : Comedy Central smears a person's character and they're concerned for their safety. Pieces of sh**.

bluewhale18 : Banned from a country where ilhan omar heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Justin Laucella : If Bill Burr knew about this he would tear Jim apart during his next stand-up special.

Mark Smith : Another example of how the entertainment industry and heavy handed government agencies work side by side to censorship of the truth. We have been warned about this.....

Teufel Hund : Comedy Central should be held accountable. This is a false claim of terrorism which is a felony. *edit: They told the FBI that you and Avy were political activists that were a threat to their organization or people whom work for them. That is the definition of terrorism, and the FBI getting involved is also a sign that they took it as a threat of terrorism. You need to file legal action against Comedy Central, and especially being an American citizen, you can do even more. Also, you should get on some American news stations and talk about this, just to make sure that it is known. Best of luck. https://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/crime-of-filing-a-false-report-of-terrorism.html

NRA ONLY3 : call up FOX news, they are always interested in bashing leftist media. they might let you share your story.

Fuzzy Waffles : Praying all is well for you and your friend. Hope to hear from you soon. Safe travels!

Retro Bit Rob Wit : Jim Jefferies and comedy central are guilty and should be investigated and held accountable. Disgusting behaviour by them both!!!

Thai Kumnun : It sounds like in a communist country. The US is one of this sort! Same same but different with Hollywood touch.

MrRipn2u : Thank You DHS for being thorough and keeping us safe...

INFO Wars Boot Camp : It's because REAL JOURNALISM is the greatest threat they have ever known!

Chris Cosby : The Federal Bureau of Intimidation.

Kangoshi21 : Don't talk to the police. Don't EVER talk to the FBI. I live in Russia, but even I know that.

Egor : so much about freedom and freeadom of speach in USA...They only use theese terms when they want to put some sanctions or to bomb some one

Jorge Sandoval : I am with the fbi, female body inspector...😂😂😂😂

Valeriya Varnavskaya : "We were detained because comedy central made complaints" what a time to be alive.

Darius Moon : I always thought that Comedy Central was an entertainment channel. Never thought it was ran by actual clowns that would prank the FBI. (very much sounds like CC effectively 'swatted' these 2 journalists)

theylied1776 : Seriously, "Dishonest Media Practices"? Jim Jefferies is on a Network Called (Comedy Central!) Just let that sink in for a second. I don't know, maybe Comedy Central is a reputable source for news in Australia?

Ian M : Ok so let’s get this right, you were both going to ? research/diminish a popular personality from a large media organisation having 100% busted him/ them creating fake news about one of you , I.e asking them (exposure)as to why they are generating fake news about you a dual American/Australian 🇦🇺/ 🇺🇸 and formerly Jewish? Israel 🇮🇱 now Australian 🇦🇺citizens. So you are potentially undermining their credibility with exposure of the plain truth. (I call this Walt Disney syndrome), Also you attempted to do this in an election cycle for both USA and Australia, so the media organisations usefulness would be in question by the side they would be opaquely supporting for the upcoming campaign. Yes All countries involved in this are fused together with intelligence and defence allies ( 🇺🇸 & 🇦🇺 along with UK & NZ have often been called 5 fingers of western democracies). So sadly your in a country where the leaders are routinely subjected to fake news (sorry president Trump). So I’m glad I’m older and wiser, although I admire your vigour for the truth ,there is and remains a better way than hopping on a plane without being meet by say a press conference at your arrival , this would have served as a minimal precaution (because without it you were both obviously likely to be deported) and FYI All countries involved have the immigration and border ability to reject you on a whim especially via of these organisations commercial/political interests. Nowadays by post 911 border and national protection measures 🇺🇸 or even secret and unpublished laws in the case of Australia with include making you persona non grata to all press coverage if perceived necessary or requested by their ally. Oh by the way you can’t accurately or directly talk about the last bit accurately or publicly on Australian tv/media ,just look at as to why Mike Willesee Presenter was pulled from live TV many years ago, so get some additional media and senior legal advice before your next move, unless of course both of you don’t want to have any chance of unaffected career advancement. Good luck to both of you and your truth, some one will ask you is it worth it ?

pacman020yahoo : FBI: Are you going to buy guns or firearms? Me: Of course I am, it is my right as an American citizen. :)

On the Line : So...... The FBI is now run by Comedy Central....well that explains a whole bunch of things.

JJ McClure : You both need to take legal action against Comedy Central.

Suley Mehmet : What kind of journalist are you supposed to be? There are systems in place which can instantly identify and highlight passports used by travellers. Avi is a well known antagonist who is paid by Rebel Media to cause civil unrest around the world. Our American cousins aren't stupid.

David Brown : I personally think that Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central should get done for wasting border patrol and FBI time. They could of been dealing with an actual more important situation that detaining 2 journalists.

arktana : unbelievable! glad you are both safe, hope you follow this story and also sue "comedy" central

Diesel 24 : As an American, I'm absolutely sickened by this!!!

John Smit : That was not very funny of Comedy Central. Jerks. Hopefully the truth about all of this will get out there and make them look like fools. Sydney and Avi, may God grant you favor and restoration through this time.

William Harrison : Do you live in America? You saud you have dual citizenship? Write to your Senator complaining about this whole incident and lust as many names you can remember. Persue suing Comedy Central. They won't stop until there are consequences for their BS actions. Sue Jeff Jeffries and Conedy Central for defamation and libel.

PiggyMan156 : This increased my right-wingedness by 34.5%

Victorianne Castle : I only got here because someone mentioned you started the march for men. Thank you for what you’re doing.

Old School Gamer : Comedy Central should be taken to court for slander and defamation of character Avi has enough evidence with his phone recording alone.

Diana : Gotta love left wing MSM. They intentionally try to cover the truth.

HeadGo Bang : So what you are saying is, the FBI a supposedly a world class investigation agency, is incapable of watching the Youtube channels of two people and one corporate, something and amateur would think to do. Got it, Great work FBI proving to be a waste of USA tax payers yet again.

Alice In Blenderland : Although you might have been detained anyway, US citizens by law are required to enter the US with a US passport.

Thuramir's House : Dishonesty from the left???? Unheard of (Sarcasm) Honestly, what else do you guys expect from the left other than cancer?

ThrawnGames : Sydney, please, PLEASE try to contact Fox News (maybe Tucker Carlson) about this. Your story needs to get out. You can't let CC get away with this.

Slobodan Vidakovic : You ask, why would we be a threat... Girl, someone speaking the truth, has always, and always will be a threat to American national security.

Gary Sheppard : I would see this as symptomatic of a problem with the TSA. In this case Comedy Central made their concerns known to the authorities and this over -reaction was the result. But as you say, "it sets a precedent whereby any media organisations, people, personalities can simply say that they are concerned about their safety ...and then have that person investigated, detained and harassed at the border". What's to stop anyone from the left or right using the TSA as their weapon of choice? There needs to be reform to these processes with procedures put in place to humanely and expeditiously deal with people caught up in these situations.

Cliff : I think that as an American citizen you should sue Comedy Central!