Dom Mazzetti vs. Why Comedy is Dead

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dah500 : Comedy today is as flat and dead as Bradley Martyn’s gains

MirrorOnMirror : I remember when Dom Mazzetti was just a funny guy on YouTube. I never thought that this guy would be the target of demonetization, political correctness, SJW and radical feminism and progressive social-marxist politics. Dom makes some of the smartest word play jokes I've ever heard and has delivered original content for years but now he's the bad guy. This world is getting out of fucking control. I'm gonna support Dom on his new site/platform. I think eventually the internet will go back to people going through the trouble of hosting their own sites and message boards again and ditching social media, because social media is only going to work out for people who tow a socially progressive line.

Vali Lucifer : *It's best just to shoot the horses*

Jr. Bushman222 : "I aborted it, it could've been a joke but I killed it, my brain my choice" lol risky territory dom 😂

Josh Wyder : The sad part is this has a lot of truth to it

Pinnacle Of Man TM : I feel like he could go on for hours nonstop

Adonis : *Vegan soup with cruelty-free water.. lmfao!*

Jake DiFatta : Excellent work calling out the liberals

The Greatest Dad Ever : I never know if Brad is in the vids anymore I can’t see him he’s so small

813Productions : "The coke wore off."

Just Some Guy without a Mustache : I thought the "Dom Mazzetti VS" series was dead. Glad to see it's back. Now... let us wait another 3 months for the Brofessor to upload the next video.

Frederick Sywak : This channel is one of the last bastions of comedic liberty.

uhhsi : i nutted seeing u in all black

David Sunderwald : This vid is so accurate, I literally scroll through 300 memes and videos a day with a straight face now. Comedy is dead

João Ribeiro : Logan Paul analogy killed comedy. Keep it lit bro.

Hybrid Athletix : the philosophical shit is lit bro

MK-19 MEME launcher : nice to see you're not the average commifornian

Hollie Boyd : "It's the end of the world, finally. Whew. 'Bout time."

TRUE_iNsANiTY : The best part about this video is that this is how he really feels.

Kevin Farrell : sometimes i stop watching dom for a while and think, eh hes probably not that funny anymore, and im always wrong

kidminja44 : You should roast vshreds for stealing athleanx content

Some Guy : *Cruelty-free water*

Sean Lawless : We need more of this!

daniel govender : Dom Mazzetti , you are so WOKE! ..😂🤟🏻🙌🏻funny af BRO! Shout out from South Africa 🇿🇦

Travis O’Connell : Dom is humbly showin his pre workout in the background

B A : So true about the “comedian” instagram models. Can’t help but think of Hannah stocking and Lele Pons, what a joke... pun intended

BinMucker3016 : this is perfect social commentary

Jordan #00 : Got a deadlift PR today, had a late start at school, AND Dom uploaded? Wow this is amazing

Bob Ross : 673 liberals disliked the video

XRated 67 : dom vs. conspiracy theorys

85Damix : God level demonetization :D

brownguy903 : that whole monday bit was amazing

Marijn Ploeg : Who wants to see a collaboration between Jimmy Tatro and Dom? Two funniest guys on YouTube

Tempest : "Two androgynous meat lumps talking about soup" XDDDD

Aiden H : You know the "When you nut but she keeps sucking" meme. Dom's jokes are just like that. He makes you laugh, but he keeps on going and you go into a phase where you're literally choking on laughter.

Ya Yeet : Do you superset that soup with more soup?

Commissar Kek : *W O K E*

Elijah Miles : I ask myself the same question every time Amy Schumer gets a new special

O Must : Truth bombs to strong in this video

Im MTS : I am glad he is not a liberal

Username : This is probably the most real video he's done. You can feel the legitimate frustration he has.

warispeace666 : "cruelty free water" lol This is the best, spot-on analysis of modern culture I ever heard. I am totally agree.

Nikhil Thakur : *Pussification of youth*

BeastGaming : Dom got bigger lol

Phil Dickleson : Your videos always come out when taxes are due, weird. See you next year!

Dylan Dailey : Dom Mazzette DESTROYS SJW’s with nothing but INTELLIGENCE & FACTS!!!!

Owen Prescott : This applies to Joe Rogans "comedy".

bpmiller87 : Every time I watch a Dom video, it reminds me I need to pay my bills....

Tempest : Cave troll? you mean that lanky kid Bradley?

Supersmily : Where’s the gym videos at man