Dom Mazzetti vs. Why Comedy is Dead

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Pinnacle Of Man TM : I feel like he could go on for hours nonstop

Vali Lucifer : *It's best just to shoot the horses*

uhhsi : i nutted seeing u in all black

DG boss : Dam DOM is looking wide and big No joke

dah500 : Comedy today is as flat and dead as Bradley Martyn’s gains

Bruce Wayne : Am I the only one thinking of Lele Pons here? 🤔

813Productions : "The coke wore off."

Crypto Cam : Vegan soup with cruelty-free water, I fkin died

Joaquib : there is a sub-level conversation going on throughout the video that really tackles what's going on in the world rn. Only a few will be able to pick up what he's trying to say. I swear he is a true genius

Hybrid Athletix : and then i go into my actual comedown, which is where i just cum down the leg of my sweatpants

brownguy903 : that whole monday bit was amazing

Sean Lawless : We need more of this!

Jake DiFatta : Excellent work calling out the liberals

João Ribeiro : Logan Paul analogy killed comedy. Keep it lit bro.

Just Some Guy without a Mustache : I thought the "Dom Mazzetti VS" series was dead. Glad to see it's back. Now... let us wait another 3 months for the Brofessor to upload the next video.

The Greatest Dad Ever : I never know if Brad is in the vids anymore I can’t see him he’s so small

Commissar Kek : *W O K E*

Topher Gehrmann : This video gave me a learning disability. Glad your back Dom.

youtube guy : You and Jimmy Tatro straight up shitting on these Instagram "comedians"

Jordan #00 : Got a deadlift PR today, had a late start at school, AND Dom uploaded? Wow this is amazing

De La Tara Vin Si Domnii : Our fuhrer, A-Dom Lifter !

Jr. Bushman222 : "I aborted it, it could've been a joke but I killed it, my brain my choice" lol risky territory dom 😂

MK-19 MEME launcher : nice to see you're not the average commifornian

Hybrid Athletix : the philosophical shit is lit bro

Yeet : 1:52 @amandacerny and all those other shitty viners before vine ended.

SassyHoneysuckle : this is perfect social commentary

Josh Wyder : The sad part is this has a lot of truth to it

BeastGaming : Dom got bigger lol

trav4oilers : @ Ashley Nocera

Adonis : *Vegan soup with cruelty-free water.. lmfao!*

DanteWorldWide : Honestly outside of Broscience videos, I've always thought that these "Dom Mazzetti vs." videos really blend well with Doms comedy style. Keep 'em coming.

daniel govender : Dom Mazzetti , you are so WOKE! ..😂🤟🏻🙌🏻funny af BRO! Shout out from South Africa 🇿🇦

Marijn Ploeg : Who wants to see a collaboration between Jimmy Tatro and Dom? Two funniest guys on YouTube

Continual Improvement : Bradley Martyn thinks he’s funny.

kidminja44 : You should roast vshreds for stealing athleanx content

Today On LeagueofLegends ` : The real talk starts at 8:30 definetly the current state of the world and all the feminist bullshit

Some Guy : *Cruelty-free water*

85Damix : God level demonetization :D

Logan 117 : Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, the Brofessor slaps me in the face with Broscience

Nain Eleffen : Main points of his video: 1. Down fall of America 2. Pussyfication of our youth (Chris Hansen joke.) 3. Instagram model rant about "comedy" 4. Instagram "comedians" working once a week through making a video 5. No work goes into being a comedian therefore everyone's a comedian 6. Small penis size (3.5 incher) and jealous of Chris Hansen's 9.5 incher 7. Sexism but in a funny way " best way to a girls heart is through her mouth." Rant about getting pussy. Essentially a rant video with incoherence. Must of been chugging those bottle in the back too much!!!

Supersmily : Where’s the gym videos at man

christopher marsala : I felt that was more Mike than « Dom »

Traceable Logic : Booze

Elijah Miles : I ask myself the same question every time Amy Schumer gets a new special

Matthew Jimenez : Tell them mayne already tell them mayn

Gili Briggs : Being PC doesn't work when it's followed by this 6:46 😂

Im Not Lying! : I think Dom is watching kiddy porn...

David Miletič : One could swear, that this guy Don is a used car salesman from Baltimore

Nikhil Thakur : *Pussification of youth*

Tdpowers24 : never change