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Bmanritchie : I beg to differ - the Helicopter story was SO MUCH BETTER!!


Douglas Thompson : I think Bill Burr took the George Carlin vacancy.

Felipe Castro : I wish the manager who got fired can see this and least get a laugh.

Salty Melon : *dark humour is like a kid with cancer* it never gets old *dark humour is like water* not everybody in the world gets it

zzodr : Gold.

Jim Ehrlich : " did that get to wierd for you guys? " lmao....good stuff

AdamWayneone : *I recently found out there are more than 5,000 battered women in my county alone! This is surprising, because all this time I've been eating mine plain!*

Alexander Riggs : Bill Burr casually walking down the street commentating on what he sees is funnier than most comedians, but his Why Do I Do This special is the hardest I've ever laughed. Grab a 6pk or/and some pot and watch it if you haven't. You can thank me later.

Albert Zion : 1:02 "They fall like toddlers." Geez, that's brilliant.

Mykal Ridikulus : "Pledge to Jesus and hit 'cher women!" Lmfao. God I love this guy.

alpachinos : wouldn't say it's his greatest joke

Patrick Punek : Did that get too weird for you, guys? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Jake Snouffer : the title is referring to the restaurant chalk board joke, you dummies. Not Bill's greatest joke. 0:25

Miss Malibu California : I love this guy sooooooooooooooooo much...he's amazing..he's genius.. I adore him...

robert b : Wait a minute.....

Drifter : It's not even Burr's best joke.

Gar La : I'd say way more women hit men, then men hit women , just watch TV, movies, and commercials, it's not only acceptable , but encouraged for women to hit men, because it's considered funny and hilarious! Cheers ๐Ÿป

kevinalvarado : This was Bill Burr's best one-hour special, in my humble opinion. He just knocked them out one after another; it was just a steady stream of liquid comedic gold.

George Sorg : bill burr for president

demonocus metalocus : 1 of my favorite comedians

SUBST4NCE : i cant stop laughing at the face he pulls and the "WAIT A MINUTE! EARGHHH!!!" lmao so good

Jesus Christ : We can't hit um but they want to get paid as much as us... Pfft

VroodenTheGreat : I don't know if Bill burr will ever see this but... On the topic of a joke with no fat on it, where every word is a work of art... I got one... What's black and comes in little white cans?

Nicool333 : You know what's funny about this bit? Women are not even targeted in the joke... Just the term "domestic violence" somehow automatically implicates men as the aggressors. In reality, women are just as likely (and in many cases more likely) to be the aggressor.

UKCBurnsy : Should be titled..... "Bill Burr - decent joke" clickbait

FLexxxtreme : Good, not greatest.

Jaz Simone : I always love Bill Burr lol. He's actually my fav. comic when people ask. Just so great. <3

Randy Miller : "Did the church organs" on the fly... great stand up. This guy is a legend.

Jan Oo : I can't find the Gorilla story on Youtube anymore... Now that was the BEST!!

paul mc : 70 percent of domestic violence is woman, attacking man.

Mike Semon : One customer complained but 5000 morons on Facebook who would never go get the manager fired.

Phi : "You ever see how they fall?" LOL

Groovy Baby : Itโ€™s okay to lose their job over it though lol like itโ€™s a joke. Who cares that they worked their whole lives for that position

mr7wi : Lance Armstong - Oprah is funnier. So is the 'Helicopter' story

AB Smith : Shouldn't put "greatest joke ever" in the headline. Moronic thing to do. Btw, Bill Burr is great.

Bodenlose Dosenhose : I like the reason he gives for not hitting a woman. :D

whywouldyousaythat : For all you literal people who think this guy thinks this is the greatest joek ever..... Bill Burr in the joke says that the joke he was talking about is the greatest joke ever... use your brains before you comment...

MyArnolfini1434 : Best Joke: Bill on Oprah

PBtheman : Happy woman's day!!!

Dyllan Lizotte : I like the story when he talks about the time he got his first dog! ๐Ÿ˜‚ the pit bull!

fooloof : @1:40: Pretty slick how he kicks the mic stand back up and uses it for an armrest.

Mark Rooney : the German submarine is potentially top 2

markyncole : I'd be undefeated with women if I could hit them back

deicide : i shouldnt watch bill burr videos while in an airport because everyone looks at me like im a psycho.

Insignificant Aftermath : Burr looks like a mime artist in the thumbnail

rubberhamburger : This isnโ€™t even in his top 10 of best jokes.

BlueZammer : While to me the best joke/roast was the whole show when he was in Philadelphia. Bill Burr vs A city

Sam Donald : perhaps not the greatest joke but certainly the greatest save ever loooool