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Bmanritchie : I beg to differ - the Helicopter story was SO MUCH BETTER!!


Douglas Thompson : I think Bill Burr took the George Carlin vacancy.

Goldstein Kappa : Bill Burr casually walking down the street commentating on what he sees is funnier than most comedians, but his Why Do I Do This special is the hardest I've ever laughed. Grab a 6pk or/and some pot and watch it if you haven't. You can thank me later.

binkymagnus : i love the line "there is zero fat on that joke"

alpachinos : wouldn't say it's his greatest joke

Felipe Castro : I wish the manager who got fired can see this and least get a laugh.

Stephen Anderson : I think bills right we should beat women more so they learn to fall right. thanks bill....

Jim Ehrlich : " did that get to wierd for you guys? " lmao....good stuff

zzodr : Gold.

paul mc : 70 percent of domestic violence is woman, attacking man.

Gar Laa : I'd say way more women hit men, then men hit women , just watch TV, movies, and commercials, it's not only acceptable , but encouraged for women to hit men, because it's considered funny and hilarious! Cheers 🍻

JDRamm MX : I can identify Bill Burr's videos by the thumbnail, I'm pretty sure this qualifies as a "mental illness".

VroodenTheGreat : I don't know if Bill burr will ever see this but... On the topic of a joke with no fat on it, where every word is a work of art... I got one... What's black and comes in little white cans?

Patrick Punek : Did that get too weird for you, guys? 😂

George Sorg : bill burr for president

PBtheman : Happy woman's day!!!

Mykal Ridikulus : "Pledge to Jesus and hit 'cher women!" Lmfao. God I love this guy.

Andrew Levy : This isn't even close to Bill burrs best joke. Plus comedy is subjective such a claim about even what I would consider to be his best joke would still not be true. Next time say My favorite bill burr joke. No one can argue with that and that would be factual. This is misleading and simply not true.

whywouldyousaythat : For all you literal people who think this guy thinks this is the greatest joek ever..... Bill Burr in the joke says that the joke he was talking about is the greatest joke ever... use your brains before you comment...

Juan Dominguez III : Make a pledge for Jesus and hit your women 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Miss Malibu California : I love this guy sooooooooooooooooo much...he's amazing..he's genius.. I adore him...

markyncole : I'd be undefeated with women if I could hit them back

Jesus Christ : We can't hit um but they want to get paid as much as us... Pfft

Dan : No where near his best work

_Drifter _ : It's not even Burr's best joke.

Purple 911 : not even close to being the best joke.

Bodenlose Dosenhose : I like the reason he gives for not hitting a woman. :D

cmejias44 : Lol wtf is wrong with people, it's a joke. My father passed of lung cancer 2 years ago, I heard a stand up routine using that very scenario and I still laughed because I'm an adult and know it was directed towards me personally

Onna S : to answer his question. Some man who has hit a woman will think it's OK to hit a woman and funny.

Anna Vajda : It's not that it will set off some guy who wasn't abusive tp be abusive. The problem is too many woman have their lives ruined by domestic violence and if you have lived through it the humour just isn't there. Jokes sometimes are used to minimize abuse and gaslight victims. I am glad thwy had to remove it and only feel sorry for the waitress losing her job if she didn't really find it funny either.

robert b : Wait a minute.....

kevinalvarado : This was Bill Burr's best one-hour special, in my humble opinion. He just knocked them out one after another; it was just a steady stream of liquid comedic gold.

demonocus metalocus : 1 of my favorite comedians

Dan Stevens : Tragic that he doesn't repent, and so therefore, he is going to hell soon. Very tragic! John 3:16-21, it's the greatest gift in human history, and everyone can have it. It's free! Salvation by grace alone through faith alone, in Jesus Christ ALONE!

AdamWayneone : *I recently found out there are more than 5,000 battered women in my county alone! This is surprising, because all this time I've been eating mine plain!*

Richard Ikin : Still waiting for the joke...

its all greek to me Friday : you Americans laugh at anything his pathetic and you say the greatest joke ever ill make a killing in america if thats what you lot find funny

Albert Zion : 1:02 "They fall like toddlers." Geez, that's brilliant.

Els Rulmyn : 0:48 so retarded that that happened

Salty Melon : *dark humour is like a kid with cancer* it never gets old *dark humour is like water* not everybody in the world gets it

FLexxxtreme : Good, not greatest.

stephen stewart : april fool's!!

rubberhamburger : This isn’t even in his top 10 of best jokes.

BeefPapa : this is far from his best joke. his best one is Going to Harlem.

Philipp : "You ever see how they fall?" LOL

Mr. Tonight You : I get the joke. It's about knowing when to stop.

Robert St. Estephe : Progressive=Nazi. Just like the 20s and 30s.

Victor : which special is this from?

Eddie Haskel : Just enjoy the joke!!!