It's not easy to be a tram driver.

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Shakira I : They act like nothing happened

i got so many subs by commenting : *_i thought MACHINES was driving those things_*

um ok : 2:14 just another day at the job.

Notte Stellata : Anyone noticed that these drivers only panics (at least look like they do) when seeing pedestrians running into trams? For cars they are just like "there ya go another day another one"

Indian Rails : These car drivers are like the ones in games. No matter how hard u go and crash into them. They keep on driving. LMAO

Zuzu : It almost look like they are playing a tram simulator game. It's so chill

d4v3y01 : I think there are a few reasons why the tram drivers are so cool in these situations: 1) They are probably quite used to it 2) They follow a set route at a set speed so technically they are never at fault as long as they can be seen to react appropriately when they anticipate an accident. 3) They are driving a vehicle several orders of magnitude heavier than most of the cars they hit - they probably feel quite safe and secure going into the collision. 4) They are aware the collision is recorded on camera so they are not so concerned about being wrongly blamed. 5) Because they follow a set route there is literally nothing they can do but slow down and horn. There is no way to try and swerve to avoid the collision so it is easier to stay cool and let the inevitable happen.

Nexifyy : Okay who got this in their recommended for some reason

InterceptoR : Ramming idiotic drivers with the tram all day? Best job in the world!

Cece : this video was a perfect example of "that's none of my damn business"

Yena Hwang : I love how chill these tram drivers are. "Well you saw this coming."

JS the Canuck : It was the trams fault because *they should have steered out of the way*

Rohit Eligeti : These car driver idiots are blind or what? They should be banned from driving.

AJ : Lol there could be screams and the car could burst into flames and they would still react the same

Chsta005 - Plays : 0:55 omg... Is that kid okay?! Also thats why you look both ways before crossing

Please enter a stronger password : I bet people still turn around and blame the tram drivers. Edit 2 weeks and over 4 thousand likes, wow! Thank you.

Money Blakk : They act like they deal with hitting cars everyday😂💀

Santti JT : 2:25 Why are u running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?

calamity king : 2:15 even a robot will make a reaction

MangaAddict : If I were a tram driver, even if I could stop, I wouldn’t, just to make sure these idiots get their due

ibkillah : How do you not see a tram?

Gustavo Herrera : They look so unbothered lol

Fjorald Cacaj : I really wish the tram was going faster.

VGucci_- Tae : Do drivers have a brain? Or eyes to see if there's a tram coming? Drivers are stupid or humans.. Tram drivers.. I wish you luck🍀

Camille Charbit : This is so annoying to watch ppl can be so careless sometimes

dazhibernian : I can imagine they have a scoreboard back at base. They dnt give af lmao.

Guni : *1:34** His face 😂* *_"Really, again?"_*

Daniel Quesada : Its like they are already used getting rammed by cars lol

Ryan Casey : Seems like it's easy to be a tram driver but apparently it's hard to see the tram #invisible

Hiccup : Tram drivers be like *Just another day*

DaFuq!?Boom! : 2:14 she's like "Ok then"

A wild Filing cabinet : Jesus, the dude at 1:30 doesn’t even glance at the car. He’s just looking up like “not again”.

Def. Goat : It runs on rails. How can you not know not to be in its way?

Guilherme Souza : All them deserved this.

flash06 : No horns on these trams?

Lobetec : 2:13 looks like they just placed a mannequin in the drivers seat

Renzo Miguel : many stupid people still alive in this world!!

Frank Burdo : Whats so hard about it? Looks like it's easy running over people and smushing cars.

Indian Rails : 1:22 Pretend as if You were not in control!

Jaroussky Philippe : It's necessary not to give a driver licence easily.

Jeremy Boateng : Bruh their reactions are just as bland as me driving in GTA V. XD

Hayden Dizon : Me: **sees car get in the way** Also Me: **Speeds up**

Group 3 Bahasa Inggris Teknik Sipil '16 UNLAM : *Does tram have a HORN?*

Jonathan Vangslev : What the hell is a tram?

The Real Meaning of Life 🥑 : It’s Russia what do you expect

Mr. NG : Lmao their reactions are like they are used to that happening alot

Party Nerd : Shoulda kill some of them so that they will look twice before crossing or turning

James Swift : They don't put horns on these things?

Style Entertainment : De verdad que en todos los caso los conductores de vehículos y los transeúntes tienen la culpa. Pero que pedo con este wey, hasta mira a otro lado cuando revienta al coche 1:19 wtf y ya frena por que se quedo enganchado el coche...

EL KRAM ES BIEN MANCO : Pues que están ciegos jajaja