It's not easy to be a tram driver.

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Shakira I : They act like nothing happened

DMS Inc. : Lmao they so casual about it. "Here we go again"

Just Chilling : 1:22 ‘maybe if I don’t look at it, the problem will go away’ me too brother...

Sylvia Else : Damn, those trams are hard to spot.

Michael Taylor : To be fair, trams and automobiles should not share the same road. Humans are too stupid for this kind of technology.

Zuzu : It almost look like they are playing a tram simulator game. It's so chill

Mr. Waffles : I really hope the tram driver's don't get in any trouble because of these people

Gabi Goptarov : All the people / cars who got hit deserved it because they didn't pay attention plus that it's illegal to drive on the rails and most of the cars didn't even signal

peepers : 0:59 *Durex commercial*

ItSMeVal ! : I like how the tram driver don't give single fvcks about the car drivers.

Yena Hwang : I love how chill these tram drivers are. "Well you saw this coming."

Daddy George : 2:14 " but i had my indicators on and everything"

John Knox : My god Is the tram ok?

• Craz • : 0:21 wtf?! She didn't even flinched!

Just An Edit : It's almost as if everyone who gets hit by a tram forget that left exists.

ibkillah : How do you not see a tram?

Thomas The Tank Engine : At the end did they ran over his legs??

Shelby :D : They all just sit there like "there goes another one" 😂😂

that one guy : It sounds like they're bowling

Der Pwny : 0:56 And that's why parents need to discipline their kids.

Horny Fruit Flies : It all began when the trams were equipped with build in molecular phase-shifting invisibility technology.

Daniel Castillo : Why don't the tram drivers just swerve?

invisible man : It's impossible to drive safe with idiots driving around

Dai Jeffery : So nobody checks both ways for swift, silent lightweight trains?

Virtue : Stealth 100 *Luck 0*

dazhibernian : I can imagine they have a scoreboard back at base. They dnt give af lmao.

Koko Kazumi : GTA:San Andreas trams in a nutshell.

psvM : Kind of surprised they don't have horns

Dante : What kind of idiots are they? Did they find their license in a miracle guard?

7000上野交通株式会社 : 運転士パニクってない

N G : Lmao their reactions are like they are used to that happening alot

BASS EMPIRE : Well, at least we are filtering out stupidity how nature intended. Survival of the strongest, smartest...

wadez1000 : Well it is not easy when the whole country is full of idiot drivers.

Da baddest Lightskin : Yeah but all of the cars or people just weren't looking or watching both ways

Dariel Moran : I mean all they doing is pulling planks and hitting people so I guess the word you looking for it’s fun

DaFuq!?Boom! : 2:14 she's like "Ok then"

ItzLouis : tram drivers are so over it


CJ YR : Is this a version of gta in real life where their car got hit and they just move as if nothing happens?

peter parker : This looks fun. Are you still hiring?

Chronically Vlogging : can we just take a moment to notice how it's pretty obvious that 90% of the people hit by the tram did not pay attention and look at where they're turning before they actually turn. I would say use common sense but that doesn't seem to exist in our society.

LoveFood : Is like a tram driver kinda like driving a train or a bus?

Lieblingsmensch : Russian Traffic in one video. Never had a better near death experience than driving with taxis in Russia.

Maria Colina : I want to be a Tram driver or a bus driver either way. 😂

Shelby :D : Who the hell was like "Let's put a small train in the middle of our roads, this sounds like a great idea"

CWINDOWSsystem32 : What kind of idiot would try and pick a fight with a train?

raw gaming : They so chill😂😂👏🏻

Ukulele Dude : People are paying no attention we could have 0 deaths by accidents with vehicles. Well maybe a few caused by technical fails or whatever. But we have many sccidents just because people are dumb

Hjalte Ramsland : "oh boy, here we go again"

Hari Prasad : So have airhorns. 😇just my suggestion