It's not easy to be a tram driver.

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Shakira I : They act like nothing happened

Lobetec : 2:13 looks like they just placed a mannequin in the drivers seat

DamageIncM : They're all like "Well, here we go again...".

Maniac Magge : Do people not understand the concept of a tram? It can't exactly turn

Lobetec : I just want to see the result of what happened, but then it cuts to another video...

Zuzu : It almost look like they are playing a tram simulator game. It's so chill

Henry G : 2:15 expression doesn’t change, the way she’s sitting doesn’t change, she doesn’t even tilt her head. This one is so funny to me because the car got SLAMMED

haz : 2:15, the lack of emotions and gestures just shows this probably happens to her on a regular basis.

silver : 2:15 this lady has seen some shit

Doing Normal Things : Why can't people just look where they're going?

dazhibernian : I can imagine they have a scoreboard back at base. They dnt give af lmao.

Tyler Church : These people are morons. They don't bother to look, see the tram like 3 feet away and think, "Huh. Maybe I should wait a few seconds, and let them pass." …"Nah, I'll go now. Good luck, everybody els-OH MAH GAWD, MY LEG!!!"

Test Account Please Ignore : God damn why these operators swerve around these people? Plus they move so unpredictably, you never know where the tram is going to be!

Wa Chin Yu : 1:22 "y'all hear sumn?"

amylase : They’re like “it’s everyday bro”

Yena Hwang : I love how chill these tram drivers are. "Well you saw this coming."

Chad Sheldon : At least give them air horns!!!

Eric McQuisten : This is why most trams should be elevated... because most people are just plain stupid. Situational awareness isn't a hard thing to attain, and it is YOUR responsibility, whether driving a car, riding your bike, walking down the sidewalk, or even at home. I feel sorry for the tram-operators... there is not much they can do with that level of stupid (clueless people that drive or walk in front of a moving train).

Shaggy Rogers : 2:14 when life hits you

Benjamin Verbeek : The comment section is hilarious

Horny Fruit Flies : It all began when the trams were equipped with build in molecular phase-shifting invisibility technology.

ReMaa : Tram is just like Alien's spaceship.. we cant see them

iKAiBiGAN : they're just like: "welp, i crashed, atleast i aint payin."

ew i'm me : 2:26 does he go right through it?? what???

combato wombato : Whats that hit? Pfff its another car dont worry Happens daily

ibkillah : How do you not see a tram?

Harrisey101 : I hope they don’t patch this invisibility bug

Mohamed Ahmed Naguib : All the car drivers are idiots ... they don't lock in the side mirrors or even stop for a couple of seconds before taking the they don't even know that the tram is already on it's right way at the proper time...holly crap even the small can't you see or hear a tram??!

Tom : LMFAO. Retarded drivers think the train is going to swerve. 🤣

bakersmileyface : 1:30 The local supermarket's 50% deal deserves more attention

N G : Lmao their reactions are like they are used to that happening alot

Robert W : How stupid are drivers who don't shoulder check and see that a tram (driving at considerably higher speeds and unable to stop so quickly) are coming up beside them?

Gaming Grunt : It’s not easy being a tram driver... because there are so many idiots on the road. If you are driving in an area with trams, make sure you look before turning or crossing the track.

Trey Pohe : Are these pedestrians and drivers blind or something?!?! They can clearly see the tram is approaching yet they somehow 'don't see it...' Ughh!!!

P. S : The drivers are soo chill 😁

DaFuq!?Boom! : 2:14 she's like "Ok then"

Steve Murray : You see this on the express way, people just wander across lanes and everyone's supposed to watch out for them.

Mermaid Mels : 2:14 when you’re enjoying your weekend and Monday hits

Minoru Mineta : But it's easy to be a *RAM DRIVER*

Андрей Березовский : Лол, Минские трамваи

CWINDOWSsystem32 : What kind of idiot would try and pick a fight with a train?

Cubic Gaming : Isn’t there a horn they can use

VLADISLAV : Welcome to Russia

Estela Blanco : Al tren se le respeta y se le guarda distancia por ovias razones.!!!!!

Buckowens Aka some random guy : I was kind of hoping that one of these people would hit a car and just keep on going like nothing happened lol

Chronically Vlogging : can we just take a moment to notice how it's pretty obvious that 90% of the people hit by the tram did not pay attention and look at where they're turning before they actually turn. I would say use common sense but that doesn't seem to exist in our society.

thrasherx2k1 : 0:25 nothing out of the ordinary going on here!

ew i'm me : and it’s not like the trams can just stop, they slow down for several meters.

blacksea : 2:13 terminator

iRedstone100 : Why do they all look like nothing happened or like it happens every day?