This Couple Accidentally Adopted A 650lb "Mini Pig"

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When Steve and Derek adopted Esther the pig, everything changed. Music: Rich Priors "Rainmaker_0" Rich Priors "45th demo AF"

Comments from Youtube

Cooking Lessons for Dad : That pig looks so happy in their home!

Ben Willock : Look at the size of that girl, absolute unit.

Yoursmolbean - : My parents can relate when they had me.

Fardou Montsma : How such a little video can make me vegetarian! Wow. No but seriously, this made me think about stuff. I became vegeterarian because of this video.

Dragon Heart : sadly not only pigs are raised in such poor conditions, lambs , chickens , cows and horses are treated the same as pigs in slaughter houses . it's cruel what these animals go through just so us humans can eat meat , or dairy

Gatr Gamr : When purchasing a pig or any animal for a pet ask to see the litter and the parents so you can get a general idea of the size.... I can’t imagine my life without my pot belly pig Poogie

Abrianna P. : me: i love this vid- video: heres a picture of deads pigs in a slaughterhouse. me: ...

Angelics : This is why I stopped eating pork

Matt L : Pigs outperform dogs and chimps in intelligence tests and have been known to risk there life crossing dangerous terrain trying to escape slaughter houses, they are extremely intelligent and are completely aware of what is going on. You can see them when they are locked up biting the bars, moving there heads from side to side bleeding, as if they have gone insane from being locked up.

Elli loves pizza : "gas chambers" that reminds me of something... why isn't the world learning from it's mistakes? no living being (wether it's a human or an animal) should EVER have to go through this!

mason galliot : animal slaughter is why i went vegetarian. and now i’m a proud vegan. #animallivesmatter .

Kaylee Hughes : I’m so happy that she got good dads. She’s so happy I would die for her oml

djokawari : I praise these men for taking care of this pig.

FalinPerth : You don't have to become vegan and never eat meat again to make a difference. If you currently eat meat every day, make a decision to not eat meat one day each week. (ie "meat-less Monday") That alone reduces your consumption by 15 % ! Making a little change, that you can stick to over time, adds up to make a real difference.

Joel Cohen : I'm no longer going to eat bacon. Just fell in love with Esther

PeterTran : This went from cute to peta real quick

Kristi Vaughan : Esther is beautiful and one lucky girl. Thank you for saving her and the other animals.

TISALISH : I want a 650 pound pig now..

Bon Baro : That is one lucky pig!!!!!

jarrod rodamer : I am happy for ester. It’s a tough and nasty world out there. Love u guys.

barbaravibes : I used to force myself to watch videos of slaughter houses when I was little.... Never could relate to the term "ignorance is bliss." Can't imagine not being vegan.

Iris Fuchs : Pigs are not food!!!!!!! What's wrong with humanity :((((

Kinq Calb : Thats one lucky pig. She was headed for the slaughter.

Lea Reed : I'm not vegan but have taken the SIMPLE task of educating myself on environmental issues as well as health education and it's clear that veganism isn't for everyone but it doesn't change the fact that it does in fact have positive effects on the environment as well as for many (not all) people. Many bodies cannot digest animal products well and that is a fact, having vegan alternatives is vital for many people who have dietary restrictions. If we get into ethics of slaughterhouses, that's a whole different can of worms but it doesnt change the facts out there about the negative environmental effects of slaughterhouses as well as how their methods are incredibly immoral in terms of modern technology and the access we have to HUMANE SLAUGHTER, not mass-produced torture which is often the reality. I think people should be free to eat literally anything (even cultures who eat unconventional livestock such as dogs, horses, isopods, frogs, insects, etc) as long as they consider how to minimize the damage done to themselves, their meals, and the environment.

You’re so smart! Good job! C : Her head shape is a dead giveaway

_Sqlty Potato_ : I’m going vegan now

Áshildur Guðmundsdóttir : Amazing couple, such beautiful souls that have changed many lives for the better.

OGChaos : I quit bacon today

shukusuku : Keep making this type of videos. this is amazing at least one survived

Katie Dorton : That pig doesnt know any life other than having them. Shes so sweet.

Alexia Laraine : Just shared this on Facebook! Everyone please do the same<3

Hershel Jack : i feel hungry.

babsfocker : holy hell, they have done good for her. bless them. she knows that she is the queen of the house

Sylvia Kacan : God bless you guys for taking it upon yourselves to make a difference in these animals' lives.

jess myzelf : So glad i dont eat animals anymore ☺️so happy that ester is safe an comfortable. All animals deserve a life where they feel safe and can show their natural behavior

Thea The Genius : This is so wholesome! Just what I needed to brighten my day. But it also saddens me, because there is a woman on YouTube who has a pet pig, and is constantly belittled and insulted, and called sick in the head for treating the pig as part of her family. It is baffling and infuriating at the same time. Happy that Esther is in such a good home. :)

Big Hairy Pubes That Taste Like Herpes Dick : If I didn't have health issues, I'd become vegan. *feelsbadman*

Joren Dalmacio : This couples is so cute

Cellie V : What a lovely couple and great initiative. Wishing you both all the best. Thank you!!!

Lady B : Love this so much, we NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE THEM 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

LolaClo : I follow Esther and her dads on Facebook. Love their story!!!

Ann Campbell : I will never eat pig, this was amazing. I wish I never did.

Supreme Leader : I wud ask u to become vegan But if not that at least don't eat red meat. Mammals r intelligent and they know

Cosmic Rogue : Y'all are awesome :) Your hard work to give these animals a humane life is a worthy endeavor.

Keith Peters : What a great couple you two are.

Jessica Ho : I love the fact that her size, though alarming, didn't change the fact that they kept her and made her part of the family. :)

Lindsey Mathis : You can look at that pig in the first clip they show of her that she is a very large pig. pigs do not exist.

Hailey White : My pot belly pig is already around 200 pounds. He isn’t even a year old yet. No matter how big he gets I will always respect him and love him all the time.

vada schoonover : idk but the fact they are gay just makes this a little better. lgbtq people in normal or not so normal situations just makes me happy and i know I'm not helping by pointing it out but still,