This Couple Accidentally Adopted A 650lb "Mini Pig"

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Milo Love : She does look happy, at peace! she having a good life.

Cooking Lessons for Dad : That pig looks so happy in their home!

Fardou Montsma : How such a little video can make me vegetarian! Wow. No but seriously, this made me think about stuff. I became vegeterarian because of this video.

Ben Willock : Look at the size of that girl, absolute unit.

Eva : gains a pound a day... the pig and I have that in common.

Dragon Heart : sadly not only pigs are raised in such poor conditions, lambs , chickens , cows and horses are treated the same as pigs in slaughter houses . it's cruel what these animals go through just so us humans can eat meat , or dairy

AmyOverby : not to be over dramatic but i would die for esther and her dads

Why is Shawn Mendes so cute? : I don't wanna eat bacon anymore Edit:thx for the likes ☺☺ Edit 2:Thanks for the likes

Gatr Gamr : When purchasing a pig or any animal for a pet ask to see the litter and the parents so you can get a general idea of the size.... I can’t imagine my life without my pot belly pig Poogie

djokawari : I praise these men for taking care of this pig.

Abrianna P. : me: i love this vid- video: heres a picture of deads pigs in a slaughterhouse. me: ...

Angelics : This is why I stopped eating pork

FalinPerth : You don't have to become vegan and never eat meat again to make a difference. If you currently eat meat every day, make a decision to not eat meat one day each week. (ie "meat-less Monday") That alone reduces your consumption by 15 % ! Making a little change, that you can stick to over time, adds up to make a real difference.

Gryffindor Queen : I think she’s cute!!😍 I feel so bad for animals... but I understand, we wouldn’t have meat. IM BECOMING VEGAN!

Jaylen Byrne : will never understand how people can eat these angels

Sunny Gusain : Free animals Go Vegan

Elli loves pizza : "gas chambers" that reminds me of something... why isn't the world learning from it's mistakes? no living being (wether it's a human or an animal) should EVER have to go through this!

jarrod rodamer : I am happy for ester. It’s a tough and nasty world out there. Love u guys.

Idonthaveanameidea : This went from cute to peta real quick

dinahlee jane : Made me cry. I am so proud to be a vegan. These angels don’t deserve to be food😢

_Crafty Potato_ : I’m going vegan now

Kaylee Hughes : I’m so happy that she got good dads. She’s so happy I would die for her oml

J C : I think.... they’re gay....

Download Lord : Proud non pork eater ✨

Edward Ramsey : I don't know why those snobs would put thumbs down on this video. I think this pig is blessed . You guys are awesome.... Awesome guys.... Right on guys..... God bless you. I've always wanted a 🐖. Lol. I love um...

Iamnotpau : Why would get offended by someone not wanting to torture and kill living beings ? Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ at all the comments here

barbaravibes : I used to force myself to watch videos of slaughter houses when I was little.... Never could relate to the term "ignorance is bliss." Can't imagine not being vegan.

Laura Coronel : I love you guys! Thanks for your compassion and cheers to a vegan world💕🌱

W h e e z e : unexpectedly big pig

Kory Mann : 😔 *It’s sad to see so many people are quick to love* 🐷 *Esther after seeing this video, yet refuse take in the message these people are so clearly trying to send.* 🥓

Sadie Kay : God bless you guys for taking it upon yourselves to make a difference in these animals' lives.

Joel Cohen : I'm no longer going to eat bacon. Just fell in love with Esther

Iris Fuchs : Pigs are not food!!!!!!! What's wrong with humanity :((((

MendeZ : Make it pork rinds .pork schnlings.pork chops.🐷😰😳

babsfocker : holy hell, they have done good for her. bless them. she knows that she is the queen of the house

The Canine Nutritionist : Pigs are not house pets.

Penis : I just want to say. That Thumbnail is stupidly funny.

Humans Are a Virus : I would never adopt an american

Elli loves pizza : 4:00 actually factory farming is also happening to dogs for example in countries where eating dog flesh is common or when their fur is taking from them to make clothing for humans

TISALISH : I want a 650 pound pig now..

Jeeb Hutcherson : 1:58 for a quick asmr fix

Luisa : People who still eat pork after knowing how they are treated are just plain evil.

sunshineluvr12 : I love you guys, you have the biggest hearts!! i aim to be like you 2. I used to follow Esther on FB but I don't have fb anymore, glad this vid popped up on youtube!!

Hailey White : My pot belly pig is already around 200 pounds. He isn’t even a year old yet. No matter how big he gets I will always respect him and love him all the time.

Kinq Calb : Thats one lucky pig. She was headed for the slaughter.

Thea The Genius : This is so wholesome! Just what I needed to brighten my day. But it also saddens me, because there is a woman on YouTube who has a pet pig, and is constantly belittled and insulted, and called sick in the head for treating the pig as part of her family. It is baffling and infuriating at the same time. Happy that Esther is in such a good home. :)

1000cal baby : And they gas them in australia burns them from the inside out...and then people buy the gased pork at super markets

jess myzelf : So glad i dont eat animals anymore ☺️so happy that ester is safe an comfortable. All animals deserve a life where they feel safe and can show their natural behavior

Kevin Zhang : you know, I'm just wondering... how could they live with that delicious pet everyday and not get a taste of it at all?

Cellie V : What a lovely couple and great initiative. Wishing you both all the best. Thank you!!!