Joyner Lucas - I Love (ADHD)

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Download / Stream I LOVE The first release off Joyner Lucas upcoming project ADHD set to release soon! Follow Joyner Lucas on IG: @joynerlucas


UrMemeDealler : 📂Documents └📁Music └📁Joyner Lucas └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

Ian Tucker : This dude should've blown up in the rap world years ago. He is far too talented to not be as popular

no cakepeople : Joyner Lucas is the only rapper that looks good with grill's

Tyrell Harris : “Like if Joyner Lucas is better than lil pump”

Mohammed Ayoubi : Who else knew Joyner before Em featured him?☝🏼

VKnight 24 : Who knew Joyner before there was life on Earth?

Raul Budi : Who listened to this before it said "(ADHD)" ??

Isaiah W : Bruh when's da album coming out I've been listening to this on repeat for like 5 months now

cortyayc : What people think: only 36 millions views ?? Me: no only 36 millions who have good music taste.

Akshat Sharma : He dropped this on EMINEM'S birthday! 🤘😍😍

Imaadul Hasan : I'll be back in 2024 to say This is a song that I love, I love love love love.

ForneverWorld : Joyner Better Be Regarded As One of the GOATS When All Is Said and Done!!!!

imaagamer : Who's hearing this on Valentine's day

Space case : I keep coming to this video waiting for joyner to drop A.D.H.D 😭

Anapestic Tetrameter : Why was he slept on until the Em collab though? Dude been killing it for ages.

Alan Medina : Yooo 40 milll?!!!!!! Who else is excited for his album?!!!!

Genji Main : Showed it to fire Turned to amaterasu

Akshay K : I can't be the only one who is Hyped AF for this album!!!

Carter Hutsell : look how far he can open his mouth😂

ExoticRPGs : Every outfit he wears in this looks like something you see people wearing in GTA online.

Stephen Gilding : Underrated song, this should be in the top 10 songs in America.

Rockit Tv : Record Label: How many girls you want for this video Joyner Lucas: Yes

Cassius Felix : Haven’t listen to this in a while still great

UnsetTheMindset : Damn.. This is 4 months old? Wtf am I doing.

B1gBallerGang : notification gang where u at????

Brett Stevenson : Turns up volume, remembers what song he’s listening to, keeps it up😉

Yazmin Lopez : I need more famous people to use my car in their videos 😂 ig: blr_pinkbmw

Cristopher Alexander : Yo this is why 2018 is now and forever my favorite year.

DGK MTF : Eminem and Joyner can do what mumble rappers can do... But mumble rappers can't do lyrics like Mathers n Lucas... Goes to show that mumble Rap is light work. Dope track tho.

Luke _ : Who else was a fan before (508)-507-2209 ?

Alex H : This is real rap.

TbreN den : 25% booty 75% straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 You agree?! 👇

Amaria Tompkins : I clicked cause I have adhd and that’s in the title but I love this song❤️

Poison Ivy Princess : This should have been uploaded on Valentine's Day

xXCHRONICXx43 : Here as soon as I got the notification

Rap Don : anybody think that manikin head creepy AF

Dani Farooq : One of the few good hip-hop artist nowadays, keep it up Bro.

Your fav home girl : He soooooo fine who agree????❤❤❤❤

Dark Side Entertainment : Just noticed he bit lyrics and flow from IDK - Hello pt.3

solex Dave : Like if Joyner better than 69

SilentShadow : It's Valentine's day I'm bumping this all day 🔥💓🔥💓🔥💓

John Grey : Love how he put the new hip hop in a story with lyricism

Leon Russell : Favourite hands down. Why? Because he can actually rap! Lyrical Genius

Cenzlor : I didn't know who joyner was until em featured him... good thing I do now cause hes all over my playlist

Anoop Hans : I clicked this so fast

Jesterr Tf : Im gonna be honest, im about those grills on Joyner.

Dat Kidd : _Did he just say he rapes women whenever he wants to?_ @2:36

Lance Clarke : You are behind em but still very close Joyner

Apollo4 : dont play with me its the only thing i love