FINALLY Getting My Teeth Fixed! Getting FULL Dental Implants by G4byGolpa!
Boogie2988 Finally Gets New Teeth

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My teeth were provided by the folks at Visit their website to learn more about the procedure and see about qualifying for your own chance to get this procedure done. I cant believe it only took 2 days!!! After years of suffering with bad teeth I had finally given in and planned to settle for dentures. But after seeing a viral video including Jake the Snake Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page, I contacted the folks who did their implants and decided on implants instead. I went with the g4 system and let doctor Golpa, doctor Anderson's, and the whole Dallas Texas team, do it for me. Went to dallas for the weekend and got my teeth removed, my jaw worked on, and implants put in. In this video I finally get to show you my new dental implants!


Pyro Brothers Team : Moral of the story, you're not ugly, you're just broke.

Brittney Gamez : Seeing Boogie so happy is literally the best thing ever.

TheVoloWay _ : Who else brushed there own teeth right after this

boTy : Aw boogie, your reaction at 7:50 was so genuine. You've made such an incredible journey to get here!

Pils76 : Now is the time to get jacked and strong as a MF Your new life starts NOW dude. Good luck.

Alcoholic squirrel : Be thankful for science and technology advancements. This is dope af.

Moneymonkeyman dude : Boogie needs to be on rewind 2019 as THE GREATEST COMEBACK STORY EVER!!

Juan Koeraus : I came here from the h3 podcast. I haven't watch you in a long time, bro, you look amazing. And you deserve it. I'm very happy for you.

Brom, Sleeper of Women : This guy has changed soooo much since "YOU DRINK MY MOUNTAIN DEW"

Lyubomir1984 : Look at you! A changed man! Dont stop with the wight losing thing..

d. : Your initial reaction gave me goosebumps, man. This is incredible.

Coral Reefer : 7:40 i hope one day someone looks at me the way Boogie looked at himself in the mirror.. Jk man that reaction was great.. Congratulations buddy!

MonsterKat : Your reaction with the mirror was priceless!!! I am so happy and proud of you Boogie you look wonderful compared to before.

Bennet YG : *At least his teeth aren't screwed now...* _Wait..._


The HourKick : Me: starts watching the video Also me: I'm gonna brush my teeth RIGHT NOW

Jonan Dewey : IDK why but the dude with pearly white teeth feels like a super villain that harvests people’s teeth for prophet

Dena Marin : I can’t believe this is the same man I watched like 5 years ago. I’m happy for you dude keep it up 🙂 I’m glad to see you doing this good.

mirrormimi : 7:40 gave me chills, lol. Looking forward to having a patient react that way, that's so cool, and it makes me so happy to see you better and better each day.

MrUmpalumpa99 : Fair play buddy. I haven’t watched your videos in a good few months and coming back to watch this now you look a lot happier, healthier and younger than when I last saw you. Keep up the great vids and enjoy the new nashers

Achilles Feel : Man that was nasty when they were playing with his mouth flesh.🤣 Glad you could get a new set of teeth man! Good luck

Bobbarp : My brain can't process that he is the same person

AngelWith ClippedWings : wooow you actually made me cry you look absolutely AMAZING im so happy for you <3

Say My Name : 4:30 damn how did you function with such bad teeth... I wouldn’t be able to eat anything with the pain. You looks great but most importantly you aren’t in pain or discomfort :)

Anna Floden : damn that haircut/beard trim and the new teeth rly made him look different :D Way to go Boogie!!! you're awsome

AlexDrinksWater : He looks like a totally different person with those new teeth and the haircut. Amazing!

Maschera : This is officially, the greatest comeback story on YouTube. Congratulations Boogie. Well deserved. <3

Sam Johnson : Anybody else seriously considering this procedure now? 🤣

Brunn0121 : how can you sleep in a situation like that? Your gums are cut completely open and you're there just chilling snorting and everything lmaaaoo

Dizzysteak -Yo : Nothing to say. Only proud of you and how far you’ve come. Truly an inspiration to many!

AutOdometer : Bro I haven’t seen one of your videos for two years... looking good my man

Neptune : Bro you look like a completely new man... congratulations!

Bored & Bearded : I also have that stay puft sweater, It is my favourite sweater!

AC_is_BAD : Yo man you look great!!! Don't let anybody bring any negative energy your way. Keep moving forward buddy. I had the same procedure as you 8 months ago and had to go through an intense healing phase. In 30 days I will have the same set of teeth as you. I'm excited but also I am excited for you. Screw all the haters. You're a beautiful soul.

Verticy : Oooo...ouch, I'm gonna go brush my teeth now... Teeth look amazing though! Happy for you Boogie, you deserve this!

Lattes N Lollipops : This is the first video I'm seeing of yours. It showed up in my suggested videos... I'm one of those regular people that was in the same boat as you with your teeth. I'm a mom of 5 that never made it a priority to take care of myself because there was always something I thought was more important for my kids that took priority. I got to the point where I was sick all of the time. With fevers and infections, and it was literally sucking the life out of me. I was tired all of the time. It hit me like a Mack truck, but I realized I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be to my kids if I didn't start taking care of myself too... It took a year of saving, and a small loan from my mother-in-law, but last June I was able to have the all-on-4 procedure done for my top teeth. I'm still in my temporary prosthesis right now, but I get my final on May 1st. I have 2 more implants I have to save up for for molars on the bottom, but I already feel like a whole new person. I honestly teared up seeing you react to your beautiful new smile. I know how miserable I was before my surgery, and how amazing I feel since, so it genuinely makes me so happy to see someone else getting to feel that too. 💖 The patient relations lady that works for the doctor that did my procedure (Dr. Mark Jesin in Grand Rapids, MI) used to work with Dr. Golpa, and she said he's a really great guy. 🙂

LoyalRex Gaming : That’s a crazy change. The haircut, beard trim and teeth all combined have such a huge impact, and your face completely changed!

Andrew Sipes : Not an avid watcher, but I tune in from time to time. It has been wonderful to see you grow happier, healthier, and more self confident. I'm sure you inspire others to make improvements in their own lives!

GrayishEyes : Your voice is different too. Your like a new man.

Mordecai : Wow, i remember watching you're meme/cringe mtn dew videos as a kid and seeing you now just blows my mind. You look so much happier and healthier. Congrats my man.

Unlucky Bro : I was skipping through the video and actually thought you were filming someone else for the second half and had to rewind to check 😂 looks so good though

Brian Velez : WOAHHHHH! That’s a completely different man! Smile big buddy! It looks good on you :)

ArnoldsK : Having someone do that to me hearing all those noises would literally scare me to death, jesus, you did it!

Isidro Garcia Siles : Buggie you look so amazing, look a better, stronger version of yourself proud of you man! greeting from Nicaragua!

Rob Gio : Truly awesome! So happy for you.

J PrOvost : Damn, I wish I could get this done. The pain I go through some days makes you want to give up sometimes. Happy for him.

Mr Skits : Omg i can't believe how good you look dude! You look so much younger! I'm so happy for you!

Fabrizio Frata : Yooo boogie your still alive lmfao.... you look good tho 👍🏻

Scratchin Glove : YOu're Jack Blacks missing twin!