Armageddon (1998) - Welcome Home scene

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C8H10 N4O2 : Miss Stamper ? Colonel Willy Sharp, United States Air Force 'mam. Requesting permission to shake the hand of the daughter... of the bravest man I've ever met...

supastar : When she burst through the Nasa people to get to him...and when the kid ran out from nowhere to get to his father he didn't even know......dude

bsponge : The part at the end with the fighter jets is the mark of a fallen hero in case you guys did not know

John Daltrocanto : Ladies cry to titanic, men cry to this and that score is just a masterpiece

Prio Himawan : this film was made on 1998.. but still better than modern film..

Blake Rain : The scene where chick has his young son joyfully skipping to his father that he barely knows because he had a terrible gambling addiction and chick finally redeems himself and most likely quits gambling to prioritize his son that he couldn’t be there for him due to his addiction will never cease to smack me in the chest. I can never hold back my tears no matter how hard I try. I am 18 years old and my father has a drinking problem which led to my mother taking me along with her to live a better life but me and her both know my father still deeply cares about me but because of his alcoholic nature, he neglected me for the majority of my life and I still love him unconditionally but there is that barrier between us. When I came across this scene it hit so close to home reminding the missing piece in my heart that I miss my dad and truly wish he was a father and the amount of envy I have for that young boy that I desperately wished that could have been my dad walking with his head up hoping to see his little lad and willing to change for the better to become a part of his sons life. Yet this is something that I know is too late and will most likely not happen and it burns me up inside. That’s why this scene is so significant to me, I’m sorry for making anyone uncomfortable but I felt compelled to make this comment.

Regyoolaguy : I'm not ashamed to say that scene where the kid runs to meet his dad got me emotional when i first watched this movie when i was 16. It has the same effect today.

TEG NANDO : 2018 still watch this movie

Jcurvs99 : Lol that patch Ben Affleck Gave BBT would be worth millions if this were a real event.

Tom Hibbert : "Requesting permission to shake the hand of the daughter... of the Bravest man I've ever met..." Amen

Astronaut Studios : The violin at 1:12 just kills me.. reminds me of me seeing the love of my life eye to eye the last time we saw eachother. Unfortunately I had to reluctantly let her go due to unforeseen circumstances, in a selfless way so that she could have a brighter future and I’m happy for her. But deep down I live with the what if.. I love the score of this movie

Trump is DA BOSS Ihr Weicheier : Hope, nobody forget that Truman is a hero too. For example, he has won time with the nuclearbomb, located harry&co... i like him. :]

Ken P : Chick getting to hug his son ..... The best

Vicky 12 : Oh shit, the father son reunion...!😢

Noe Reyes : There needs to be more of these feel great, inspirational movies. I remember being 13 and saving money to go see this movie. I took the bus to the theater to go watch it by myself. That father and son scene hits home for a lot of us. Such a simple scene yet so powerful. Great movie.

Kenneth Ruby : If I Recall I Thought The Actor That Shook Harry's Daughter's Hand Asked Her Permission To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Brandon Kohout : Grace, what your father did was very brave. You should be proud of him.

Comrade Snake : FOR ALL MANKIND

Ofer Mizrahi : Best soundtrack to an amazing movie

Syofiq Nur Adha : dont cut the sountrack please, this make my crying little bit unsatifying

bsponge : I still have this film and it has been 20 years since they first released it

je poy : One of my fave movie along with titanic

Ryan Blanche : RIP Michael and Bill :( Wish you two were still here. One of the best casts ever though ( not to diss Willis, Tyler, Affleck, Thornton, Buscemi, and Wilson)

RommieRules : Where's the onions???

Brandon Kohout : We came, we saw, we kicked the asteroid’s ass!

Paula Irena : Nyaw! Been looking for this. Thanx

Saurian : LIV She is so beautiful

slowpoke96z28 : Will Patton and the boy nailed that scene!!!

Barny5ive : Continuity note. Bear is wearing the mission patch for the Freedom crew, since his other launch suit was presumably destroyed when Independence crashed.

Kolby Morgan : Who cut the onion

Brandon Kohout : This was before Ben Affleck became Daredevil and Batman.

Ivanka2024 for POTUS : tear moment in film this film made men cry titanic for men

Vimal Singh : 1:12 to 1:21 😢😢😢😢

Erin Bielski : Zach is the man

monalisasmile : Awww Chick's son is so cute!

Ryan Scherbluk : So is Michael Bay really a bad director this movie is one of his best by far.

廣川雅人 : アルマゲドン最高!

Clyde. J Garcia : Damnit.. still makes me tear

jaime albiter : when he says "no harry you the man" EPIC.

javierperez Perez : Beautiful song

Matthew Kent : Why do the pilots wear blue suits but the others wear orange suits?

Špátisss : I love Liv Tyler ♥ the best actress in the world ♥

Jack Logan : Screw quarantine and space fragments, im kissin' my girl!

Debraam : Quarantine????

Danny : I don't care what all of the snobby movie critics that give this movie bad reviews say. This is the only movie that has ever made me cry even as an adult and any movie that can generate that kind of emotion from me is a great movie in my opinion.

Артур Султанов : Чтобы Вы делали без Льва? А? Товарищи Американцы, ведь он всё починил, фильм классный, всё лучшие фильмы Голливуда сняты в 1998 году, и наш лучший тоже - это Сибирский Цирюльник

Surinder Singh : “Requesting permission to shake the hand of the daughter of the bravest man I’ve ever met”. Christ. That has to be up there with one of the cheesiest lines in cinematic history 🤮

Damage : Damn I would NEVER take the place of daughters like good riddance

Bryan Gaming : 2:46 those are the Thunderbirds

Jessica Campbell : This movie is 20-years-old now. The ending still gives me the chills. The part where I cry the most at is between 1:31-1:57.