The First Episode Of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"
The First Episode Of Late Night With Conan OBrien

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Watch Conan's first episode of "Late Night,” featuring guests John Goodman, Drew Barrymore, and Tony Randall. Original air date: 09/13/93. Coming January 2019: The complete online archive of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."


William Steven : They should play this back to him and get his reaction.

Sudarshan Srinivasan : Suicide joke in 1993: hahahahaha that’s hilarious 😆! Suicide joke in 2019 : Conan O’Brien makes fun of mental health and reveals his suicidal thoughts.

James Hampton : When he finally retires the show, the final scene should be him stepping into that noose he hanged up. XD

Thad Muirhead : No one would dare to make suicide a comedy bit these days lol

David Andersson : Holy crap Andy is 27 and Conan is 30 in this episode

DupeTheBarrel : Legends say the noose is still hanging in Conan’s dressing room, waiting for Conan

ancestralforaysinn28 : pre 911 America was so much lighter

The Nubs - Fortnite : *Conan in this video..* 10% Nervousness. 5% Staring. *85% Rubbing And Clapping Hands.*

Alex : Little did he know a special little Italian espresso loving stud would come into his life at some point

bl_nkspac_ : 20:31, "My Daughter is 3 now" It's kinda weird tho knowing that today she's 29 now.

Hurtshal Eagleview : I hope what Conan retires John Goodman can be his last guest.

Junior Is glorious : 1993:Conan better be good 2019: Conan is a living god 😍

Alma Mora : Thanks for bringing peace to the Middle East, O'Brien.

Chuck Jones : I think he could be huge very soon!

C G : That warm friendly smile, that floppy slightly unkempt the wit and personality that we all know...I think I have a crush on 30-year-old Conan "Cutie Pie" O'Brien.

Matt Perrin : 3:00 This type of humor would not fly in 2019 😂

Thanos - : 1993: Makes Hitler joke 2019: Would get taken off the air

Matthew Kingsmill : Lol the drummer is Max Weinburg... Dad of Slipknot drummer

Immigrato clandestino : So he was 30 here and looked 40, now he's 55 and looks 40.

izzy B : He definitaly snorted some cocaine to calm his nerves before he took the stage... I see the signs...

Finnick Rinzler : I got his style of comedy right off the bat. Many didn't.

Rufus Howell : "When he gets a talk show, there'll be peace in the middle east" It's cool to see that back then, America had thick skin and we could make jokes like this Those were better days : )

Robotic Crocodile : How is he the least subscribed out of them all! He’s sooooo good wtf?

HitzCritz : Something tells me that he might have been under a lot of pressure...

Steve Jobbs : Drew Barrymore is fkn smoking

Clark Staker : His nervous high-pitched giggle is adorable XD

nbavii : Damn Drew Barrymore was fine in the 90s

David Parker : It does my heart good to see this stuff online. When Conan left the Tonight Show I figured his NBC legacy would be lost forever. I’m glad that didn’t happen.

Musawer Javed : seeing his nervousness making me nervous

Agni Firestorm : Andy Looks Like Chubby Chris Pratt 😲❤️

Yohan Adarsh : I love Conan's humor, now. But who else thinks that he was so nervous on this one, that the whole show became cringe worthy. PS. Best audience ever. Trying to make him more comfortable. A lot of pity claps there lol 😂

PromotingTheBeat : Stuff like this is GOLDEN. How nervous Conan is shows everyone that, everyone is human. If you keep at your craft, you can make it into a masterpiece. Thanks for this upload.

Divided WeFall : He is the tallest man in the streets

The Hound : And now I’m crying, me and my mom watched this show from the first episode till now and even after I moved out and started a family of my own we would talk the next day about the episode the night before. My mother died at 60 years old last month and it’s been something that I miss terribly. The song that he sings at the end is one my mom sang to me as a baby and always sang in the house. She also sang it her grandchildren every time she was around. I miss her terribly and will be watching the archives next year thinking about her every day. Thank you to anyone who read my emotional rant.

Anton Petrov : it's been almost 30 years and we still don't know who won the leg wrestling

SelphieFairy : Drew Barrymore's hair and makeup is a bit terrifying

Mark Wahlberg : I was not alive at this point in time. I really wish I was. Thank you for posting this Team coco because I appreciate Conan even more after watching this. Hope for many years to come!

Elvis Tek : bro, memes in 1993 really a inovator

Security Guard : Look at all that young on his face

First Last : First 5 minutes funnier than Jay Lenos entire career.

mizadi2017 : Twitter would be screaming over Barrymore's dress today

Aidan Kerlin : Has the dude even changed???!!!! Except maybe his hair looks a little less 90's... I did say just a little lol

Rason Cheldridge : 2:11 was that an infinity war joke ?

Schattenherz : 1993? I know Conan only from youtube since two years 😀 Ok, I'm not from USA so we don't have Conan over here.

Bushy JJ : 8 Months Ago: Naw. 6 Months Ago: Nope. 4 Months Ago: Not happening! 2 Months Ago: Heck no! Today: Yeah, today’s a great day for this to be on your recommended.

Fruity Manatee : "upcoming Flinstones movie" hit me the hardest xD

Sturmuli : Think about being young and the host of a new talk show... In New York.

mkk2010 : Lol he looked a bit uneasy during the monologue. He must of been nervous. Understandable

Ingrid Norman : 6:56 - And a few years down the line Conan got his signature move : THE STRING DANCE