The First Episode Of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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Chuck Jones : I think he could be huge very soon!

Top 10 Archive : I think this guy could have some potential..

Alex : Little did he know a special little Italian espresso loving stud would come into his life at some point

the_hero : Little did they know, 25 years laters Andy would still be there

Immigrato clandestino : So he was 30 here and looked 40, now he's 55 and looks 40.

Security Guard : Look at all that young on his face

Hinana : Conan: *Breathes* Audience: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

MrPooPooJohn : First gag - suicide by hanging (pun not intended) First monologue joke - pretend puking First joke of first segment - Hitler It's no wonder why I loved this show as a kid.

Richie Rich : The dude ain't even funny. I'm sure he'll be axed after two more episodes....

LongTallTexan : That high pitched nervous laugh...😂

Lew Lope : Should invite again John Goodman with the big medal on lol

Adam Mosby Sharizman : From Wikipedia: Generally, critics viewed O'Brien as nervous and fidgety on-camera, and that he was "too smart, too East Coast, too sophisticated, too young and even too tall to be successful."[1] The show was constantly at risk for cancellation; at one low point in 1994, NBC threatened to put him on a week-to-week contract. Executives were anxious to replace him with Greg Kinnear, who followed O'Brien with Later at 1:30 am.[1] Interns filled empty seats in the audience while affiliates began to inquire about replacement hosts.[45][46] In one installment after a short stretch of reruns, sidekick Andy Richter described his vacation activities as follows: "I sat back and reminded myself what it's like to be unemployed." The in-joke referenced the rumors floating in the trades that NBC was near canceling the program.[47] Must've been really difficult

Pan de Coco : Couldn't do that noose gag today.

Jake Marsing : I’d love to have Conan and Andy do a commentary track of this

takineko : It took him a long time to become popular, bascially people who didn't like him for the first couple seasons never gave him a second chance, but the next generation started watching him in their teenage years and he was good by then so he got REALLY popular with teens and collage kids but it took nearly 7 years

Hugh Mungus : Lol intro jokes aside, the pressure was really big and intense. You can just see it in his monologue too.

Mike Easton : My favorite part of this is how nobody understands Andys character yet and the crowds not to sure how to react.

Grandmaster Dragonborn : "You better be as good as Letterman" As far as I'm concerned, Conan is 10x as good as Letterman

aijaz khalid : Drew Barrymore wore a Chinese dress, I hear no one screaming culture appropriation.

樊哙 : Man he didnt change much all these years, 25 years ago he already looks like a 50 years old man

CalingTagalog : Conan was 29 in this episode. I’m 29. Time’s flat.

TheBraveBee : his laugh was weird back then, its changed over the years

IhaveaPlaystation4 : Huh Ed Sheeran looks exactly the same 25 years later

Subham Kumar Pandey : You want to know about the pressure... Notice his fingers at 7:51

RonHoward : This would be amazing with the 1993 commercials too. (I'm a nostalgic guy)

Ginger L : Wait! "Coming January 2019: The complete online archive of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."" So I can throw out the VHS tapes I obsessively recorded of the show when I was in middle school?!

houstondodgeball : Everyone was so classy and respectful. I wish more shows were like this today...I wish more people were like this today, actually.

Pxo Gamer : Im pretty sure the guy selling flowers died

X Justin : That's a lot of pressure

Richard Recupero : He would get hanged for that noose scene today.

Onty Pok : Drew Barrymore looks divine. Omfg. Best she ever looked?

Justleg : Holy moly, I completely watched this video without noticing how fast time went by

Boy Aditya : Even Andy Richter doesn't have high pitched sound yet 😁

Seamus O'Brien : Louis C.K. and Bob Odenkirk were two of the writers.

Wilburgur : So amazing that you guys are uploading these. Ty ♥

BlindMango : Gah the good old days of late night shows - music, fun, laughs. Conan's show has managed to keep this! Every other late night show? Not so much. They've become what is best described as the personal Twitter feed of the late night show hosts where they just moan about politics all night. They've forgotten what a late night show is all about

Ronan Murphy : John Goodman was an excellent first guest.

Thomas Fromentin : This is not Conan's first show. His first show was filmed in 1993 but YouTube was created in 2006. 1993-2006=-12 Year 12 bc started either on a Saturday or a Sunday. A Sundae cost PKR170 in Pakistan . A lot of people don't know that Pakistan is located in South Asia. If you change all the letter in Asia it spells Conan O'Brien. So here is the proof that earth is flat or whatever I lost my train of thoughts.... Have a good night

Hugh Mungus : Look how far we've come! Now he's the king of late night!

Owen Copson : John Goodman seemed like a really understanding guest. Does anyone know what happened to Conan's high pitched laugh?

noel smith : How is he better looking now?!

Shawn Marino : Luckily he didn’t use the noose yet.

Fup Duck : In the year 2000....

D E : I miss you like crazy on late night TV- you and Andy has hosted the most consistently authentic, relatable, and funny show on American television to this date. I'm crazy excited for your new podcast! I wish you good fortune in your venture into this newly popular genre of media. Conan, thank you for being an exemplary late night show host and good luck in your future endeavors.

BEYOND Comfort : The start of the greatest of all time!

saira m : So his hair has always been annoyingly flopped over his forehead lol

Brandon Baez : 0:31 thought that was Guillermo at first lmaoo

A Wild Doggo : I feel old.

HippoButtSecks : 3:00 Imagine a skit like that career..

Ronald E : I miss the cartoon intro. Takes me way back.