The First Episode Of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

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Chuck Jones : I think he could be huge very soon!

Richard Recupero : He would get hanged for that noose scene today.

Lew Lope : Should invite again John Goodman with the big medal on lol

Top 10 Archive : I think this guy could have some potential..

ExtraVaganza : Conan: * Breathes * Audience: YEEEAAAAHH WOOOHOOO

Security Guard : Look at all that young on his face

Adam Mosby Sharizman : From Wikipedia: Generally, critics viewed O'Brien as nervous and fidgety on-camera, and that he was "too smart, too East Coast, too sophisticated, too young and even too tall to be successful."[1] The show was constantly at risk for cancellation; at one low point in 1994, NBC threatened to put him on a week-to-week contract. Executives were anxious to replace him with Greg Kinnear, who followed O'Brien with Later at 1:30 am.[1] Interns filled empty seats in the audience while affiliates began to inquire about replacement hosts.[45][46] In one installment after a short stretch of reruns, sidekick Andy Richter described his vacation activities as follows: "I sat back and reminded myself what it's like to be unemployed." The in-joke referenced the rumors floating in the trades that NBC was near canceling the program.[47] Must've been really difficult

John McCozner : You can see how nervous he is at first and then he gets more and more confident. He was literally bouncing at first. 25 years on we have the Conan that exists today. What a journey!

Juan Carlos : Team Coco.💪🏻👍🏻

Redonkalicious : Back when people on TV had real human skin.

takineko : It took him a long time to become popular, bascially people who didn't like him for the first couple seasons never gave him a second chance, but the next generation started watching him in their teenage years and he was good by then so he got REALLY popular with teens and collage kids but it took nearly 7 years

Troy King : And he wasn't as good as Letterman. He was better.

Sabalghoo : Anyone else has a huge smile on their face the entire time watching this?

Kitten Chaos5 : Omg Andy looks 17

Blake Gonzalez : 1993 Conan and 1993 Drew Barrymore would have made a better Harley and Joker than Leto and Robbie

樊哙 : Man he didnt change much all these years, 25 years ago he already looks like a 50 years old man

That Guy : The Takeaway from all of this is that John Goodman NEVER disappoints...

Jorge Saenz : How awesome to watch this. I was 7 years old when this happened. Congratulations Conan on 25 awesome years, my favorite talk show host.

Spartan Elite43 : Lol no wonder he wen't viral he had Fat Guy Leg Wrestling on Episode 1! Setting the bar so high!

RhiaLC18 : HE IS SO CUTE 😭💕 bless him and his nervous little laugh 😭 If only he knew where he’d be in the year 2018 😅

Dean Rojas : oh my god young andy

K1ngjulien_ : Is he high on coke? He's sniffing his fingers constantly

IhaveaPlaystation4 : Huh Ed Sheeran looks exactly the same 25 years later

Rappers : And a legend is born.

RonHoward : This would be amazing with the 1993 commercials too. (I'm a nostalgic guy)

Luchingador : this kid will go places..... like the Warner Brothers lot.

Jörgen Callesson : I swear he's on cocaine

Sabalghoo : So this is the origin story for the Flaming C

Nathan Durst : This dude is literally a vampire

Wilburgur : So amazing that you guys are uploading these. Ty ♥

Pxo Gamer : Im pretty sure the guy selling flowers died

Grandmaster Dragonborn : "You better be as good as Letterman" As far as I'm concerned, Conan is 10x as good as Letterman

The/Nervous /Mechanic : Andy Richter looks like a chunky ray liotta:)

Said Charanek : its like he knew he was gonna rock the scene for 30+ years

Aleeza Raza : i betchu when the world first saw this, they thought it was another jolly green giant commercial...only this one lasted for 37 minutes

_Bob McCoy : *Back when airbags weren't invented yet!*

Thrannn : pretty sure he was on cocaine that day. but im okay with it because it gave us the best host ever

Hugh Mungus : Lol intro jokes aside, the pressure was really big and intense. You can just see it in his monologue too.

Ronald E : I miss the cartoon intro. Takes me way back.

I AM YOUR SISTERS PIMP : that jawline 🙄

Tater Nuts : Oh my god look at that fresh little cutie.

Geek of Arabia : 8:40 So... About that peace in the middle east...

Diamond rim : Why am I so I get it but I’m still confused 😂

Owen Copson : John Goodman seemed like a really understanding guest. Does anyone know what happened to Conan's high pitched laugh?

Thomas Fromentin : This is not Conan's first show. His first show was filmed in 1993 but YouTube was created in 2006. 1993-2006=-12 Year 12 bc started either on a Saturday or a Sunday. A Sundae cost PKR170 in Pakistan . A lot of people don't know that Pakistan is located in South Asia. If you change all the letter in Asia it spells Conan O'Brien. So here is the proof that earth is flat or whatever I lost my train of thoughts.... Have a good night

TheBraveBee : his laugh was weird back then, its changed over the years

martinbondesson : That was a great first episode! Now I want to see the second one :) Please upload it! You could do like one each week or something.

joelioes : You can see how much he evolved and watching him on tour around america when he didn't have A show and this, we get to see a person grow and shine... My personal favorite show host beside Drew Carrey on "Whose Line is it Anyway" A privilege to be able to follow his career!! Thanks conan!

BEYOND Comfort : The start of the greatest of all time!

Anamika Patil : This was awesome. This was his first show ? No wonder he's Conan O'Brian !