Bo Burnham Stand-Up 11/30/10 - CONAN on TBS

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onjoFilms : Who was that tall red headed guy at the end?


TheShonenJumper : Bo is in the house!

Gleb Proskurin : Bo always looks like he slightly hates his audience.

Dat Cat : He was 19 when he performed this. NINETEEN.

Questhero101 : I wonder if he just carries confetti at all times.

The Highlight Factory : You could tell some of his jokes flew right over them

Deniz Gult : He repeats jokes, but those jokes are so good they deserve to be repeated

Judg3m3nt : I doubly enjoyed his jokes here because of how clearly you could hear half the audience not quite getting the punch lines.

Voltaire : I feel like people didn't get the girl who's terrible at grammar joke. It's because she should have said "Well" instead of good and then she got pushed down a well, ironically.

Meilin Wu : Damn he was only 19 here

Team Coco : #FlashbackFriday: Bo Burnham has a new Netflix special & we have a new old #CONAN set up on YouTube!

Kovida Mehra : "mama you raised me good" And being pushed down a well. bruhhh

Mariah Gil : I wonder how hard was it for him to perform this considering all the content he has that's inappropriate for TV

Keandre Espina : I wonder if I come across Bo Burnham on the street and say "you're so flamboyant" would he toss confetti in the air?

Worthless Car : He's near perfected awkward comedy. He's taken the weakness we all have and made millions.

arvodz / mah chilla : Imagine the "dad jokes" this guy is gonna be able to pull when he get kids.

Chris Mora : His specials just get better and better, his latest one was amazing.

Neon Peon : Sometime, not always, but every now and then, Bo will make a face that makes him look like Ellen DeGeneres.

It's Me, Cody : I've never seen Conan be an actual, genuine person until he told Bo Burnham "That was great".

Otto : the mood lighting joke was one of the best:D

Nicholas DaRocha : It's a shame hearing a comic you know come on these types of shows. Usually they have to condense their normal hour long show into a 3 minute period.

Spencer Will : That Haiku didn't end with "It's snowing on Mount Fuji".

ireallylikestrawberryicecream : 4:48 *bursts out laughing at his scream for no certain reason*

Bret Reed : This guy. I like this guy.

Tom McSorley Jr. : Glitter. On Bo's face. For the win. I honestly didn't think he could get any more adorable :p

George Kearney : Not Bo's crowd. You could tell they didn't like/get some of his jokes. Every comedian bombs sometimes, and this was 6 years ago.

Mindaugas Pov : "Can I get some mood lightning?...Please...Perfect"

Pablo Soto : This guy is incredible. He makes me chuckle even with he stupidest joke.

Larsss Kolasås : Finally a good comedian :)

Zakariah : bo has come so far lol


Thi Huynh : "I got my girlfriend pregnant on my sterile uncle's pull out couch eyyy"

RupluttajaGames : I see Bo Burnham, I press like.

Rachel Lee : if you like this, there's a lot more where this came from on Netflix- it's called Make Happy! (there's also a full standup show of him on youtube called "what.", also his channel is hilarious and I love his work with all of my black hole of a soul)

Mama Jeonghan : Isn't that IRONICINORIRONIC

Blake Yeo : This is brilliant. Literally, brilliant. 262 people are too stupid to follow the genius of this.

b00ger901 : Not his best stuff. Probably the stuff that appeals to the widest audience though.

Jack : Love Bo Burnham. His comedy style is a lot like British comedy: dry and dark :)

bubblejuiceman : He loves that glitter. I love that glitter. We love that glitter.

Naia C. : oh my god the Salvador Dali joke 😂😂😂

Dejoblue : I didn't know King Joffrey was a comedian!

Isabelle Powell : The haiku section killed me; this is so fantastic ♡

Jae Enceeti : That was awesome, some stuff went right over people's heads haha.

fungoneviral : He looks so rushed and scared all the time... I feel so bad...

YetiHype : Words Words Words in a nutshell.

Sophia Jolee : He has glitter on his nose from him throwing it XD

stylus59 : He would kill it in the UK

Edwin Maldonado : Lol man... his jokes always make you think. I love you. No cheap laughs (for the most part).

Just Dan : oh wow, his new show is so good. watched it last night. And i cant believe it, but i liked it more than "what" wich i thought was impossible. Very kind and heartwarming ending as well. Bo is a legend.