Avicii - Levels

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Sprawdzam Jak : GENIUS for ALLTIME!

Shubham Gaurav : 1:28 let's go to heaven.

RexoHD : R.I.P

Bobo Terra : A classic.

Wlwlwlw : R.i.p Avicii

Vlad Todoran : R. I. P


BuenasMusicas : leave your I like it for the person who shine in the electronica my respect avicii Rip

Damaris Trofin : R.I.P. ◢◤ you will always remain in our hearts

vangelis crampboy : +1 if you love *Avicii* !

The Racing Monkey : Up there with the best songs ever made.

Enzo Margueron554 : R.I.P AVICCI DÉSOLÉ 😞😔

Nechtigall : In unserem Herzen lebst du ewig Ruhe in Frieden R.I.P from Germany

Aglee Xlive : 😥😫 i love you Avicii ❤

Divinyi Balázs : Rest In Peace

Jordan95 HD : We lost one of the greatest electronic dance music artists ever. 💔🌹 *R.I.P Tim.*

the janix : R.I.P. AVICII😭😭

Traver LP : R.I.P Avicii :( You are forever in my heart! ❤😳😢😭 But you're not dead! You are on another level!!!😭❤💪


Leo Heinemann : R IP AVICII

Calientalo.com : A legend left earth today 💔 RIP Avicii 4/20/2018

SgtBolacha : 2019????

hk17 player : One legend never dead

ana clara Soares : R.I.P AVICII 😢😞

ultrakox Xd : [*]

Skyfaller3D : Avicii may be dead, but his songs will live FOREVER!!!

Cyclick : Words will never be able to express our love for this legend of a man. Rest easy, Avicii. We loved you, it's a shame to see you go so soon. You'll go down in history.

Samuel C : AVICII is on a level below the ground if you know what I am saying...

Shadow Fox : RIP AVICII 7777

Nessa Harvz : A while ago I heard that Avicii died, but I had no clue who he was. I just took the time to search him up, and omg I had no clue he produced sooo many of my favourite songs that I love and listen to all the time. I am so sad

Lucipαndy : *R.I.P, this is my favourite song, you are the best 4 ever :'(* #LegendsNeverDie♡

Cristian Fernando Suárez Alvarado : The Best

Fabri Oliden : best moment= 2:25

Anime Boi : R.I.P avicii he is now making music for the angels.... <3 We’ll never forget him.... He was the king of the biggest legacy ever.

Rose Damasceno : ◢ ◤ ❤️

Sportskanone Emma : R.I.P😢😭

La Isvi : R.I.P ❤😢😭

Kinga Staśkiewicz : Kto ogląda w 2018? jeden like to jeden znicz [*]

Caroline Flanagan : this song is edm in a nutshell

Ml&Co : R.I.P Avicii <3 :'(

Mauricio MM : *R.I.P :"(*

cadu rock TV : R.I.P AVICII

Лиза Дерзай : NOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

Axel Matt 5.0 :v : R. IP AVICII

rooster5man : You know what's sad is I never realized this was Avicii...I always thought it was just a "Good Feeling" remix.

Dreamproductions : "One day you´ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember" Tim "Avicii" Bergling You will stay in our hearts forever, and so will your music. Rest in peace, you deserve it 🙏🏾💔You left a legacy behind...

Przemoos13 : ooo samtajn

TOP :/ : 21/05/2018

Isabel Prentice : rest in paradise my king🧚🏻‍♀️💔

Steven Real Molina : Rip avicci I love you