Avicii - Levels

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Eric Song : Sad he is gone now

Reda Zaidi : Legend 🔥 😍

Anthony Castillo : Adiós vaquero siempre te recordaremos ☹️💔

Fadi Omer : R.I.P Legend 😢😿

King Ender : *Summer 2018 anyone?*


Fábio Pereira : 7 years, stills 🔥🔥🔥 👶 ➡ 👼 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

Brahma Mishra : 2011, 2012, 2013...2018, 2019...2030….! All time favorite ❤️

Leandro el crack YT : QEPD Avicii un grande

DJ PITTY MENDOZA : Saludos genial

Bob Smith : ❤ RIP Avicii ❤

DJ PITTY MENDOZA : Genial es el tema que grave con dj avici vamos por más yo el facha dj pitty Mendoza dj de Jesse James y animador dj de complejo tornado vamos por más

Get The Best Music : Who else is still subscribed to Avicii's channel 😭😭

Treize Magazine : Rip Avicii :-(


Jorge Quintana P. : #WeMissAvicii


Fatima Sullon Flores : You were, you are and you will always be the one who taught me to love this music with all my soul. Thanks Avicii we will never forget you, my favorite legend😿💘

トッポ/ToppoSweets : 何この世界観めっちゃ好き

richardts tavares : Avicii Forever

Vlad Todoran : R. I. P

BARON-Rahul 777 : once a legend always a legend

Poltix : R.I.P

Keysi O'brien : it was a great legend ... but his songs will continue to be heard by other generations. for us you will always be in our hearts.

Mr Tomate : Ctm voy a llorar :(


J Sky B : why does great people allways go😭😭 take the bad guys god please😭😭 #RIP bro😭😭

Fosil : 9472?

Jamal Serhani Douhaj : Rip legend 😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭 july 2018?

Patrick Dalisay : Why am i crying!

In The Gamer : R.I.P. LEGEND ❤❤

carlos villegas : Que quiere decir este vídeo o de que trata ,me gusto mucho en la infancia

gue yang goblok : 2010??

ALFIE ORTON : rip bro loved your music

Trap Music : A V I C I I DO U MISS YOUR PET 🐒

JoshPlays : OML THE NOSTALGIA 😧 Really is sad that he passed. But he will forever have a place in our hearts <3

el crack 29 : Me pase como media hora leyendo los comentarios y todos dicen rip avicii

Cemper 007 : I am crying when i listen this song R.I.P my legeng

la xusa : 😭😭😭😭 te extraño demasiado

IMOTE GAMING : Rip avicii

Zaza : The world lost a legend today. You will be missed. RIP Avicii

zidantje vlogs : RIP

bivgames : sleep well bro

Samuel Calle : el mejor del mundo descansa en paz leyenda

Luz Elena Valecia Vasquez : Avicci *RIP* 😥😥😥

Technologys : R.I.P.

Niel Diolola : August 2018 anyone ?

Sizan TV : August 2018✌✌

Wenn lustige Oma : Wer weint immer noch😭😭😭💓💔?

fernando de la rivera quiroz : esta es la que me gusta es mi favorita