Oliver Tree - All That x Alien Boy [Music Video]

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ALIEN BOY EP out now! https://lnk.to/AlienBoyID Behind The Scenes Out Now: https://youtu.be/QCwqvYxJbwQ Directed by Oliver Tree and RJ Sanchez Written by Oliver Tree https://instagram.com/olivertree Produced by Snow Beach http://snow-beach.com CONNECT WITH OLIVER TREE: https://instagram.com/olivertree http://olivertreemusic.com https://twitter.com/olivertree https://facebook.com/olivertreemusic https://soundcloud.com/olivertree

Comments from Youtube

Elijah down : This dude can make all the dumbest styles actually look good

Darn : Producer: Alright Oliver we got an opportunity, you can make a music video for either, "All that" or "Alien boy". Which one? Oliver Tree: Yes.

kls player : He shoot He cute But most important he scoot

Paradox Apollo : Barber: So what do'ya want? Me: Do you know Oliver Tre- Barber: Say no more.

Sewer Boys : This man is the only person that can wear those clothes and look cool.

Mikey : 2:50 when you high af and try to walk into class normally.

JoeConno : I showed this to my hair *now it’s a bowl*

Y I G G A _ : idk why but oliver looks like hes a middle aged man

Thicc Nibba : This has Oliver tree in the title but all I see is a god

Nexus 26 : 1:37 who else likes this part Edit: thank you for the likes

Les Vasquez : shitt.. I only clicked him on verified bc i was bored, but his lyrics were cool and he had this sweet personality so i checked his stuff and im really impressed!

Noah Morrison : This dude reminds me of a 80s kid with his clothes

Reed Iverson : Oliver has the most unique music videos out of anyone

Raven Twilight : 2:37 why does this remind me of Mario kart!?

Gorlorn Orvy : Just a thing you should realize: You can pull off these styles you just have to be brave enough

Kermit Dank frog : This dude looks like vector from despicable me 1

nic_YT _ : I hate this but im in love with it

Donut Operator : I can't stop watching this for some reason

Cameron Conley : The truck looks like those paper cups. You know what I mean.

David Garcia : 3:46 The horse has bowl cut

HiFi Auti : Runs over a man's minivan with scooter Man runs over him and his scooter Runs over man's minivan with a monster truck and proceeded to shoot it with an RPG from atop a white horse wearing a 10-gallon hat Oliver tree goes hard Too hard If you experience an erection lasting longer in 4 hours stop watching Oliver tree 🤣🤣

Crying Pope Francis : I just now saw the blood stain on the car after ramming into Oliver.

Dr. Nutsack : He rocks that look so fucking hard it's actually cool.

Reed Iverson : I literally watch this 10 times per day

Lil Darkling : Broken Chicago tornado sirens in the song...litty

nxrxdxn lxrd : 1:26 that was the broken siren from a tornado in chicago go look it up its hella creepy

CAT PANTS : his face... sometimes looks like young danny devito???

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 : *realizes it’s two songs in one video*

TheFishly News : Oliver tree is underatted he needs more fans

Pixelated Beast : Am I the only one who's gonna talk about how he jumps of his scooter and is walking next to it while it's still going lol

Phoenix Gaming : Shaggy can't even beat this man at 100% power

mars! : the music is amazing and beautiful but the video is a meme... LOVELY DUO❤️👏

Simon Ervin : For some reason he’s giving me filthy frank flashbacks

August Eidick Thomsen : bruh i cant belive it its Vector from despicable me

Rich Rick : Vector from despacito me made some really good music

Little Cuban : He looks like that one villain from despicable me

Thorbelinho TV : A friend of me knows him. He once lived in germany, kiel.😂

wallpaper42 : This is what happens when a scooter kid evolves to his final form.

akk enn : The second coming of Frank.

Apple : Only person who can only pull off dressing like that

cuddly yoongi : Only Oliver rocks these looks ❤️

Oh yeah yeah : This has taught me that when Oliver gets ran over he becomes an alien

Lv. 4999.5 General : Oliver also starred in despicable me as the villain vector I said vector because he also has a bowl cut so stop commenting he looks like gru or other dudes

shotgunfire 76 : Damn i was really distracted by his Flip flops for some reason

MISFIT R3Y : Yoo they film this at my work 🤘🤘🤘 the pas aka perris auto speedway

ZombieBiel ZB : Better than Lil Pump

Cake is a LIE : 2:23 LOVE THIS *PART* DAT SMILE. Im a boy and not GAY

janaleh : Qui est là grâce à Lorenzo ?

Galaxy Wolf : The only dude I know that can rock a bowl cut